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Charlie Daniels Condemns Mainstream Media's Underreporting Of The Channon Christian-Christopher Newsom Atrocity In Knoxville, TN

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What started out as little more than an idea by Vanguard News Network's Alex Linder has morphed into a sub-surface national campaign that is reaching into the hearts of not only the mainstream white community nationwide, but even fair-minded Americans of other races. The failure of the national media to report on the vicious rape, torture and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom by four black thugs (a fifth was Federally-charged in connection with the crime, but apparently did not actually participate in the atrocity itself) in Knoxville, TN in January 2007, additionally fueled by disparate treatment of celebrities such as Don Imus vs. Chris Rock, has ignited outrage even amongst mainstream celebrities.

Including Charlie Daniels. Yes, the same Charlie Daniels who played great country-rock during the '70s, '80s, and '90s, and still plays even to this day. If you check their tour schedule, not only are they still active, but are booked to play at the Alaska State Fair on August 25th, 2007. It is rare when mainstream celebrities take controversial stands on thorny issues, such as Mel Gibson's struggles against Jewish supremacism, or Ted Nugent's vigorous and sometimes quasi-profane defense of the Second Amendment ("God, Guns, and Rock 'n Roll"), but Charlie Daniels can now proudly add his name to the list.

Charlie Daniels posted the following essay on his website on May 7th:

Bet You Haven't Heard

I live about 150 miles from Knoxville, Tennessee and you would think that any kind of sensational crime would be like local news in our part of the country. But such is not always the case.

You've probably never heard the names Channon Christian or Christopher Newsom. They were two young students at the University of Tennessee who were carjacked, raped, tortured and murdered.

If you don't have a strong stomach you probably shouldn't finish this column, as the murders were so brutal they're apt to make you sick.

Newsome, the young man was raped and beaten, they then castrated him and shot him several times. Then they dumped his body by some train tracks and set it on fire while his girlfriend was forced to watch.

Channon was gang raped over a period of days then her breasts were cut off while she was still alive, then they sprayed cleaning fluid in her mouth in an attempt to erase the traces of DNA, then her body was put into a garbage receptacle.

It seems to me that with the headlines and airwaves screaming about such inconsequential things as who is the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby and the bogus case against the Duke lacrosse players they could find space to report a brutal crime worthy of Saddam Hussein and his two demented sons.

But have you seen anything on the networks, The New York Times, The Nashville Tennessean? I haven't.

I wonder if it could be that the five perpetrators who have all been arrested were black.

If this had been white on black crime Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and their ilk would have descended on Knoxville like a swarm of angry bees. I guess the lack of TV cameras discouraged them.

A free press is one of our most precious rights and a selective press one of our most dangerous realities. To suppress or ignore one of the most hideous murders of the decade is asinine and reeks of political correctness and agenda driven formats.

Is reporting the latest lewd episode of Paris Hilton's privileged life or playing Alex Baldwin¹s raging diatribe for the thousandth time really more important than letting the public know about a cruel and demented crime like this?

Race should not enter the picture where crime is concerned and every decent human being should passionately condemn such a horrible thing as this no matter what color the victim or the perpetrators are.

Shame on the American media for letting such a violent crime as this slip through the cracks. I wonder what else they're not reporting.

Pray for our troops.

What do you think?

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels
May 7, 2007

Daniels gives no indication as to whether or not he proposes to appear at the Memorialization Rally for Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom scheduled to take place in downtown Knoxville on Saturday May 26th at 3:00 P.M. Considering that his band is scheduled to appear the same day at the Delta Downs Raceway in Vinton, LA, after playing a gig in Shreveport the night before, I would think his appearance at the Knoxville Rally would be unlikely.

However, the mere fact that Daniels has chosen to take a public stand not only reflects what many people really think about this issue, but could serve to embolden and energize more people to follow his lead. Perhaps many more whites will show up at Knoxville, not because they're white nationalists, but because they recognize it as a white community issue and want to take a public stand. Already there have been positive results. WVLT Channel 8 in Knoxville, initially slow to cover this event, has now set aside an entire page of their website with stories relating to the crime.

And yes, even one of the master demagogues himself, Al Sharpton, is feeling the heat. Sharpton found it necessary to quickly apologize to the LDS church and the greater Mormon community for a smear he uttered to Mitt Romney about Mormonism recently. Or perhaps Sharpton must have figured out that a living prophet (Gordon B. Hinckley) has a lot more "mojo" than a political reverend. Sharpton has yet to apologize for the Tawana Bradley caper, though.

Daniels states that race shouldn't be an issue. In a perfect world, he would be right. Had the civil rights movement contented itself with removing those few unnatural barriers to equal opportunity, perhaps it wouldn't be an issue. But we allowed social engineers and psychobabblers, along with a host of other parasitical "experts", to insert themselves into the mix. They decided that mere "equal opportunity" wasn't enough; we had to "make up" for past discrimination, even if those of the protected class hadn't been victimized. Thus was born "affirmative action" and quotas. Soviet-style political indoctrination began in the form of "race relations" training and "human relations" seminars, where whites were hectored and lectured into silence and compliance. Then talk about "slavery reparations" began, even though there've been no slaves in the United States since 1863. Feminists and gays subsequently launched their own copycat movements.

Corporate entities factor race into their hiring and marketing decisions every day. We have groups like La Raza, the Mexica Movement, the NAACP, et. al, yet whites and whites alone are not supposed to think and act racially? C'mon people, get real. Until such time as the establishment and the other side stops thinking and acting racially, counter-racism is an appropriate weapon for the white community to use as long as we use it in a way that is not abusive and does not victimize the innocent. It is no different in principle than the firefighting tactic of lighting a backfire to contain a wildfire.

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