Monday, September 03, 2007

Southern Poverty Law Center Falsely Claims The Existence Of A National Socialist Movement Unit In Fairbanks, Alaska

Guess what? The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is pulling rabbits out of their hat again, in order to exaggerate their importance and scare gullible lemmings into giving them money. Only in this case, the "rabbits" are "hate groups".

In August 2006, the SPLC falsely claimed the existence of a Klan organization in Olathe, CO.

In June 2007, the SPLC falsely claimed the existence of a Klan organization in Rutland, VT.

And just today, when I checked not only their national "hate map", but also their "hate map" for Alaska, I find that the SPLC claims the existence of a National Socialist Movement unit in the Fairbanks region in 2006 (click HERE to view ALL previous posts about SPLC skullduggery).

This claim is equally false. Since I regularly discuss white nationalist issues and movement drama on the White Reference blog, I monitor these various groups to ensure their activities are reportedly factually, fairly and non-judgmentally. In early 2006, for a brief period of time, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) did list an e-mail contact for Alaska - in Anchorage. However, the NSM has NEVER listed any contacts for Fairbanks, and never listed any organized NSM units for the state of Alaska. And the current list of NSM units shows NO units in Alaska.

When Vermont media confronted SPLC Intelligence Director Mark Potok (pictured upper left), previously outed as a "gay Jew" by Libertarian Socialist News editor Bill White, after the SPLC designated Rutland as a "Klan stronghold", Potok readily admitted that the SPLC does not attempt to confirm the validity of each listing. "When a group claims chapters in a given place, we list them unless we have a reason to believe it is false," he said. "Our listings say that at some point in calendar year 2006, this group was active."

However, Mark Potok later contradicted himself. He said each entry on this list is an organization that was active during 2006. He explained that activity must go beyond merely running a Web site — the group must be holding rallies, distributing leaflets or at the very least be open to new members. But here's the contradiction - there is no evidence that any NSM member or supporter was engaged in any of this type of activity in Fairbanks during 2006. And considering that two of the three known Jews in the Alaska State Legislature, Republican Jay Ramras and Democrat David Guttenberg, represent districts in Greater Fairbanks, if there had been any organized national socialist or white nationalist activity in the Fairbanks area, we would have heard it from them FIRST, since Jews tend to be the first to sound the alarm about ANY national socialist activity, no matter how slight.

And there are other contradictions. Look at the SPLC's hate maps again. In the legend, you'll find eight categories. Six categories are devoted exclusively to WHITE hate groups, while NON-WHITE hate groups are all bundled into the other two categories. Note that the SPLC completely ignores the National Council of La Raza, which is currently trying to blackmail the Kansas City municipal government into removing a Minuteman from their parks board by threatening to relocate their proposed 2009 national convention, worth at least $7 million, out of Kansas City. In addition, while the SPLC has been quick to highlight and exaggerate white nationalist activity in our military forces in Iraq, they have completely ignored the mostly non-white gang activity also present, as well as the military's increased willingness to recruit those with street gang connections.

A look at the SPLC's blog reveals a distinctly left-wing bias. Their blogroll is a veritable who's who of left-wing resources. Yet the SPLC offers "training" to law enforcement agencies nationwide. Just what type of "training" do you suppose it might be? Political indoctrination, of course. They offer to assume the same role that "zampolitsa", or political officers, played in the Soviet military and their police agencies. The SPLC's goal is to brainwash law enforcement personnel towards an anti-American, anti-white attitude and to perpetuate the SPLC agenda under color of law.

But of course, what has made the SPLC infamous is their campaign of what I call "judicial terrorism". They deliberately use the civil justice system to economically target individuals for financial judgments, a portion of which they turn over to their "clients". While most of the SPLC's victims have been white activists who ran afoul of criminal law, one of their victims, Casey Nethercutt, was NOT a white nationalist. Wrongfully convicted for defending his ranch against illegal aliens, the SPLC then piled on, sued him successfully, took his ranch to satisfy the judgment, then turned it over to their clients, a couple of illegal aliens from El Salvador. By doing this, the SPLC actually gave aid and comfort to lawbreakers.

And while the political plutocracy and the media have been witch-hunting Larry Craig over the Minneapolis restroom incident, the personal conduct of SPLC founder Morris Dees makes Craig look like a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. A report archived on the Westboro Baptist Church website contains numerous allegations of adultery and homosexuality on the part of Dees. More essays about similar SPLC activity can be found in the Vanguard News Network's archive.

The SPLC's campaign of designating various communities as "hate strongholds" may have financial consequences. Such communities may experience financial loss from corporations and lobbies which may refuse to consider relocation to their locales based solely upon an adverse SPLC report. Because of the SPLC's influence and their refusal to verify their information, this could become civilly actionable. It's time for communities wrongfully or frivolously tarred by the SPLC brush to consider making this a civil issue. Small communities who've been defamed by the SPLC need to consider joining together in a class action suit to recover economic damages and force the SPLC to upgrade to a more precise standard of "labeling", a standard actually requiring verification. It's time to hoist the SPLC on its own petard.


  1. The SPLC did nothing but screw up the location. You and I know there are hopes of starting a NSM movement here in the state. You and I also know you want to be the tinpot general of the group.
    *wink wink*

  2. There Hate map still lists all these creativity chapter here in IL that are non-existant. There is no NSM units here. There is no Klan here. I dont know to much about the stuff listed in Chicagoland but the rest is all bs. The only known wn org in IL thats not in chicago is my ANSWP unit. Bunch of bullshitting Jews.