Monday, June 18, 2007

Economic Treason 101: Cohen & Grigsby Conduct Seminar On The Gaming Of The H-1B Visa Process To Avoid Hiring Americans

Special Note: Post updated June 19th at 1:14 A.M. ADT to explain why the YouTube video link no longer works. Cohen & Grigsby have REMOVED the videos from YouTube. Score another one for the blogosphere - we exposed the Channon Christian-Chris Newsom hush crime, and now we exposed lawyers in the act of coaching businesses on how to circumvent the law and hire foreigners to replace American workers IN AMERICA!

In their newsletter dated June 15th, 2007, the website discusses the activities of the Cohen & Grigsby law firm, who represent themselves as a "one-stop solution" for those who want to hire foreigners on H-1B or L-1 visas, or who want to get green cards for their foreign workers already on temporary visas. On May 15th, they conducted a seminar in Pittsburgh, PA to promote their firm and to recruit new corporate clients by providing an overview of their services. An innocuous process, so it seems...until I watched this YouTube video.

It turns out that Cohen & Grigsby published a video documentary of their seminar online at Youtube in 20 separate video clips lasting from 5-10 minutes each. However, has highlighted part 9 of 20 for special attention. In part 9, the Cohen & Grigsby representative explains the most important goal in the labor certification process for green cards. And if you fast-forward to (7:55) of the video, you will hear the "smoking gun" for yourself. And what is the "smoking gun"? The following statement made by the speaker:

"Our goal is clearly NOT TO FIND a qualified and interested U.S. worker."

You can find the other 20 parts by clicking the URL posted above the YouTube video, then clicking the designated links on the right side of the YouTube page. The other way to find the videos is to click this link on the Cohen & Grigsby homepage.

However, guess what. Since this post was made, Cohen & Grigsby have REMOVED these videos from YouTube. Click HERE to see for yourself.

The website plans to do a follow-up newsletter with a synopsis of the entire seminar. The other 19 parts are a cornucopia of expert advice for employers -- and is an eye-opening glimpse into the visa business for everyone else.

Among other tricks of the trade, Cohen & Grigsby spokespersons explain how to dump resumes of qualified Americans, rig resumes with specific skills to eliminate anyone other than the foreigner they want to hire, and tutorials on how to conduct fake interviews and post bogus newspaper ads so that "good faith" efforts to recruit Americans can be documented for government auditors.

William Shakespeare was sure right about lawyers, wasn't he?

Since the Pittsburgh office conducted this seminar, it is this office that's of greatest interest (they have branch offices in Bonita Springs and Naples, FL). Click HERE to find the street address and phone numbers of their Pittsburgh office, in case you want to let them know what you think of their "patriotism". Click HERE for street map showing location of their Pittsburgh office.

Two previous posts on this blog address the issue of H-1B immigrants, or "reverse outsourcing", as I call it. Back in January 2007, I discussed how American employers were using H-1B and L-1 visas to bring in foreigners, NOT to augment more highly-paid American workers, but to REPLACE them. I also provided an overview of the H-1B program, to include links to other sources. Here's the distinction between H-1B and L-1 visas:

H1-B Visas: The paperwork must be filed by the employer. An H-1B immigrant may remain in the U.S. a maximum of 6 years (although foreigners working on special Department of Defense projects may remain for 10 years). The maximum number of H1-B visas granted each year are 65,000, although an additional 20,000 foreigners with Masters or higher-level degrees may be imported outside this cap. Consequently, an overall maximum of 85,000 foreigners may be imported to take jobs in America. The employer does not need to show proof that Americans will not take the jobs that are being offered to the foreigners.

L-1 Visas: Again, the paperwork must be filed by the employer. These visas are awarded to a much narrower category of foreigners. They must have worked for the company in question for at least a year, and it must be an manager/executive position or specialized knowledge staff position (no first-line supervisors or production workers). There are no apparent limits to the number of foreign workers who may be imported under this category. The employer must aggressively advertise the position to Americans unsuccessfully (and be able to show corroborative documentation) before offering the position to L-1 foreigners.

And on May 20th, I discussed a report by the Center for Immigration Studies showing how H-1B visas were actually being used to bring in lower-skilled workers to compete directly with an overstressed American working class under siege on multiple economic fronts, contrary to the advertised purpose of bringing in supposedly "scarce high-skilled workers". Employers use "flexible job classification" to evade the rules.

That concludes today's lesson on Economic Treason 101.

Note: Professor Norm Matloff of UC Davis offers a wealth of information exposing even more problems with the H-1B program. Click HERE to view his information.


  1. There is a wealth of information regarding the controversial H-1B visa program at, including a unique database of about 1,000,000 H-1B LCAs mostly from 1998 to 2000. The newer LCAs are found at

    Professor Norm Matloff of UC Davis has assembled hundreds of pages of information about the corrupt (in the view of this activist) H-1B visa program. The introductory page is found at

    Alaska Pride readers may be surprised to learn that Microsoft lawyer-lobbyist (and felon) Jack Abramoff was first retained by the firm in 1995. "Team Abramoff" helped Microsoft to procure beneficial changes (with respect to Microsoft) of the H-1b visa law in 1996, 1998, and 2000, with the assistance of corrupt federal officials such as former Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX,) and the Majority Whip. House Majority Leader, Rep. Dick Armey (R-TX). As a consequence this author has renamed the H-1B visa program the "Abramoff Visa." Learn more by googling on the phrase "Abramoff Visa."

  2. Thanks for the information, Dr. Nelson. I have updated this post to include a direct link to the cited source.

  3. You can complain to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court about
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