Thursday, July 05, 2007

Immigration Reform Is Not Just A Right-Wing Issue - It's Time To Reach Out To The Lefties

On the website, a poster began a thread about a new bill just signed into law by Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano. The bill, HB 2779, further discussed on the website, proposes strict penalties for Arizona employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. The most noteworthy feature is a two-strike provision: First offense - suspension of business license; second offense - PERMANENT REVOCATION of business license. Not only does this provision really hit business where it hurts, it actually goes even further than I would, and regular readers of this blog know I look upon illegals with the same regard as a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

One would think that those righties who have promoted comprehensive immigration reform would be dancing in the streets. Wrong! Nearly every right-wing respondent to this thread has dumped on Governor Napolitano. One respondent claimed she merely did it because "she feared a recall". Another respondent denounced her as a "dyke of ages" and a "deviant dildo". Still another claimed that "she [Napolitano] knew that if she didn't sign this legislation her career is over". Even one of the more civilized respondents, identified as KMH, had this to say:

Nappylotaxo was backed into a corner on this one. The citizen referendum which would have been more punitive was her other choice if she had vetoed this bill. That referendum is still in play and could go to the ballot in 2008. If she fails to enforce this law, that one will be harder to ignore.

This was the lesser of two evils for her.

If you keep score on the times she did veto an illegal immigration bill and didn't, its like 24 to 1.

She [Napolitano] really had no choice but sign it.

I see absolutely no good this governor has done for the state of Arizona. Signing this bill does not change my mind about her in any way because employer sanctions would have come on the referendum anyway.

She just couldn't squirm her way out of it this time and our representatives are getting much more crafty in putting together bills she can't go against.

So in the end, Janet did not gain any new support or earn any respect from the man on the street that is aware of her open borders politics. The people who support her are the ones she has to worry about now because she was forced to kick them all in the face by signing this bill. The illegal criminal border crossers are pissed off as hell at the governor, and I say Wooo Hooo.

Wake up, people. The Governor of Arizona did the right thing. Employer demand for cheap, complicit, and ignorant labor has been a major factor fueling illegal immigration. The legislation directly attacks the problem. Why should her positions on other issues and her possibly-opportunistic delay in seeing the light on the immigration issue override the fact that she FINALLY DID THE RIGHT THING? Give her some credit, for crying out loud!

And this righty-vs-lefty denominationalism has been addressed by independent left-wing blogger Robert Lindsay, who earned my respect when he conducted a fair and balanced interview with Andrew Winkler, the operator of the anti-Zionist website Ziopedia, back in February 2007. He didn't just blow it off as "anti-Semitic" (and many people are beginning to realize that the real definition of an "anti-Semite" is someone with whom the Jews disagree). In a post entitled "Anti-Immigrant Movement Faces Serious Obstacles", Lindsay reports how he was "flat out told" on an anti-immigrant blog that he was not welcome in their movement, even though he clearly shares their position of immigration reform. He castigates the immigration reform movement as appearing "terrifyingly right-wing" to centrists, liberals, Democrats, civil liberties types, secularists, not to mention the Left. To him, the average immigration reform blog reads like a combination of the militia/patriot movement, the Christian Right and the White Nationalist movement.

Lindsay further points out that 70% of Americans outrageously support some kind of amnesty for illegal aliens. This implies that right's willingness to shut out and even drive away prospective allies of other political persuasions is actually driving people to the other side. This is stupid. And it costs us valuable political capital. While La Raza cutthroats were able to put 500,000 Latinos in the streets of L.A. early in 2006, how many immigration reform activists have we been able to put in the streets? Nowhere near that many.

And while Robert Lindsay is white, he is most definitely NOT a white nationalist. In another post, he actually documents how he moved from a town, Oakhurst, CA with few Mexicans to another town, Madera, CA with more Mexicans. He describes the Madera Mexicans as more Americanized and easier to deal with it, while the Oakhurst Mexicans, though fewer in number, were mostly illegals who kept their heads down for a few years and then began acting more brazen, committing crimes. Of course, the Madera Mexicans may be tame at present, but Tehachapi Pass is not exactly an ocean away from Madera, and how long will it be before the La Raza cutthroats who hold sway south of Tehachapi Pass (which leads to the L.A. metroplex) begin to inflitrate the Mexican-American community in Madera?

The point Robert Lindsay makes is that illegal immigration knows no political boundaries. Both pro-choice AND pro-life Americans ALIKE have lost jobs due to H-1B immigrants. Both Republican AND Democratic Americans ALIKE have seen wages stagnate and fringe benefits erode because of competition from illegal immigrants. Both "red" states AND "blue" states ALIKE are on the front lines of the immigration war; while California and Texas have Republican governors, Arizona and New Mexico have Democratic governors. The problem engulfs and affects ALL Americans.

We righties don't have to agree with the lefties on other issues. We can continue to vigorously engage them on abortion, gay rights, gun control, global warming, etc. But let's not refuse to accept their support on immigration just because we disagree on other issues.

If this doesn't convince you, take another look at the graphic I posted in the upper left hand corner. "They" don't care about our politics - "they" take issue with our presence. "They" are the REAL problem.

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  1. You mean all the "white" lefties don't you Carl?
    Just like what I told our local talk show lefty, Aaron Selbig. If you can eventually convince his kind to take up your cause, stop being a so called pawn to the non-whites of the world and start reading your literature like "The Turner Diaries" his eyes will be open and you can all go on a murder spree that will make the Holocaust look like a day in DisneyLand. It won't happen but keep on dreaming Carl, we all need a dream. I have one.....