Thursday, October 25, 2007

Public Safety Committee Hearing On Anchorage Assemblyman Paul Bauer's Immigration Ordinance Now Switched To November 14th

According to information posted on Anchorage Assemblyman Allan Tesche's blog, the proposed hearing on Assemblyman Paul Bauer's immigration ordinance, AO 2007-125, has been switched from November 27th to November 14th. The hearing will begin at 12 noon on that date, is projected to last about two hours, and public comment will be permitted. According to Allan Tesche's September 26th post, the meeting is projected to be held in Assembly Chambers located in Anchorage's Loussac Library, but the more recently-updated official Assembly calendar indicates that it will be held in the Conference Room (Room #155) at City Hall, located at 632 W. 6th Ave.

And why should we support Bauer's ordinance? To prevent what has happened in cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Phoenix from happening here. Two pictures tell the story:

They Start Out Like This

But They End Up Like This

Does Anchorage currently have an illegal immigration problem? No, not to the degree that the other aforementioned cities have, but then again those cities at one time didn't have an illegal immigration problem, either. What Paul Bauer proposes to do is engage in prevention - meaning lock the barn door BEFORE the proverbial horse escapes.

And this has been somewhat of a divisive issue here. A relative newcomer to the Alaska blogosphere, ThinkAlaska, who looks like he'll be blogging regularly and with a certain degree of literacy, takes issue with the ordinance. However, he falls back on his political conditioning and claims that "white supremacists" support the ordinance. Undoubtedly so, but isn't that a tired old canard to denigrate opposition by dragging the tired old "white supremacist" straw man out of the attic? "White supremacists" also drive cars. Is ThinkAlaska going to sell his car and walk everywhere just so he can avoid being associated with "white supremacists"? Puh-leeze! This is an issue of SOVEREIGNTY - will we Americans remain masters of OUR own domain?

If you are a resident of Anchorage, and you feel strongly about this ordinance, one way or another, show up on November 14th and get your thoughts on the record. In particular, Paul Bauer and the Public Safety Committee will be looking for ideas on how to write this ordinance in such a way that it does not impose an unmanageable burden upon the Anchorage Police Department.

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