Friday, September 14, 2007

CNN Interview With Patriot Dame Barbara Gordon-Bell; Susan Purtee Under Renewed Attack By Columbus Media

Major Update: Late on September 14th, 2007, Susan Purtee submitted a letter of resignation to the Columbus Police Department. Her resignation takes effect on September 22nd. She chose to sacrifice her job to remain true to her convictions. What a welcome contrast to opportunists like Trent Lott and George Allen. Reported HERE.

Here is a YouTube video featuring an interview with one of the Patriot Dames, Barbara Gordon-Bell. Bell is the younger of the two Patriot Dames; Susan Purtee is the cop under fire, and the older of the two.

The CNN "journalist" appears quite biased against Bell and asks numerous loaded and simplistic questions during the interview. One of the most idiotic questions directed to Bell is whether she has any "Jewish, black, or Hispanic" friends. Frequently, liberals whose diversity credentials are questioned will respond with the canard "Some of my best friends are...{insert minority du jour here}...", and since most journalists are liberal, they naturally will ask the same question of their interlocutors.

The Patriot Dames continue to stress that they are not questioning the existence of Jews and other minority groups, but merely identifying and exposing undesirable behavior on their part. They scrupulously avoid the use of any racial slurs. However, they do "name the Jew" using the term "Jew". Pat Buchanan gets around it by using euphemisms like "Zionist" or "Goldman-Sachs", but everyone knows who he really means. The Patriot Dames' idea is that if you mean "Jew", then say "Jew". Don't tiptoe around the issue.

Barbara Gordon-Bell is obviously not as polished as Dr. David Duke, and didn't take this journalist to school the way Dr. Duke did with Wolf Blitzer in December 2006. But she held her own and gave a good account of herself. The Patriot Dames are standing strong and do NOT intend to backdown.

The other Patriot Dame, Susan Purtee, is also in the news. WBNS Channel 10 Columbus reports that an internal affairs file uncovered by Channel 10 reveals previous problems for an officer whose racially and semitically-incorrect remarks were posted on the Internet. The 624-page internal affairs file showed "countless" acts where Purtee showed incompetencies on the job.

The file dates back to 2002, when Purtee worked as a detective investigating crimes against children. Purtee was written up for improperly disposing of evidence in a rape case. Purtee was also cited for failing to properly investigate at least nine physical abuse cases. She was also accused of not properly documenting interviews. Overall, investigators concluded that Purtee violated the juvenile bureau's procedures and various division directives, and supervisors recommended Purtee be pulled from detective work because of her improper actions and inability to follow proper protocol. Police Chief James Jackson approved the transfer. Jackson also previously requested that Purtee be terminated for unbecoming conduct with her supervisor. In a settlement agreement, she was suspended for 60 working hours.

Analysis: These so-called "countless" violations were basically sloppy bookkeeping. If every Columbus police officer was subjected to the same scrutiny, most of them would be found to have a few "bookkeeping" violations, too. Rules of documentation and evidence are so precise and redudant, in order to ensure cases are not dismissed in court due to technicalities, that it's easy to forget to dot an "I" or cross a "T" once in a while. Besides, Purtee was already disciplined for her sloppiness by being flopped back into the bag (transferred back to patrol) and suspended. And furthermore, what in hell is meant by "conduct unbecoming with her supervisor"? None of these "violations" impinge upon her ability to enforce the law equitably in any way, shape, or form. This is clearly a witch hunt by the local media and the civic plutocracy.

Or maybe they're posturing for the statewide NAACP conference to be held in Columbus this weekend.

YouTube actually disabled the two most controversial videos during the first week of September. Click HERE to visit the Patriot Dames' YouTube website to view their other videos.

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