Thursday, June 28, 2007

Alaska U.S. Senators Ted Stevens And Lisa Murkowski Do The Right Thing, Vote To Kill Further Consideration On The S.1639 Immigration Bill

In a surprising and gratifying reversal of a similar vote taken several days ago, fifty-three U.S. Senators voted today (June 28th, 2007) against "cloture", or giving any further consideration to S.1639, the controversial immigration bill attracting sharp criticism mostly from the right, but also some from the left who are concerned about big business exploiting illegals and using them to displace American workers.

Alaska's two U.S. Senators, Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski, both Republicans, were part of the 53-Senator contingent who voted "No". Just two days before on June 26th, they were part of a 64-Senator contingent who voted "Yes" on cloture, or allowing continued consideration of a piece of legislation. On June 26th, during an interview on KTUU Channel 2 Anchorage, both senators explained that they had problems with certain provisions of the bill but that they didn't want to kill the debate. Both senators also reiterated that the border with Mexico needs to be secured and that they want to make sure that illegal aliens don't get put ahead of legal immigrants when applying for citizenship.

Click HERE to find out how all senators voted.

Click HERE to view the text of S.1639. Of particular interest is Title VI, "Nonimmigrants In The United States Previously In Unlawful Status". This is the provision for which "qualified" illegal immigrants will be able to buy legal residency by paying fines and back taxes. Or, to be more precise, buying AMNESTY. Scroll approximately 3/4ths of the way down the page to find this section.

Against the bill were conservatives who derided the legislation as a grant of amnesty for illegal behavior and some Democrats who said it would leave a new group of temporary workers vulnerable to exploitation.

Supporters pointed to the bill's tougher border security and workplace enforcement measures, along with an immediate infusion of $4.4 billion to pay for them, as reasons to keep the bill alive for a final vote Friday.

While the usual outpouring of letters, e-mails, faxes, and phone calls certainly helped to change senators' minds, a new tactic emerged which may have sealed the deal. Upon learning of the June 26th vote for cloture, white nationalist radio host Hal Turner identified and posted the home addresses and, where possible, home phone numbers of the 64 senators who voted to continue consideration of S.1639. Turner's objective was to provide citizens the opportunity to hold lawmakers even more closely and directly accountable than possible through the usual means. However, in the wake of today's vote, Turner now has declared this information redundant and encourages potential activists to stand down.

Nevertheless, Turner's actions may have been influential. During a floor speech, a visibly-shaken Diane Feinstein, her voice trembling, told fellow Senators "We've all heard about the phone calls and the threats".

Most senators who oppose S.1639 believe the amnesty provisions to be too liberal. They are also conscious of the huge number who could benefit. Estimates of the number of illegals in the U.S. range from 12 million to 20 million.

Repeated stories of raids on factories netting suspected illegals and crimes by illegals against Americans serve to further fuel the immigration reduction sentiment. In addition, the revelation of the treachery of an American law firm, Cohen & Grigsby, in coaching American businesses on how to massage H-1B provisions to supplant American workers with cheaper foreign workers was particlarly ill-timed from the standpoint of immigration enthusiasts.

However, another factor emerged which may have changed Senator Stevens' vote: The emergence of potentially serious Democratic opponents for the 2008 election campaign. Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich, former State House member Ethan Berkwoitz, and current State Senator Hollis French have all been rumoured to be interested in challenging either Stevens or Representative Don Young in 2008. A story published in today's Anchorage Daily News reveals that neither Begich nor Berkowitz are exactly discouraging such speculation; indeed, Begich seems very open to and intrigued by the prospect. Stevens, very well aware of the fact that he's not considered conservative, and conscious of his dismal immigration ratings from Numbers USA, may have voted against cloture today in a belated effort to shore up his conservative base. Numbers USA grades Stevens a "D", Lisa Murkowski a "D+", and Don Young a "C".

Mass immigration in general and illegal immigration in particular have primarily benefited only elite America - the corporations and rich elite seeking cheap labor. It does not benefit mainstream America. Any anecdotal savings realized by mainstream America have been swallowed up by spiraling inflation, fueled primarily by sharp increases in home prices and steadily rising gas prices. These rises have clearly percolated throughout the rest of the economy. So the old canard about immigrants keeping prices low is clearly out the window.

