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Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich Withdraws From "Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition" Due To Concern About Neo-Prohibitionist Agenda

Recently, Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich's involvement with the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition stirred up some minor controversy when it was suggested that this "coalition" was about more than just "illegal" guns. However, our mayor, continuing his sustained track record of responding to concerns of all citizens, revisited this organization and discovered that it was biased in favor of a progressive neo-prohibitionist agenda. The Coalition appears to be more concerned with "illegal" guns rather than the MISUSE and ABUSE of the right to bear arms. Consequently, Mayor Begich (pictured above left with wife and son, courtesy of has decided to withdraw from the Coalition, and publicized this decision in a letter to the editor published in the Anchorage Daily News on February 4th, 2007. Click HERE and scroll down to the second letter to view the mayor's letter. I summarize his letter below:

Summary: While Mayor Begich supports continuing efforts to strengthen laws and prosecute individuals who dispense or use illegal guns, and getting them out of the hands of criminals, he apparently discovered, after citizen input, that they may have a different agenda than he anticipated. Specifically, he became concerned about the omission of gun rights advocates from the discussion within the coalition, and sensed a possible threat to the Bill of Rights. As a result, the mayor asked New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, chair of the coalition, to remove him as a supporter of the coalition.

While Mayor Begich acknowledges local problems in Anchorage with youth violence, gangs and their use of illegal guns, he reiterates his intent to work with the local gang task force, the Anchorage Police Department and other resources to eliminate the violence without infringing upon the rights of legal gun owners.

Commentary: Indeed, a visit to the Coalition's website explains Mayor Begich's concern and justifies his request for removal. While the Coalition's statement of principles do not necessarily trigger any alarm bells, note that the agenda for the just-concluded January 2007 Summit did NOT include any speakers from Second Amendment advocacy groups like the National Rifle Association (NRA) or the Gun Owners of America (GOA).

The National Rifle Association has taken issue with the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition almost from its inception. On April 28th, 2006, the NRA issued a statement exposing and opposing the Coalition's true agenda. Here are the key paragraphs from that statement:

According to Bloomberg, NRA represents a minority of opinion when it comes to Americans’ views on gun laws. “I think when you look at the numbers, when you do surveys, it’s a very small number of people who actually believe that people should be carrying concealed weapons…on the streets of our cities…” Bloomberg said. “Those kinds of extremist positions are held by very few people.” Apparently Bloomberg doesn’t realize that Right-to-Carry is both popular and the law of the land in 40 of our 50 states, and only two states deny their citizens the right to protect themselves and their families outside of the home.

Commenting on Bloomberg’s assertion, NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox said, “The rest of the country does not want or care for his elitist gun control policies. It’s an elitist mindset that is typical of Mayor Bloomberg and his policies. This elitist mindset is captured perfectly by the list of concealed permit holders in New York City--the mayor’s political cronies, a handful of wealthy Wall Street executives and all of his movie-star friends.”

How many times have I stated this on Alaska Pride: One set of rules for the Chosen, another set for ordinary people? However, despite the fact that Mayor Bloomberg (caricature at left courtesy of is a Jew, the beneficiaries are by no means exclusively Jews. A much larger group of co-opted Gentiles, known informally as "shabbos goy", are essential towards successful implementation of this agenda. It is this gaggle described by the NRA above.

However, one Jewish organization actually swims against this neo-prohibitionist tide and assumes a more explicit defense of the Second Amendment than the NRA. While it does not address the Mayors Coalition issue, Jews For Preservation Of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) advocates abolishing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) altogether. On their website, they show a facsimile of an actual Firearms Transaction Record which a gun purchaser must fill out and get approved before taking possession of a gun. Note question number 11(i) on the form: "Have you ever been convicted in any court of a MISDEMEANOR crime of domestic violence?". No time limit is specified. So this means that if 20 years ago, you had a fight with your wife and you got convicted for misdemeanor DV, you could be banned from legally owning a gun REGARDLESS of your track record ever since that incident.

The Gun Owners of America has not taken a position on this Mayors' Coalition, but they have a reputation for defending the Second Amendment more explicitly than the NRA. At the moment, the GOA is busy exposing presumptive Republican Presidential candidate John McCain as a gun-grabber.

The NRA identifies all mayors who are part of this Coalition and offers a political strategy for citizens to use in order to encourage more mayors to follow the example of Mark Begich and withdraw from the Coalition.

Click HERE for a list of all mayors who belong to this coalition (note that Begich's decision to withdraw is so recent that databases have not yet been updated to reflect this information).

Click HERE for a sample letter you can use to write your own letter to your local mayor.

Consider sending a brief message of thanks to Mayor Begich for taking this courageous step, particularly if you're a resident of Alaska or Anchorage. You can click HERE to fill out a specific feedback form, or e-mail him at

The website provides an overview of the Conceal-Carry laws of all 50 states. The graphic you see at left shows the number of states that grant reciprocity to Alaska permits. Note that 22 states, denoted in red, do NOT honor Alaska permits, so Alaskans must learn the laws of such states BEFORE traveling there.

When accessing the website for the first time, you may be required to agree to a disclaimer holding the site harmless for liability purposes, since laws can change before the site can react to them.

Click HERE to view Alaska's complete Conceal-Carry laws.

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