Monday, September 03, 2007

YouTube Video Shows Patriots Courageously Confronting Southern Poverty Law Center's Morris Dees At The University Of Missouri-St. Louis

Update: First video long since taken down; story still informative.

I originally embedded two YouTube videos of a public appearance by Morris Dees at the University of Missouri-St. Louis on October 26th, 2006. Hat tip to Stormfront for tipping me off to this.

Morris Dees, who heads up the Southern Poverty Law Center, was expecting a friendly, compliant, cheerleading crowd of sappy sycophants. He got just a little more than he expected. Four patriots were in attendance, and they had some pertinent questions of their own for Dees.

In particular, they wanted his response to allegations that he behaved improperly with his daughter, and that he engaged in homosexual conduct with another man. These allegations are spelled out in detail on a 17-page PDF document archived on the Westboro Baptist Church website. However, this operation was planned with almost military precision. First one man raised the question, and Dees ordered him removed from the facility. About 30 seconds later, another guy stood up and asked the same question, and was promptly removed. The last two guys did likewise, each about 30 seconds apart. Dees definitely earned his commission that night. LOL!

Unfortunately, the video has long since been taken down. However, in this second video which is still available, another patriot attempts to ask some questions of Dees after his address, and Dees brushes him off, telling him "F&%@ You".

Short but sweet payback against the slug who maliciously used the civil justice system to impoverish a number of good men, including Tom Metzger, Glenn Miller, Richard Butler, and Casey Nethercutt.

Triggering this sudden outburst of interest in Morris Dees on Stormfront was an announcement of Dees' intended appearance at the "Human Rights, Civil Rights, Treaty Rights: Minnesota Challenges" conference, scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. Sept. 29 at Grand Casino Mille Lacs Events & Convention Center. Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison was also invited. Media report from the St. Cloud Times.

At the time, Minnesota was home to the headquarters of America's largest national socialist organization, the National Socialist Movement (NSM).

Here's a news story describing the event, courtesy of the PCApostate blog:

Wednesday, October 26, the much-despised Morris Dees, co-founder and head attorney of the "Southern Poverty Law Center" intended to give a speech titled, “Gathering Storm: America’s Militia Threat”. Much to this author’s joy it did not go as planned.

To witness the free event the audience first passed through a barrage of security including metal detectors and searches of individuals and their possessions. The crowd of nearly 200 Jews, pseudo-intelligentsia university liberals, and homosexuals filled a room at the University of Missouri St. Louis while Dees sat quietly surrounded by his personal "secret service style" bodyguards. After Dees was introduced by a token Black female spokesperson for the university, his bodyguards dispersed to the corners of the room, maintaining contact with earpiece communicators and taking pictures of the audience with camera phones.

Beginning with an apology for the security delays, Dees noted, with an amused chuckle, that he was well aware that there are many who dislike him. The hypocrisy that was to overshadow the evening started with a long winded epic of how deeply the death of Rosa Parks affected himself and his family, being that they were so close to Ms. Parks. This, coming from the man who in 1961 defended an accused beater of the freedom riders at the expense of the Klan, was a curious statement. Dees' feigned empathy was interrupted by a clean cut, well-dressed young White member of the audience shouting, "Go home you hypocrite!" A shocked Morris Dees tried to recover by stating that he had been forewarned that there would be skinheads in the crowd. The young man having a full head of black hair yelled back that he wasn’t a skinhead, and if name calling was to begin he would start with pedophile. The room broke into roister and amidst the ruckus more proud shouting was heard as the initial voice was escorted from the room.

"Hey Dees, how many Blacks work in your office?" came from another strong young voice. (The reference being related to a recent interview in which it was stated that no Blacks worked in his office based on the fact that "employees are hired on the basis of ability instead of race.")

"Dees you’re nothing but a profiteer; you don’t believe in anything; you make me sick," was heard from another vibrant spectator. Everyone who spoke out in opposition was removed from the crowd by campus police, even though all of the accusations were based in fact; do a Google or Yahoo search on "Morris Dees" for a more thorough picture of his twisted past.

Dees stood before the crowd, dumbfounded, and attempted to regain his composure and resume, when a concerned older man stood and asked whether or not Dees was going to address the pedophile issue. A grizzled Black man went charging at the older individual screaming and threatening to beat him. The man continued, composed in the face of danger, asking "Why don't you answer their questions or address their concerns?" Dees ultimately censored the man by demanding that he be removed as well.

Morris Dees really "likes" free speech, doesn't he? LMFAO!

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