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Russian President Vladimir Putin Decries Cultural Pollution And Corruption Of Modern Youth

In an article published on May 30th, 2007, entitled "Russian president anxious about youth isolation of cultural roots", Interfax reports Russian President Vladimir Putin's concern about the lowering cultural level of modern youth. President Putin (pictured at left, courtesy of National Alliance News) raised the issue during an address delivered at the opening of a meeting of the Presidential Council for Culture and Art in the Kremlin on Wednesday (May 30th).

"According to the experts, people, and especially young ones, are losing their skills to vividly express their minds, to identify inflections and nuances. Many young people are hardly aware or even isolated of their cultural roots," Putin began.

President Putin continued by decrying the low level of the "culture of behavior" present amongst many young people. Because the youth of Russia, as well as other nations, are becoming increasingly technocratic, he cited the Internet as having a great impact, but asserted that only 0.5% of its resources as "culturally informative".

We should learn how to use and improve modern informational webs’ for the sake of culture and enlightenment, the president added.

President Putin identified television as a major source of the problem. He decried its common trend towards commercializing culture, and its failure to satisfy more sophisticated tastes. He criticized domestic television companies for taking the easy way out by purchasing too many foreign T.V. shows, many of poor quality, simply to save money.

"Over more than 15 years, our young people have lived in a massive cultural influence of surrogates from abroad," Putin stated.

However, Putin rejects xenophobia. "Of course, we need to understand and accept other countries' culture and know how to use its best features. We have always done so. But first of all we should create conditions that would allow the younger generation to grow amid the salubrious atmosphere of domestic culture, which will help nurture sophisticated artistic taste and behavior standards in them," the president said. He concluded by calling for the development of "cultural immunity" in the young.

Analysis: President Putin has correctly identified one of the major problems with the mass media - while it claims to reach the broadest common denominator, the pursuit of profits has caused producers to relentlessly push the envelope by proffering more risque and coarse output, subsequently driving it down towards the lowest common denominator. Nudity and sex, once the exception on the big screen, has now become pandemic on the big screen and progressively invasive of the smaller screen. Homosexual depiction has not only increased, but is becoming more mainstream with the advent of movies like Brokeback Mountain and Talledaga Nights. Soap operas and their prime time lookalikes like Desperate Housewives promote serial adultery as a panacea to all relationship ills. And the hyper-sexualization of society has reached down into our youth, even elementary school children.

But it is the mainstreaming of homosexuality which poses the gravest concern. The gay rights lobby has long since ceased to ask for mere "tolerance"; now they demand "acceptance", "celebration", and even formal protection as an "official" minority. Most despicable of all is their increasing demand for unfettered access to our kids through the establishment of Gay-Straight clubs in our high schools (and now, even in our middle schools). Pro-gay propaganda is peddled to our kids in mainstream curricula in the name of "multiculturalism" and "student safety"; those few courageous students opposing this are sanctioned, and, in extreme cases, even arrested and charged with "hate crimes". In San Diego, elementary school children were even forced to march in a Gay Pride parade last year. Meanwhile, many schools continue to struggle to meet the academic and competency requirements of the well-intentioned but inflexible and overbearing No Child Left Behind act. Diversity is being allowed to trump competency.

Russian leaders are neither stupid nor blind. They know that America has become a multicultural cesspool, and, unlike George W. Bush, they believe their mandate is protecting their population from ALL external threats, including cultural pollution. While George W. Bush rules solely for the benefit of the corporations, the lobbyists, and the minorities, Vladimir Putin strives to strike a careful balance to appeal to as many Russians as possible. Russian leaders are also aware that the family-oriented Russian population has a healthy and natural loathing for the practice of homosexuality. Consequently, Russian leaders like Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov have banned Gay Pride parades in Moscow two years running. Not only did this ban reflect Mayor Luzhkov's distaste for homosexuality, but, knowing the average Russian's attitude, he enacted the ban to provide Russian gays a means to avoid gratuitous violence. Unfortunately, some Russian gays chose to push the envelope, and, spurred on by foreign gays, assembled for a pride celebration. Before police could effectively intervene, they were set upon by Russian patriots, who transformed their "butt" party into a "boot" party. Russian police actually arrested some gay activists to protect them from further harm.

Cultural pollution and American imperialism are fueling the growing rift between the United States and Russia. With developing nations slowly assembling as a bloc to contend against us for maldistributed global resources, it is unaffordable and unthinkable for two of the great civilized nations of the world to be at loggerheads. The Russians did us a huge favor in 1991 when they dismantled their Soviet Union without us firing a shot. We need to show more respect for this seminal contribution the Russians made towards world peace, and quit hectoring them endlessly about "human rights" and stirring up provocations in former Warsaw Pact nations and the "near-abroad" (former Soviet republics) alike.

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  1. Coming from Putin, an ex-KGB, the whole story is pretty hilarious.