Sunday, August 12, 2007

America's Top Homosexuals Want To Construct A National Memorial For Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Hate Crime Victims

Note to Rev. Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church: Time to quit picketing the soldier-boys and get back to picketing the nancy-boys once again!

According to a report posted on the website, Scott Hall, longtime activist Frank Kameny, U.S. Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) and Amazing Race winner and activist Chip Arndt are spearheading the launch of Gay American Heroes, a national memorial to honor LGBT people murdered because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Supporting them are a large number of gay and straight public figures who have lent their names to the project, including Matt Foreman of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant Eric Alva, the first American wounded in the war in Iraq, actors Alan Cumming, Chad Allen and Bobby Gant, former professional baseball player Billy Bean, political strategist David Mixner, and novelist Christopher Rice, all of whom, along with Rep. Frank, have agreed to serve on an "Honorary Board of Directors". Cyndi Lauper and T.R. Knight have also expressed a desire to help in whatever way they can, and Elke Kennedy, whose son Sean William Kennedy was killed in a homophobic attack in May in South Carolina, has joined the group's Board of Advisors.

The memorial's goal is to honor and remember LGBT people who have been murdered in anti-gay hate crimes, engage and inform the public about LGBT hate crimes, and "inspire compassion and greater appreciation for, and acceptance of, diversity," according to Arndt.

The memorial and exhibition, consisting of a 100-ft. long display made up of eight-ft. tall rainbow-colored multi-dimensional panels which bear the photographs, names, ages, and occupations of LGBT hate crime victims, will travel throughout the country to college campuses, LGBT events, and communities where anti-gay hate crimes have occurred. According to the organizers, an informational welcome tent will host guest speakers and distribute "educational materials" (AKA "propaganda"). Local community leaders will be encouraged to host informative programs in conjunction with the exhibit. [Ed. Note: Don't be surprised if public schoolkids are forced to attend this traveling exhibit as part of their diversity indoctrination.]

The expected completion date of the Gay American Heroes exhibit is December 2007. The foundation's ultimate goal is to establish a permanent memorial to hate crime victims in Washington, D.C.

The organizers say they chose the name "Gay American Heroes" for the exhibition because the majority of the heterosexual community at large, whom the foundation seeks to educate, often does not distinguish between lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, but places all in a single category — gay. The foundation also notes that it is focusing first on Americans and those who choose to take the "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" of others into their own hands. As for the "heroes" moniker, the organizers say: "All people who live honestly about their sexual orientation are heroic, as it takes great strength and courage to face the daily struggles for personal freedom in the face of enormous opposition; to ultimately give their life for said freedom makes them heroes." [Ed. Note: Whoa, time out! There's a slight difference between those who merely "live honestly" about their sexual orientation vs. those who flaunt it openly and employ it as a POLITICAL WEAPON. Were the queers who inundated four firefighters forced to march in a recent San Diego gay pride parade with torrents of verbal sexual abuse merely "living honestly"? NOT!!!]

Founder and president Scott Hall, a hate crime victim himself, came up with the idea after hearing about the brutal homophobic killing of Ryan Keith Skipper, a 25-year-old from Polk County, Florida.

Hall contacted pioneering gay activist Frank Kameny, whose extensive collection of gay rights papers and memorabilia was recently donated to the Library of Congress, and noted writer and historian James T. Sears. Several others, including Arndt, and Fort Lauderdale's Stonewall Library and Archives executive director Jack Rutland came on board and the project gained steam.

Said Hall: "We want to reach out to communities as soon as possible following a deadly anti-gay hate crime. We want to support the family and friends of the victim, as well as to work with local officials, law enforcement and service organizations to provide counseling and outreach."

Several local and national organizations have also jumped aboard the daisy chain. They include Equality Florida, Freedom Democrats of Miami-Dade, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Pridelines Youth Services, Safe Schools South Florida, Stonewall Library & Archives, The Trevor Project, and Unity Coalition of Miami-Dade (organizations in "red" service teenagers).

The Stonewall Library itself has been a source of controversy. On July 10th, 2007, the Fort Lauderdale City Commission voted 3-2 to allow the Stonewall Library collection of gay and lesbian materials to be moved from its present location at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center to the more spacious, county-run ArtSpace library at Holiday Park. However, while the Stonewall Library itself is not publicly funded, the ArtSpace library is taxpayer-supported public property.

Mayor Naugle opposed the project for two reasons. "Number one the city needs the space," he said. Secondly, the morning of the vote, it came to his attention that the Stonewall collection contained hard-core pornographic material depicting men committing anal intercourse. He commented, "I fear that we're the first city that has a hard-core porn collection in our public library." In addition, "it is housed in our main children's park."

Gay American Heroes Foundation will be funded through private and grant donations, offline and online fundraisers and partnership donations. The Dade Community Foundation is currently managing the Foundation’s contributions and is fiscally sponsoring Gay American Heroes.

Commentary: Heroes? Since when does victimhood make you a hero? Heroes are people who selflessly risk themselves on behalf of society in one way or another. Just because Matthew Shepard was kidnapped and tied to a fence doesn't make him a hero.

The only saving grace to this project is that, so far, it will be not be subsidized with taxpayer funds. What concerns me is the traveling road show. How do we know school districts won't order students to visit it for the purpose of "diversity" training? Elementary students in the San Diego Cooperative Charter School marched in the city's Gay Pride Parade last year. The public education establishment in America seems to have a morbid fixation for exposing students to homosexual propaganda. We even have 3,577 Gay-Straight Clubs to further drive the pro-gay message home.

And where in Washington D.C. will they build the permanent memorial? No way can we tolerate it being built on the Mall, alongside the various war memorials and the Presidential memorials. It would desecrate the memory of these heroes to allow queers to be memorialized alongside them.

This is proof positive that the gay rights movement will not leave us alone. They claim all they're looking for is tolerance, but what they really want is accomodation, celebration, and obeisance. And it's a one-way street; while they demand consideration towards them, they do not extend it in return, as their treatment of the San Diego firefighters demonstrated. Continued agitation by the gay rights lobby will actually trigger the opposite result they desire - more hostility, backlash, and an upsurge in gratuitous physical violence against them.

God wanted humanity to be fruitful and multiply. But being fruiful and being a fruit are two different things. Because reproduction was considered so important by our Creator, he hard-wired most of the population with sexual desire. About 97% were hard-wired the right way - opposite attraction. But for reasons unknown to us, three percent of the population were hard-wired ass-backwards, to lust after their own gender. They're not evil because they have those feelings, but it doesn't mean we should accomodate their disability.

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