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Courageous Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov Condemns Proposed Gay Rights Parade As "Satanic", Contemplates Ban

In a story published by Fox News on January 30th, 2007, Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov (pictured at left, courtesy of has condemned a planned May 27th gay rights parade in Moscow as "Satanic", and expressed his intention to ban the event. This post combines the Fox report with another report from the website to provide more perspective.

Mayor Luzhkov's remarks came just hours after Moscow Pride organizers formally announced that they were taking their case over the ban of last year’s parade to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Speaking at the State Kremlin Palace during 15th Christmas educational readings, a Kremlin event attended by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Luzhkov, after denouncing the proposed parade as "Satanic", further lambasted gay and lesbian groups. "Last year, Moscow came under unprecedented pressure to sanction the gay parade, which can be described in no other way than as satanic," he said to applause in comments broadcast on a city-controlled TV channel. "We did not let the parade take place then, and we are not going to allow it in the future."

He also charged that Western countries were facing a crisis of religious faith and were corrupting children. "Some European nations bless single-sex marriages and introduce sexual guides in schools. Such things are a deadly moral poison for children," RIA-Novosti quoted Luzhkov as saying. The Mayor then said that it is not appropriate "to propagate same-sex love" and "blasphemy" as creativity and freedom of speech. Mayor Luzhkov then concluded by thanking the Patriarch of All Russia, Alexi II, for his support in this difficult situation.

However, gay rights activists announced their intention to defy any ban to hold what would be the Russian capital's first gay rights parade. They pledged to stage a march in late May of this year, and are also appealing the city's ban to the European Court for Human Rights.

"Trying to silence us, the Russian authorities denied us one of the fundamental human rights. The European justice will have the last say in this case," gay activist Nikolai Alekseev said in a statement posted on the Web site Gay rights activists estimate that 5-8 percent of Russia's 143 million people are gay and lesbian. However, the gay rights movement is renowned for exaggerating their numbers in the United States; see my previous post entitled "The Ten Percent Myth" to learn how and why this is done, and from who they drew their inspiration. Another article, entitled "Why They Promote Homosexuality In The Public Schools...And Everywhere Else" (scroll down to page 4 after clicking the link), published in the current edition of The White Patriot Leader, also echoes this issue

Alekseev, a co-organizer of Moscow Pride, said that he was shocked at the Mayor’s outburst. “We are shocked by the statements of Mr. Luzhkov that “gay pride is a Satanist happening” and consider them as personal insult against the organisers and potential participants of the gay pride. Such words in respect to huge number of homosexual people who live in Russia are not worthy of an official of such high standing”, Alekseev stated.

Alekseev also compared the words of Mr. Luzhkov with the period of Inquisition. “To read such comparisons in the historical books covering Middle Ages is not surprising. But to hear such comparisons in the 21st century, and in particular from the Mayor of one of the largest cities in Europe, is just outrageous. This is just more proof for the European Court that the real reasons for the denial of the pride last year were not in the sphere of Mayor’s concern for participant’s security but his Middle Ages hatred towards homosexuality”, Alekseev continued.

He also compared the statements of the Moscow Mayor last year about Gay Pride with his insults of several families in one of Moscow’s districts “Butovo” who are fighting for their rights to housing.

Mr. Alekseev said that he would “personally sue Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov for the insults to himself and those peaceful and democratic aims that Gay Pride in Moscow was pursuing”.

In 2006, Mayor Luzhkov and city authorities had barred activists from staging a parade, citing the threat of violence. Activists ignored the ban and were pummeled by right-wing protesters and detained by police. Here's a snippet of the discussion originally posted under the title of "Alaska Is Not Sodom, Either":

Activists attempting to hold the city's first-ever gay rights march on Saturday (May 27th, 2006) were overwhelmed by hundreds of militant Orthodox Christians and ultranationalists, some throwing smoke bombs. A handful of activists were injured in the ensuing melee, including a German lawmaker. Volker Beck, a member of the German Green Party serving in the Bundestag. Beck, his face streaked with blood, was detained by police. More than 100 gay rights activists and some of the most vocal foes were arrested by police. Among the first to be arrested were Nikolai Alexeyev (Alekseev), the march's chief organizer, and Philippe Lasnier, an aide to the mayor of Paris.

The issue of holding a gay parade last year split Moscow's gay community, many of whom say that Russian society is still too conservative and a parade would only provoke more violence from radical groups. Many gay activists actually characterized Alekseev as being a self-promoter.

On the Kirksville Today blog, Alex Linder (who is also the administrator and editor of the Vanguard News Network) posted the following information:

Here is some startling information about fags and lesbians, taken from:

a.. Have used IV drugs and less than 25 years of age: 16% of the homosexual community, 1.5% of the general community (11 times the prevalence).
b.. Engaged in prostitution: 24% of the homosexual community, 0.66% of the general community (36 times the prevalence).
c.. For transvestites, the figure is 45% engaged in prostitution.
d.. Having a lifetime STDs prevalence: 70% of the homosexual community, 4% of the general community (18 times the prevalence).
e.. Percentage alcoholism: 27% of the homosexual community, 11% of the general community (2.5 times the prevalence).
f.. Median number of partners: 38 per year
g.. Having a brief or no knowledge of partners: 90%
h.. Involved in whipping, sadism or masochism: 21% of the homosexual community. Sadism and‘anti-violence’ (1997 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, page 99) are somewhat incongruous.
i.. Of those with HIV, having anogenital warts: 92%
j.. Of those not having HIV and having anogenitalwarts: 76%
k..Acquired multiple wart virus subtypes, within 17 months: 75% of the homosexual community.
l.. Involved in ‘rimming’ (mouth-to-anus contact): 61% of the homosexual community.
m. Having anal pre-cancer: 18.0% of the homosexual community, 0.03% of the general community (650 times the prevalence).
n.. Having HIV ( <> 25 years 24% ): 21.8% of the homosexual community.
o.. Average age of death from AIDS: 35.7 years.
p.. Expected average life span: 45 years in the homosexual community, 70 years in the general community.

Perhaps these are the types of problems against which Mayor Luzhkov is trying to protect his community. His remarks about "sexual guides in schools" undoubtedly reflect his awareness of the increasing tendency by gay rights groups to target high school students, particularly in San Diego, where elementary schoolkids have marched in gay pride parades and San Diego Pride is actually recruiting gay high school students to fill an "intern" position. The gay rights movement not only has become a mortal enemy of decency and propriety, but by their aggressive proselytizing also exposes ordinary gays to an increasing risk of nihilistic backlash, which in turn would inspire draconian "hate laws".

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