Then there's also the attendant demographic and social destabilization triggered by disproportionately non-white, non-English speaking immigration. When the racial composition of a given jurisdiction is abruptly changed over a short period of time, it triggers white flight (and, increasingly, middle-class black flight). In addition, the relentless push to the suburbs in many metro areas is straining critical resources, choking our air with increased carbon monoxide emissions from long commutes, and triggering more human-wildlife confrontrations as we encroach further upon active wildlife habitat.

Congress and the Bush Administration need to get the message - amnesty in ANY form is UNACCEPTABLE! And any program allowing illegals to buy their way out of illegality is AMNESTY, period. There is only one path to American citizenship for illegals - and it leads, first and foremost, BACK OUTSIDE the United States. Any lesser definition will simply lead illegals to think we're just kidding around and they will keep coming. We also need more robust passive measures - mining a one-mile strip this side of the border and stocking the Rio Grande with alligators or crocodiles would provide a potent deterrent.

If we want to provide an incentive for illegals to voluntarily surface, he's what we can do. Illegals who voluntarily surrender themselves would still be deported, but they would still be eligible to re-enter the United States legally at some point in the future, taking their place in line BEHIND everyone else. Illegals who fail to surrender and are caught would not only be deported, but would also be permanently barred from ever re-entering the United States. This would provide an incentive for at least some illegals to voluntarily surrender, and some progress is better than none.


  1. Good lord, Carl! Do you honestly believe Hal Turner is the major push behind the calls and "threats"? You don't listen to the major radio talk shows do you?
    I'd say the "Hal Turner *white* supremacist" effect was a drop in the ocean compared to just calls coming from the average citizen.
    You see Carl, not everyone threatens to kill people if they don't comply like you and yours do. So don't toot your murderous horn until you can post the actual reasons.

  2. Who the hell is Hal Turner? Sounds like a strawman the left is trying to attack/bring-attention-to in order to perpetuate the myth that only rascists are against the immigration bill.

  3. Judith - If all those calls from average citizens were so effective, why didn't the Senate vote against cloture on June 26th? Why did they until June 28th, AFTER Turner posted their home addresses?

    Turner didn't get the job done all by himself, but his actions may have been just enough to push the Senate over the edge. In his direct way, he let the Senate know that we are SERIOUS about opposing amnesty for illegals.

  4. Coldfoot - you wouldn't believe the number and variety of straw men the hard left erects to portray all opponents of amnesty as "racist".

    If you check out the Rogues Gallery on the One People's Project website, you'll find that even Sean Hannity and Charlton Heston are on it. Heston, of all people! Why, they think "Moses" is a racist! LOL (Heston played the part of Moses in The Ten Commandments, in case you're not familiar with his background).

  5. Carl you just condoned the idea of causing harm to a politician by writing what you did.
    I'm not surprised though. It's always better to see the person admit it personally though.

    As for ColdFoot, acting ignorant might be typical for a number of people who live around Alaska but reading your comment tells me you aren't as "ignorant" as you want to come off as.

    "Who the hell is Hal Turner?" ColdFoot asks while chewing on that blade of grass and scratching his butt cheek. "Never heard of no Hal Turner around these here parts but you must be some left wing commie type since you don't like people like him!"
    "Yup! We'uns don't take too kindly to your kind around here!"

    Yeah, ColdFoot, it doesn't work. Try again.

  6. Judith - more of your typical "anti-racist" spin. In your mind, anyone who merely walks into a garage becomes a car.

    No harm came to any of the Senators involved, and Hal Turner specifically counseled against illegal acts, so there's no "condoning any acts of physical harm" to any politician, even if some might be deserving. And, unlike Turner, I still refrain from publishing their home addresses and phone numbers here (although I might be sorely tempted to make an exception for Hollis French if he continues to push SB 160).

    As for Coldfoot, I've seen some of his posts on other Alaskan blogs, and he's neither a racist nor an apparent supporter of Hal Turner. He's more your typical Alaskan who thinks Alaskan lawmakers should place Alaskan interests FIRST and that outsiders should mind their own business. Then again, that doesn't matter to you - you immediately launch a personal attack on him without even knowing him. Just your style.

  7. Carl, Carl, Carl....we know exactly what you believe and trying to convice us of anything else is a waste of time. You are the car baby-cakes there is no doubt about that one!
    We also know that Hal Turner preaches murder, that is why he has his little legal disclaimers so he doesn't get his lazy, fat ass in trouble for posting what he does. So please save your silly explanations because it doesn't work with me.
    As for ColdFoot? I meant what I said, ignorance is just an excuse.
    If the guy reads your blog he much for your own "spin".