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Nebraska Judge Overrules Arbitrator, Reaffirms Dismissal Of State Trooper Robert Henderson

The final chapter of Nebraska State Trooper Robert Henderson's unfinished law enforcement career may have been written by a Nebraska judge on December 13th, 2006. Original story from NewsNet Nebraska. For more detailed background on this case, see my previous posts, "Courageous Arbitrator Orders Reinstatement Of Nebraska State Trooper" (Aug 27), and "Update On The Case Of Nebraska State Trooper Robert Henderson" (Nov 17). Henderson photo above left courtesy of ABC News.

Lancaster County District Judge Jeffre Cheuvront issed a ruling reaffirming the Nebraska State Patrol’s firing of Trooper Robert Henderson for his brief membership in a group affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan. The judge explained that Henderson’s membership in the Knights Party violated Nebraska’s public policy against discrimination, and that his involvement with the Party could create public distrust of the agency. “All citizens must have faith that the enforcement and application of the laws of this State are done impartially and fairly,” Cheuvront wrote. The order vacates an arbitrator’s ruling that reinstated Henderson.

In August 2006, the arbitrator, Paul Caffera, originally ordered Henderson's reinstatement because the Nebraska State Patrol failed to demonstrate why Henderson posed a threat to the public or to the State Patrol, and that Henderson's termination was not proven to be justified under terms of the collective bargaining agreement.

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning, who represented the state, praised the ruling. “The Patrol has a well-deserved reputation as an institution with the highest integrity, and this ruling confirms the Patrol’s ability to take actions necessary to maintain the public trust,” he said in a news release Thursday.

Henderson’s attorney, Vincent Valentino, expressed disappointment on Thursday. “There’s no evidence that Bob discriminated against anybody,” he said. “This just tells me this was a case not about actions, but associations.” Valentino further stated that the state, instead of firing Henderson, should have found another position for him within the patrol besides a trooper. According to a report from MSNBC, Henderson's family includes black and Latino members, a fact Valentino pointed out when arguing that his client is not racist.

While Henderson's career with the Nebraska State Patrol is over, he still at the moment holds law enforcement certification. However, to add insult to injury, this is also jeopardized. In August, at the behest of Attorney General Jon Bruning, Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers filed a 13-page letter officially asking the Commission on Law Enforcement and Justice to task the Crime Commission to investigate Henderson and revoke his law enforcement certification. The Commission could act on this request as early as their next scheduled meeting on January 26th, 2007. So it's quite possible that the Bruning-Chambers axis of evil could not only deprive him of his Nebraska job, but also destroy his ability to get a law enforcement job anywhere in America. Complete economic disenfranchisement - simply for briefly joining a racist group as an act of desperation after losing his wife to a Latino.

Analysis: There are two primary ways which the establishment seeks to circumvent constitutional freedom of speech in America:

1). Filing inflated or false criminal charges against those who hold unpopular political viewpoints. The most egregious example is the case against former National Alliance Chairman Shaun Walker and two of his cohorts, discussed in greater detail HERE. To recap, the Feds have charged these three with civil rights violations over a couple of bar fights they were involved in nearly 4 years ago. The Feds allege they were trying to take over a Salt Lake bar and make it a "white" bar. However, neither the alleged victims pressed assault charges nor did the State of Utah file assault charges, so this leads me to believe the Fed charges are politically motivated. The trial, originally scheduled for August, has been postponed twice; first, until November, at the behest of the defense team, and now, a second postponement until January 2007. Meanwhile, their lives are on hold, with these charges dangling over their heads like a Damoclean sword. Chester Doles was likewise victimized with inflated "weapons" charges; he chose to cop a plea not because he was guilty, but because they threatened to jail his wife, leaving their kids without parental supervision, and because he did not have the economic resources to compete judicially against the Feds' limitless resources. The last consideration undoubtedly drove David Duke's decision to cop a plea in his case. The Feds can outlast you and outspend you.

2). The use of employers as "proxy enforcers" of political orthodoxy. Dan Schildhauer was fired from his job at Cabela's in 2003 for distributing pro-white literature in the local community OFF THE JOB. He was a model employee who never brought his politics on the job, but that did not matter to Cabela's. American Renaissance followers undoubtedly remember the case of former Allegany County ADA Michael Regan, who was fired from his job in March 2006 merely for attending an American Renaissance conference. And finally, David Pringle was forced by his new employer to temporarily close his White Wire website as a condition of employment. And now you can add Robert Henderson's name to the list. Eighteen years on the force down the drain with no retirement - all because of a few posts on a racist forum. It is well-known that at-will employers have and use extensive powers of economic coercion to enforce political correctness. What's now apparent is that not even a collective bargaining agreement or binding arbitration can save you.

What's befuddling is a part of the judge's explanation, where he stated that Henderson's membership in the Knights Party violated Nebraska's public policy against "discrimination". Discrimination? How in hell does mere membership in an organization violate public policy? There were no documented racial abuses on Henderson's part. Discrimination is an active measure - it requires a specific act. So, employing this logic, if a cop is a Christian, does that mean he automatically discriminates against Jews or Muslims? It could go that far.

