Thursday, October 11, 2007

Peter Lynch Explains Why He Took Down The Mexican Flag At The University Of New Mexico

On Monday, October 8th, 2007, I presented the story of an American patriot, Peter Lynch, who hauled down a Mexican flag displayed improperly at the University of New Mexico. Unfortunately, Lynch (pictured above left) has been formally charged with criminal damage to property. At his arraignment hearing on Wednesday October 3rd, he pleaded not guilty and his jury trial will take place in November. If convicted, he could get six months in jail and a $500 fine.

Because of this injustice, and because three professional Latino lobbies started dumping all over him, demanding that he be prosecuted for "hate crimes", Lynch decided to send a letter explaining his actions to the Eye On Albuquerque blog, who posted it on their site. Eye On Albuquerque could not guarantee it was actually from Lynch, but the syntax and descriptions in the letter are reasonable assurances of its veracity.

Here is Lynch's letter presented below, in its entirety:

Peter Ryan Lynch Responds

My fellow Americans,

My name is Peter Ryan Lynch; I am a student at UNM. I am a decorated 8-year veteran of the US military, honorably discharged this July. I am appalled a foreign banner flew unaccompanied on UNM campus flagpole for three days, including a US holiday. I am an American passionate about our country and I would feel the same way if it were ANY foreign banner.

The Mexican flag was flying over UNM campus unaccompanied by an American flag on U.S. Constitution Day 17 September 2007.

According to United States Code (Federal Law):
"The flag should be displayed on all days especially on… Constitution Day, September 17…."

"The flag should be displayed daily on or near the main administration building of every public institution."

"The flag should be displayed during school days in or near every schoolhouse."

Throughout history, flying a nation’s banner is a claim of ownership. To do this on U.S. Constitution Day is an insult to all Americans. I am outraged that UNM administration allowed this happen. I thought before my class was over they would address the issue. I left class, and the foreign banner was still unaccompanied. I went to the dean’s office, pleading for action. I also notified Army ROTC, who has the honor of raising and lowering the US flag on UNM campus this month. I waited one and one half-hours after these notifications to take action myself. I made a profound statement and tore down this foreign banner. My actions although overzealous, are warranted.

Americans have one of the most diverse cultures on the planet, we embrace our differences, and unless you are a foreign visitor or illegal immigrant then your nationality is American! We are all equals under the Constitution and Stars and Stripes that protect us. Americans should fly their historical nations’ banners with pride. UNM is a public institution, governed by the laws of our nation, and on 17 September 2007, Federal law was broken; American’s are insulted. I am livid, with all the press coverage, only Julian "Top" Martinez said anything in my defense. Furthermore, the press has a responsibility to gather all the facts before printing.

I would like to assure El Centro de la Raza that hate or racism did not motivate my actions. I ask UNM administration specifically, David Schmidly (University President), Rita Martinez-Purson (Interim Vice President for Academic Diversity), and Cheo Torres (Vice President for Academic Affairs), to apologize to all the American Students, including Mexican-American students, for allowing a foreign banner to fly over UNM for three days in violation of Federal laws.

Peter Ryan Lynch

Ironically, the only media rep to give him fair coverage was himself a Latino. And this is one of the reasons why we need to take a hard line with these Latino lobbies. The anti-American extremism of these professional Latino lobbies confers the risk of backlash against loyal Americans of Latino descent.

Lynch is considerably more solicitous of the feelings of El Centro de la Raza than I would be. Perhaps this is because he's not aware that professional Latino agitators have been conducting a progressive campaign of "La Reconquista" against the Southwestern United States. Perhaps Lynch is not aware that these professional agitators have stirred up many Latinos and use illegal immigrants as the "tip of their spear" to accomplish their objectives. I will not second-guess Lynch; he's to be commended for his patriotism, and it's too bad he's being asked to pay a legal price. At least he's pleading not guilty and resolving to fight the charges.

As of this post, there have been 46 comments posted in response on the Eye On Albuquerque blog. Most have been supportive of Lynch; here is one that was in opposition:

Anonymous said...
Mr Lynch,

What has the Mexican government done for the U.S. lately?

On September 1, 2005 Mexican aid workers set up temporary headquarters in the Houston Astrodome to assist Mexican nationals affected by Katrina, and also offered to cover the costs of returning them to Mexico. Also offered was teams of epidemiologists, to reduce the risks of infections caused by mosquitoes.

The Mexican Red Cross sent four rescue experts from the state of Jalisco to assist in rescue efforts in New Orleans. The government of the Mexican Federal District also pledged to help with relief efforts.

On September 4 the Mexican Navy offered ships, buses and helicopters to assist in rescue missions. The offer was accepted and the Mexican ship Papaloapan departed from Tampico, with two Mi-17 helicopters, eight all-terrain vehicles, seven amphibious vehicles, two tankers, radio communication equipment, medical personnel and 250 tons of food.

