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Vinlanders Social Club Used "Racism" As Protective Cover For Hooliganism

The Vinlanders Social Club, exposed by Libertarian Socialist News editor Bill White as a bunch of hooligans masquerading as white racialist activists last summer after their conduct at Nordic Fest 2006, recently published a statement on their website which tends to validate this contention (typical Vinlanders pictured at left - note arm-length tattoos on two of the females).

Originally, White reported that five members of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) who had been invited to speak at the Imperial Klans of America rally at Nordic Fest 2006 were attacked by approximately fifty members of the Vinlanders, Keystone State Skinheads and the Imperial Klans of America. However, it was ultimately determined that only one NSM member was jumped by a few Vinlanders, with the other groups acting as peacemakers. Nonetheless, the NSM refused to take action against the Vinlanders, unleashing a chain of events leading to the exposure of a coterie of Satanists and pedophiles surrounding the NSM leadership, the expulsion of White from the NSM for exposing this problem, and his formation of the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP) as an alternative to the NSM. The recent arrest of three more prominent white nationalist figures, to include former National Vanguard Director Kevin Alfred Strom, National Vanguard Boston Unit Leader Matt Downing, and NSM leader Gordon Young on sex-related charges indicate that Bill White's concern may not have been misplaced. However, the sudden arrest of three prominent white nationalists all on sex-related charges within such a short period of time also seems suspicious, and one cannot preclude the possibility of a setup, considering that Stormfront, Vanguard News Network, and the Hal Turner site .

Here's the Vinlanders statement, in part:

After careful review of the events and circumstances, we have determined that our best course of action as Vinlanders is to separate ourselves from the racist movement. The groups and crews who have been our friends will remain our friends. The Council 28 will still go on as an outlet for good and sensible skinhead crews. However, we do not see anything positive being accomplished, for our nation or our people, by participating in the white racialist movement as it stands. We have attempted to change this movement from within and have not succeeded. It is our opinion that a large number of the people involved in the greater movement are paid informants, social outcasts, and general losers in life. While the vast majority of skinheads specifically entered into this movement for the right reasons. However, some did not. Those people will never listen to reasoning.

The basic premise that ALL white people are superior and decent is flawed. They are not. Our own people have harmed us the most. This movement specifically has the ability to attract the lowest common denominator. By the same token all non-whites are not savage beasts that have to be treated with disrespect in order to maintain ones “white power” credentials. You can easily find dozens of drunken, abusive, unemployed and very dangerous people at any given White Nationalist gathering. If you get out enough in society you will also find people of all races who go to work day after day, and take care of their responsibilities to society and their families. If you preach in absolutes, eventually your followers and friends will see this basic truth and abandon you.

What does this mean? Does it mean our beliefs are wrong? For the most part it does not have to. Our beliefs stem from being deprived of our individual freedoms and from our witnessing of the decline of western civilization. One of the most obvious and sometimes relevant symptoms of this decline is forced integration and the decline of our towns and neighborhoods based on racial make-up. However this is just a symptom. It is not the PROBLEM. The problems are complex and relate more to power and money than any of the issues we have been distracted with. Politically the Vinlanders intend to work within, and subvert the established two party systems. We intend to pursue enforcement of the 10th amendment against the federal government’s excessive abuse of its powers. We also intend to work on projects more relevant to improving the quality of our lives.

I believe the Vinlanders were, at one time, one of those groups who entered into the movement for the right reasons. There is significant truth in their statement. They're correct when they suggest that not all our of people are saints. They are equally correct when they suggest that not all non-whites are sinners. And, by formally distancing themselves from the white nationalist movement, they do show some residual integrity by acknowledging that it's time for them to drop the pretense of being white nationalists.

While originally well-intended, with the passage of time the Vinlanders apparently decreased the emphasis on constructive political activism and increased emphasis on "partying" and (in their own words) "breaking shit with the hooligans". This shift may be attributable to a loss of focus. In their statement, they decry forced integration as contributing to the decline in the quality of life in so many of our cities, but label it as a symptom. They correctly state that the problem is far more complex and relates more to power and money than any other issue. However, like Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, they fail to take that final step and NAME THE PROBLEM. This self-imposed limitation blurs their focus and retards their progress and influence.

Fortunately, there are many within the movement, particularly Dr. David Duke, Alex Linder, Bill White, and Erich Gliebe, who are NOT reluctant to name the problem. And the problem, in a nutshell, is Jewish supremacism. Note that I said "supremacism", which is a form of behavior. I did not say "existence". The mere existence of Jews, just like the mere existence of other races, is not the problem. The problem occurs when they behave in a manner that victimizes the white community (or any other racial community, for that matter - Jewish supremacists target whites but are willing to use non-whites as their tools and surrogates in order to avoid "dirtying their hands"). In his recent interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Dr. David Duke specifically denied hating Jews. In his two books, "My Awakening" and "Jewish Supremacism", Dr. Duke expresses support for the existence of the state of Israel, although not necessarily within its present boundaries. Furthermore, a fellow Alaska WN blogger, Hatchet Jack, in one of his previous posts, clearly states in one of his follow-up comments (scroll down to the second comment) that he does NOT object to the existence of Israel:

I'm perfectly fine with the jews having their own ethnostate. I don't want to pay for it, but I'm fine with it. For all I care, they can exclude Seps and converts, Christians and Muslims. I certainly cannot blame them for that.

