Thursday, August 09, 2007

LOL! National Day Of Panhandling For American Slavery Reparations Scheduled For October 10th, 2007

Now I've seen it all. Apparently a black woman, Damali Ayo, is starting a campaign to obtain slavery reparations from whites by panhandling. Her scheme - she suckers whites into giving her money for reparations, she offers them a "receipt" (she claims the contribution is "tax deductible"), then she turns around and gives the money to any black person passing by, without even bothering to ask if their ancestors were slaves. She's calling for a National Day of Panhandling for Slavery Reparations to take place on October 10th, 2007. Hat tip to Western Voices World News for tipping me off to this story.

However, this is not a shot in the dark. It turns out she's already been making some dry runs. Check out this YouTube video:

What's pathetic is that so many white sellouts are falling for this nonsense and actually giving her the money.

The idea of reparations for slavery is ludicrous. None of us owned slaves, and no one who was a slave is still alive. However, proponents of this madness believe that blacks still suffer from the "legacy" of slavery, and, based on the doctrine of "white privilege", we whites, even though we did not own slaves, somehow automatically "benefit" from this so-called legacy, and so we "owe". Hiowever, this doctrine of "white privilege" triggers an interesting question; if I'm automatically "privileged" because of my white skin, does that automatically make me superior to blacks merely because of my white skin? Hmmm...sounds like "white supremacy" to me. LOL!

This attempts to establish the concept of historical remediation by proxy. Once it takes root, there are no limits to where it could be applied. Could Southerners who had ancestors living in Atlanta during the War for Southern Independence sue Wiiliam Tecumseh Sherman's descendants for reparations over his March to the Sea? Could Israel sue Egypt for having enslaved Israelites and forcing them to build the pyramids 2,500 years ago? Ludicrous, you say? How so - why stop at slavery? And therein lies the problem.

Reparations are customarily paid only to victims. This principal was firmly established in the aftermath of the Jewish Holocaust®, when Germany agreed to directly compensate only the actual victims, as well as provide payments to the embryonic state of Israel to help launch their infrastructure. In his book entitled "Jewish Supremacism", Dr. David Duke estimates that Germany has now paid a total of $150 billion reparations in cash and in kind to Israel and the victimized Jews. Likewise, in the case of Japanese-Americans interned during World War II, we paid compensation - but only to actual victims. And considering there are many more blacks than Jews, one can only shudder at what the cost might be. According to Wikipedia, one estimate is as high as $100 trillion.

Reparations for slavery could also piss off enough white people to push many of them over the edge. It just might light a long-burning fuse for a race war to come.

The arrogance of the intellectuals with their social engineering is astounding. Just as neocon intellectuals want to push the United States into war abroad, so liberal intellectuals want to risk pushing the United States into domestic conflict here at home. America truly is in the hands of an alien force.


  1. What silly ideas you have! How did *any* African get into this country *except* by enslavement, *unless* they are directly from Africa! DUH. If they're from Jamaica, how did they get there? No African in the so-called western hemisphere got here *unless* they migrated directly from Africa. THINK!

    And on a final note, slavery is classified as a "crime against humanity" so there are no statutes of limitation for punishment. The reason why you're seeing an upsurge of litigation and reparations activism is because Africans in Amerikkka were not *allowed* to sue for reparations *during* enslavement, after the civil war and throughout the so-called "Jim Crow" era.

    Study the history of crimes against humanity *then* make more intelligent comments about white complicity and privilege in the making of Amerikkka.

  2. By which standard is slavery considered a "crime against humanity"? If you're talking about international law, this was decided upon long after slavery was officially ended in this country.

    We do not enact legislation, then penalize those who failed to obey that law before it was passed.

    Pass a reparations bill and you WILL see an upsurge in anti-black racial incidents in this country. To paraphrase Che Guevara, you will see "two, three, many James Byrds". Whether you or I want this to happen or not is irrelevant - it will happen.

    And you still failed to address the issue as to why people who weren't actual victims should get compensated.

  3. It will bring upon a race war! All the "white" supremacists will have a good reason to run amuck burning down buildings like the morons in L.A. wooooo hoooooo won't that be fun, Carl!
    They can drag people out of their cars and beat them to death no matter who the hell they are, woooo hooooo won't that be fun, Carl!
    One of those dragged from the car might be you Carl! wooo hooo won't that be fun?!

    She's standing on a street corner screwing over some fool that hands her money. Get a gripe on life would you....sheesh!
    You stupid fools sit around drooling over anything that you feel would make killing a legal sport here in the United States. I believe that makes you prime for a years rest (if not more) in the Shady Acres Funny Farm.

    I often wonder if you honestly look at the consequences of what you are talking about. You do realize your head will be in someone's cross hairs, also, right?
    Either one of those "white" people who might question your blood line or a local "minority" that might find you take up too much breathing air. You have slammed a number of minority groups around town remember?

  4. As usual, Judith, you are completly hysterical and paranoid. The "race war" will be started by out-of-control non-whites. Remember Katrina?

  5. There was nothing hysterical or paranoid about what I wrote. I wasn't sitting here sweating blood thinking about when or if it would happen. Life is too short to worry about William Pierce's pornographic fantasy "The Turner Diaries" coming true. It's called living in the present. That is where you take care of life.

    I just find it odd how someone, like yourself, would be so excited about it possibly happening.
    You can't tell me you don't sit around dreaming how you would be some sort of tin-pot general planning offenses against the evil sub-humans while fighting off advances from bea-u-ti-ful "white" women or Kevin Alfred Strom and Alex Linder (which ever came first).

    I haven't read large amounts of BS, on sites like yours and others of your ilk, to not realize none of you are living in the real world. It's all weird fantasies and day dreams you would like to see come true.
    A "white" supremacist "Tales From The Crypt" mentality is what I have found. Basically you are all slowly going out of your minds with hate.

    Besides, are you saying you are waiting for someone to give you a bloody nose and black eye before you hit back? It sounds that way when you claim it will be non-whites that start this war you are so excited about having.
    If I open an S&M parlor would you like to be my first client? I'd love to smack the shit out of you and get paid for it. Now that is a great day dream...BFEG!

    If I remember correctly, and I do!
    The likes of Hal Turner and other "white" turds were calling for people to go down and shot people. Yeah, I remember Katrina and it brought out every idiot in town no matter what color they were. I remember the "rode hard and put up wet" April Gaede making up packages for the "white" people who were affected. What a swell gal she is, huh! I also remember watching people down there struggling to help their neighbors telling the "whites" distributing these "white" care-packages to take a hike.
    Yeah, old man! I remember Katrina and all the idiots like you, your trouble making friends, the a-holes who were more worried about what was in it for them and those who suffered because of it due to ALL of you. What have you done for the world lately old man? Not much? OK..........

    Nothing hysterical or paranoid on this end of the computer cables but it doesn't sound like it on that end.

  6. Reparations is a good idea. While only a handful of Whites owned slaves there are more blacks that whose ancestors were slaves. So let reparations be in order.
    The descendants of White slave owners should tally the cost of food, housing, clothing, education, medical care, etc, which was all provided to slaves.
    And do not forget the slaves sat on their asses during the Winter when there were no crops to pick and were well taken care of.
    So if reparations are in order let us discuss it in its TRUE perspective.
    Joe B