Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pedophilia Hysteria: False Child Molestation Report Brings A Dozen Anchorage Police Department Units To Chuck E. Cheese Restaurant

"Hysterical Soccer Mom Can't Distinguish Between Soap And Semen"

The report of an inappropriate touching incident in the bathroom at Chuck E. Cheese's about 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday November 20th, 2007 prompted a massive police response as a dozen or so patrol cars and officers converged at the scene, concerned that a 4-year-old boy had been abused, said police spokesman Lt. Paul Honeman. Full story published in the Anchorage Daily News.

It turned out the child had soiled his pants and was trying to clean himself up when his mother found him and jumped to a wrong conclusion about soap residue on his body and clothes, Honeman said. What the story doesn't point out, but which should be obvious, is that the mother mistook the soap on the child's body for semen.

"It was a young child, trying to clean his soiled underwear. ... He's in there, trying to clean them because he's embarrassed," Honeman said.

This story triggered a robust exchange of comments, 36 in all so far. One individual speculated on the possibility that the mother herself may have been molested as a child, and could be hypersensitive as a result. This is not an unreasonable possibility.

A couple of other suggested that the mother should be held liable for having caused the cops to swarm the place and detain patrons unnecessarily for two hours. This is bogus and cold-blooded and is symptomatic of the mercantile mentality which has overtaken this country; anyone can make a legitimate mistake. Besides, if a smart guy like Elie Wiesel couldn't figure out where German soap came from during World War II, it's understandable why a ditzy soccer mom might get soap confused with semen.


Just when one is attempted to blow it off as more "pedophilia hysteria", another incident takes place that just might actually have some legs. The Anchorage Daily News also reports that on Tuesday night, almost at the same time as the incident at the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, an eight-year old girl reported that a man had exposed himself to her at the Barnes & Noble bookstore barely a block away.

The incident, reported to police at about 8 p.m. Tuesday, took place inside the Barnes & Noble Booksellers on Northern Lights Boulevard, where the girl was meeting with a book club, Anchorage police said.

The suspect called the girl to him and asked if she wanted to leave with him, police said. The girl refused, then returned to her book club. Once there, the girl turned back around and looked at the man, who was pretending to look at children's books, and saw he had unzipped his pants and exposed himself, police said.

The man zipped up, then left the store, the girl told police. The exits to the bookstore were locked, but the man was not found inside.

The suspect was described as an unshaven white man in his late 20s with short, dark hair and about 6 feet tall. He was reportedly wearing a black baseball hat, a white zip-up hoodie sweatshirt with black block lettering on the front and light-colored blue jeans.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call police at 786-8900.

Commentary: So we're back to square one. What do we do about pedophiles? We don't have the balls to execute them. We're too cheap to lock them up for life. We don't want them living within 1000 feet of a school or rec center. But I don't hear anyone suggest what we actually should do with them.

And because we refuse to craft a coherent policy fully consistent with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we end up suspecting anyone who doesn't fit society's ideal lifestyle profile. Men don't dare show any public affection towards kids anymore for fear they'll be set upon by some vigilante.

Back in April 2006, I presented a post about a study which showed that men and women may be wired to feel emotions differently. The key word is "wired". My first thought: This may explain why homosexuals are queer; their "wiring" is ass-backwards. Reparative therapy, if explored and perfected, could correct that problem. And if reparative therapy could correct homosexuality, could it not also correct pedophilia? After all, pedophilia, like homosexuality, is an emotional disability; pedophiles are also "miswired". But the militant homosexual lobby prevents us from seriously exploring reparative therapy. And by doing so, they delay our ability to resolve pedophilia less expensively and with more certainty and constitutionality.

We cannot allow the continued politicization of science, whether it be global warming, natural resources, homosexuality, or pedophilia. We must elect lawmakers with the backbone to resist these public lobbies.


  1. I was wondering if you were going to jump on these two stories, Carl.
    It's not surprising and I'm wondering if you aren't sending out a cry for help.
    You want to re-wire people who like to abuse small children sexually? Sounds like a cry for help on your part, big time!
    What is it with you goose-stepping, Nazi types that always have "problems" with children?
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and don't choke on anything...yeah right!

  2. Judith - "You want to re-wire people who like to abuse small children sexually? Sounds like a cry for help on your part, big time! What is it with you goose-stepping, Nazi types that always have "problems" with children?"

    Judith is projecting her weaknesses and mental illness onto others. She is a sick Jewish mother, who abused her own daughter and turned her into an unhappy, sick lesbian.
    Poor kid. Can you imagine the hell on earth life must be, if Judith was your mother? Judith did terrible things to her child, and is a horrible parent.

    It's clear the person who's into abusing children is Judith. Then again, the Jewish book of hate, "The Talmud" gives the OK for paedophilia, amongst other sick things. It's no wonder Jews keep getting booted out of country after country.

  3. Hey, little man did they finally let you out of jail? I haven't seen your insane rambling in quite some time!
    I see your alcohol problem hasn't left and you still can't spell.

    Better be careful or I'll call your Parole Officer.

    Carl, I am surprised he even bothers with you considering you are one of those Jews he refers to.