What irritates me, and the reason why I posted this article, is the hypocrisy of some jews, who foist pluralism and multi-culturalism on Gentile nations, while enjoying the opposite amenities in Israel.

So the idea that white nationalists want to gas all Jews, bake them in the ovens, and turn them into lampshades and soap, is nothing but pure poppycock.

And political progressives have also been defamed and smeared by Jewish supremacists and their Gentile neocon allies with false charges of anti-Semitism. Anchorage's Aaron Selbig, who operates the Insurgent49 progressive website and hosts a two-hour progressive talk show on KUDO radio in Anchorage, recently received an e-mail from a troll trying to emotionally blackmail him into publicly condemning Alaska Pride and other such sites to prove that he isn't "anti-Semitic". However, Selbig, being intellectually honest and savvy enough not to swallow the bait, merely confined himself to delivering a brief but categorically accurate description of the Alaska Pride site, and then trained his big guns on the troll who wasted his time. Here's a pertinent part of his response:

I am assuming that this writer is attempting to make the point that “all liberals and/or supporters of Palestinian rights are anti-Semites”. Perhaps it was Neil Zawicki’s latest column, in which he calls on Israel to “not become your enemy” while singing the praises of former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth, that set him/her off. Or maybe it was any one of a number of other articles Insurgent49 has published on the subject of oppression in Palestine.

It doesn’t really matter.

The logic behind the idea that that “all liberals and/or supporters of Palestinian rights are anti-Semites” is illogical, at least to me. It makes about as much sense as these laughable, yet familiar, knee-jerk ideas of the last few years:

Those who question the Iraq War hate freedom, soldiers and America.

All Muslims want jihad and support terrorism.


Anyone who dares question the right of our government to torture people and erode civil liberties in the name of security is a terrorism supporter who hates freedom, the soldiers and America … and likely has something to hide.

Sound familiar?

Thankfully, in our society, logic and common sense usually prevail … eventually. For instance, you don’t hear that “those who question the Iraq War hate freedom, soldiers and America” quite as much as you did in 2003, do you?

Still, a reactionary conclusion like the one drawn by our email writer begs the question: how do we respond to argumentative points like these that are exasperatingly illogical?

The way I see it, we have two choices.

We could fight fire with fire, and come up with our own knee-jerk ideas, such as:

Israel and those who defend her are Arab-hating warmongers.

All Christians and Jews want a “Holy War” and support the destruction of the Middle East.


Those who support torture and the erosion of civil liberties in the name of security are … um … probably gay.

The second option, and the best option, is to simply ignore any and all reactionary statements and conclusions. If you ignore your tormentor, my mother used to say, they will eventually lose interest and go away.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

And so … that is what I intend to do form now on. No longer will I entertain, even for a moment, emails from people who argue that “all liberals and/or supporters of Palestinian rights are anti-Semites” or make any other kind or purposefully inflammatory illogical statements.

Good response. He focused on the real problem instead of allowing himself to be maneuvered up a blind alley. While I probably won't invite him over for coffee and cookies, he looks like he could stand a Carl's Jr. Burger with all the trimmings.

Groups like the Vinlanders play directly into the hands of Jewish supremacists and other haters. Their appearance and behavior perpetuate every possible negative stereotype of white nationalism. Their chronic drinking, fighting, and wenching are a reproach upon the white community. And look at their appearance. Tattoos by themselves are an anecdotal issue, but when you literally vandalize your whole body with tattoos from top to toe, you marginalize yourself, hinder your employability, and basically become a human cartoon character.

While the Vinlanders' physical courage is beyond reproach, their moral courage falls short. Their future goals of working within the two-party system and pushing the 10th Amendment are commendable, if they follow through. A recent post by Bill White on his Overthrow88 blog leads me to doubt that commitment. Apparently a Vinlander contingent started a fight at a party with some Aryan Nations members. The AN guys invited them outside and pulled guns. The Vinlander contingent pulled a volte-face and said they only wanted a fistfight, then scampered off with their tails between their legs. So while I wish them well in their future stated goals, I think we're better off without them in the movement.

Addendum: White nationalist radio show host Hal Turner seems to have a different opinion on this subject. While he wishes the Vinlanders well, he praises them for their previous conduct, claiming they act instead of talk. That's just great, Hal, I just wish they would learn to THINK before they act more often. He complains that skinheads are the victim of prejudice and discrimination. Here's a clue for you, Hal. Go plaster both arms with tattoos from shoulder to fingertip, then walk into Goldman-Sachs and try to get a job. Fat chance. Turner also takes a shot at Bill White, and that's what I think is responsible for his attitude. He's allowing his antipathy towards Bill White to color his judgement. Hal's loyalty towards the skins is commendable, but he needs to step back and look at this more objectively.

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