Friday, October 26, 2007

Lone Star Times Smears Ron Paul With The "Neo-Nazi White Supremacist" Canard Because Of A Single Contribution From Stormfront's Don Black

A marginal Internet site has breathlessly proclaimed that their "investigation" has conclusively established that a leading figure in the American "neo-Nazi/White Supremacist movement has provided financial support to Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential campaign. The web site is Lone Star Times, and their article can be viewed in full HERE.

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Lone Star Times (LST) hysterically proclaims that the individual in question is Don Black, who operates the Stormfront White Nationalist Discussion Forum. LST further labels Stormfront a “white power website that both professional journalists and watch-dog groups have identified as the premier English-language racist/hate-site on the Internet". LST fails to mention that the watchdog groups in question, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League, clearly have an anti-white agenda and exaggerate claims of "white racism" and "anti-Semitism" in order to scare more people into pouring more shekels into their bulging coffers. In addition, the ADL is one of the leading purveyors of anti-Gentile bigotry in the United States, having mercilessly harassed Mel Gibson during the production of "The Passion of the Christ", bitched about the LDS Church performing vicarious baptisms for the dead on dead Holocaust victims, and most recently cried about Mike Huckabee referring to the slaughter of 50 million unborn babies via abortion since 1973 as a "holocaust", implying that only the Jewish Holocaust was worthy of such a hallowed designation.

Here's the "evidence" presented by LST in their story:

- Black proudly and openly identifies himself as Stormfront’s guiding hand, and publishes a contact address on the Internet– PO Box 6637, West Palm Beach, FL, 33405

- A search by LST of public databases indicates that there is only one “Don Black” residing in West Palm Beach, Florida, zip code 33405

- A 7/16/01 USA Today article identifies Black’s wife as being named “Chloe”. That same article identifies Chloe as being the ex-wife of close Black associate and former “Grand Wizard” of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke

- Minutes of a 9/7/07 City of West Palm Beach code-compliance hearing identify “Chloe H. Duke” as owning a residential property located at 203 Lakeland Drive

- According to Federal Election Commission records, on 9/30/07 the Ron Paul presidential campaign received a $500 contribution from a Mr. Don Black, who lists his address as 203 Lakeland Drive and identifies his occupation as “self-employed/website manager”

LST also highlights Ron Paul "banner widgets" which appear on the front page of Stormfront. However, this is where LST contradicts itself. On the one hand, they acknowledge that these widgets are NOT “advertisements” placed on Stormfront BY the Paul campaign, but rather publicly-available graphics that Stormfront’s owner has chosen to place himself, with links directly to Paul’s donation page. But on the other hand, LST imperiously demands that Ron Paul confirm that the donation widgets appearing on Stormfront are NOT the result of the campaign’s actions. Which is it, fucktards? Make up your minds.

LST also issues a whole series of additional demands for Ron Paul to "prove" that he's not "racist" by initiating a whole series of witch hunts, to wit:

Will Paul take measures to block Stormfront as a referring URL to his own website, so that no future donations can possibly flow into his campaign from a site that serves as the on-line nexus of neo-Nazism?

Will Paul ask his own web staff to trace past donations that were made by anyone arriving at his campaign’s webpage from Stormfront, so that these contributions can be rejected?

Will Paul explore if there are any legal actions available to try to remove his donation widget from Stormfront, and if so pursue them?

At the very least, will Paul personally state publicly, vigorously and unmistakably that he rejects the support of white supremacists, and that he will not knowingly tolerate their involvement with his campaign in any form or to any degree?

To his credit, the Ron Paul campaign has refused to dignify this petty harassment campaign with a single response to LST. His campaign recognizes that LST has merely seized upon this development and blown it all out of proportion to undermine the campaign. And LST, while acknowledging the arguments of Ron Paul supporters that it is unfair to hold Paul responsible for receiving political support from racists/neo-Nazis if that support was unsolicited by Paul, that Paul hasn’t, in fact, solicited white-supremacist support, and that Paul’s campaign has no practical way of knowing whether or not a specific financial contribution made has come from a neo-Nazi, they dismiss such arguments as "abstract" and "moot". And this marginalization of the Ron Paul campaign has been replicated by other venues, most recently including Redstate and the Republican Jewish Coalition (click HERE for the RJC's actual website).

But the previous acts of contrition demanded by the Lone Star Times is not enough for them. To atone for the $500 contribution from Don Black, LST demands that the Ron Paul campaign donate Black's $500 to either of the following three charities: The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the One Family Fund (which works to rebuild the shattered lives of Israeli victims of Arab "terror"), or Aish Ha’Torah (a dynamic Jewish educational foundation). My question to LST is this: If you object so much to "neo-Nazi/white supremacy" and celebrate diversity, why do you only suggest THREE Jewish organizations. Why don't you mix it up and suggest one Jewish org, one black org, and one American Indian org? Obviously, LST is more interested in promoting Jewish supremacism than diversity.

The question is, how should Ron Paul handle this? Conventional wisdom prescribes he should follow the time-honored conventional wisdom of other public figures, which includes a prescribed course of public repentance and restitution. However, there is one fundamental difference here. Many of Ron Paul's supporters find him attractive because he defies political correctness. If he was to "repent and restitute", so to speak, they might just conclude that Ron Paul is no different than the rest and transfer their support to someone who is perceived as having a better chance of winning.

Either Ron Paul should simply not address the issue, or he could be bold and say that "he will accept support from any American who offers it in good faith, and not impose a litmus test of political correctness upon his supporters".


  1. Another yawner blog post from Carl Loerbs.
    You can't handle it when someone turns the table on someone you adore but you work the same bull shit against others. Stop being such a cry-baby Carl. If Ronny boy doesn't want to be considered a nazi, white supremacist, Jew hating, all non-whites need to die type maybe the freaking bozo should consider not getting his name tied up with the same.
    Crap! How hard is that for the clowns of the world to figure out.

  2. Ever been to Auschwitz? Try visiting there and think of the 10 million people killed at the hands of your buddies then think about your friend Ron.