On September 5, the Secretariat of Social Development pledged 200 tons of food, to be delivered in five airplanes by the Mexican Air Force.

The Secretariat of National Defense, on September 6, sent Mexican soldiers with expertise in rescue missions to the area affected by Katrina. Also sent the same day was 35 vehicles and 162.7 tons of food, that was carried by trucks travelling through the state of Texas.

The members of congress of the Federal District pledged a day of salary each on September 7, to be sent to those affected by Katrina. The National Commission of Water sent bottled water and canned food upon request. Naval ship Papaloapan arrived the same day, with 389 soldiers and other personnel from the Mexican Navy. Units of the Mexican Army, a total of 194 people, arrived by land with 45 military vehicles.

On September 8, the Mexican Army was received with honors at Kelly Air Force Base by the mayor of San Antonio, Texas. Local news channels noted the fact that the Mexican Army operated on U.S. soil after 159 years of absence, last time being the Mexican-American War.

You call yourself a patriot? You should be ashamed of your self and your actions.

Mexico is one of many allies of the United States and you disrespected this country by your actions. A true patriot would have shown respect to a foreign flag, they would have taken it down as if it was there own countries, folded it, and returned it to the proper authorities. You are nothing but a vandal and criminal, not a patriot. By the way, what did you do in the Air Force? Last time I checked, everyone discharge from the military is decorated. You just have to show up to Boot Camp to receive your first medal. Where have you served for the last eight years? We have been at war for 6 years now, and you do not mention anything about being deployed. Your 15 minutes of fame is almost up, how about getting a real life.

To which Peter Lynch responded:

September 27, 2007 11:55:00 AM MDT
Anonymous said...
Sir or Ma'am,

I would like to clarify again; this has nothing to do with Mexico. My actions were in response to an act of subversion. When I saw the unlocked lockbox, I thought it was a student acting alone. I do not care what Mexico did for this country YOU MISS THE POINT! I can ramble on about what America has done for Mexico. This is about respect for OUR flag. OLD GLORY! I have tried to replace the damaged flag [but] El Centro De La Raza will not accept it. Why don’t you talk about the UNM administration’s assumption that this is a hate crime, re-read the original article? There is not one witness or police statement to that affect; in fact, they say it is not. This is racism, but not against Mexicans! My nationality is American and I am be persecuted for my reaction to this? Please understand that this has nothing to do with what flag it was. I wanted to let this go I signed a letter in the deans office on the 19th to end all this, the UNM administration is at fault for this ongoing issue.

Get a real life? I have been to every state and provenance in north America, have driven across this country 5 times. I have served in Spain, Italy, Germany, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas… I learned to speak some Italian when I lived there. I have visited my Cousins in Ireland, and seen London, Paris and Rome. I have a Degree in Communications… I have driven a Porsche over 160 miles an hour on the autobahn. I do have a “Real Life” get off your high horse!

Peter Lynch

As you can clearly see, despite the political symbolism of his act, Peter Lynch possessed sufficient personal responsibility to recognize that he did damage someone's property and offered to make good the damage. But El Centro de la Raza, bent of vengeance and milking this incident for all its worth, refused to accept it. This is even more proof that these Latino lobbies are not interested in dialogue or in honest discourse, but want to have it all their own way. And we've done very little to stop them; our politicians have surrendered to them as unconditionally as the traitor F.W. deKlerk surrendered South Africa to the African National Congress terrorists in 1994.

Thanks to our cowardly politicans, greedy employers, and utopian social engineers, we have at least 20 million and possibly as man as 38 million illegals in this country. We have a rough ride ahead. If we want to win this battle, we better start now. Don't wait for government to help - they will not do so. We need to help ourselves.


  1. Actually, I only salute the Dixie flag, not he White Hating "US" flag. That flag's rulers have destroyed every White nation on earth, starting with the CSA up through South Africa and Rhodesia (through subversion of their legitimate societies). Now, Western Europe is becoming "Eurabia", thanks to the the US alliance with Joseph Stalin and the Red's fellow travelers. I respect the Mexicans. They stand up for each other and don't grovel to anyone - unlike Euro-Americans who grovel to everyone.

  2. In the context you state, I can understand why you would respect the Mexicans.

    Respect or not, though, they are still trying to break up our country, and as long as they do that, they are the enemy and I will treat them as such, although their sense of tribalism is worthy of emulation by whites.

    What we need to do is use this to light a fire under more Euro-Americans, prying them away from the talmudvision and the Sunday NFL kaffir-ball.

  3. FYI...

    The flag did not belong to El Centro, it belonged to the Mexican Consultant located in Albuquerque, NM. It was property of the Mexican Government, on loan celebration of Mexican Independence Day.

  4. "Sunday NFL kaffir-ball"?
    Idiot, the word was originally used against retards like yourself.
    It means infidel not some "white" retard slang used by "white" retards such as yourself.
    It's like some fat wad of crap from the air-head nations calling themselves the true Israelites.
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