Jon Bruning has got to be one of the most vindictive SOBs I've heard of in a long time. From day one, Bruning was out to get Henderson. He not only challenged binding arbitration, which is almost unheard of, but manipulated an activist black state senator into taking parallel action to revoke Henderson's law enforcement certification in case Bruning's appeal didn't work. And the judge went along with it.

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  1. Carl says: "So, employing this logic, if a cop is a Christian, does that mean he automatically discriminates against Jews or Muslims? It could go that far."

    Is that like you and yours claiming the Jews are to blame for every evil in the world?

  2. Anti-semite Sam12/19/2006 10:20 AM

    Paranoid Joodaft? Worried that White People will come out of thier sheep's clothing and wake up?

    The discrimination by today's society against those deamed politically incorrect is common. The only time it is recognized as discrimination is when it is against a "minority". It is like the policy of being Jooish, Black, Mexican, Native American, etc and being allowed to be proud of your heritage. Yet riddle me this Joodaft.... Why is it that it is only when you are WHITE and PROUD that the label of RACIST is applied? Why doesn't a black man, that burglarizes a little old White ladies house while brutally assaulting her in the process, get prosecuted under the Hate Crime laws? Why is really just a rhetorical question Joodaft. It comes back to the "discrimination" that you Joo's so glibbley flaunt.... You and every other Minority group like the NAACP (negro's are actually colored pollocks) SCREAM "discrimination" at the drop of rain..... Yet deny the same to Whites.

    So take your comments and stick them up your duaghter's sodomite hole. It will be the only solid thing to ever enter her cave of winds. People like me are sick of the scum like you and you need to take your fungus and climb back under the rock that you crawled out of.

    Snicker Snicker Snicker

  3. No, your mythical white race doesn't bother me. I believe you are a pack of whacked freaks that would rip each other to shreds if the rest of us disappeared tomorrow.
    Reading your rants like the one on this page pretty much shows what a screwed up freak you really are.
    Have a good day and seek help.

    I'll wait for Carl to answer my question after his other personality leaves.

  4. anti-semite Sam12/19/2006 10:09 PM

    Joodaft..... Your kind is paranoid of my kind. It is a simple fact. We see you JOOS for the slimey stinking vermin that you are. The fungus that grows on rotting wood. So wait for Carl all you want.... It doesn't change the facts.... So again you can do as I suggested with your sodomite of a daughter... It is the only stiff schlong type thing she will ever have.
    Snicker snicker snicker.

    Is that any sicker than the Mohel bitting off the foreskin of a child...Sounds like child molesting on a "religious" level to me.... Sounds like your religious leaders do a good job of ripping other JOOS apart..???

    Feel free to disappear... Just leave the valuables behind... I don't want to get Jewed.

  5. Judith - you talk of "multiple personalities. What personality were you manifesting when you posted the following on Yankee Jim's blog (scroll down to the 4th comment):

    "You stupid shits all need to be hung for treason and I'd be happy to pull the lever."

    Planning your own little mini "Day Of The Rope", are you?

    Your original question is irrelevant since the central issue is Jewish BEHAVIOR rather than Jewish EXISTENCE. More specifically, the form of behavior known as Jewish SUPREMACISM. Despite the multitude of times Hatchet Jack and I have explained this to you very carefully, using small words, you still don't get it.

  6. Carl, I've never seen you use any big words. Most of your postings are just cut and paste. So your point is?

    And yes the question is relevant since you tie so called Jewish behavior in with whether or not Jews as a whole should exist.
    It's not exclusive to just a handful of Jews because clowns like you believe it is born into a Jew. Why lie Carl? Your war is with ALL Jews not just a few.

    As for my remark about hanging people for treason means exactly that. There isn't one of you that wouldn't take up with the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to bring about your rotting hero Pierce's "day of the rope". What a romantic title he picked for that, huh? I bet he was singing in the shower just thinking about it.
    So, yes I believe David Duke and the rest are candidates for hanging due to Treason.
    If you had the chance to rub elbows with Mahmoud your ass would have been firmly planted in Tehran along with Duke because you hate Jews so much it would be worth handing things over to a psycho case from Iran.

    So, you see I'm not planning a day of the rope at all. I am just sick of people like you and Duke doing anything, including selling the country you supposedly love down the tubes just to scream about the Jews.
    Besides, just perusing the "Turner Diaries" shows me what truly evil f-ks you people are. Do you get excited when you read about beating people to death? Gouging out their eyes? Ripping out their hair? You aren't talking about justice when you quote from that mentally deranged book, you are talking like the scum you really are. The only thing I haven't read in there (yet) is the mass rapes and you know that would happen. I know your screwed up buddies that frequent the likes of StormFront are not immune to raping someone before they would put a bullet in the back of their head. They just wouldn't include that in their "war" stories around the campfire with granny and the kiddies. Although they wouldn't mind telling how it was OK to put small children in a line, march them to a canyon and put a bullet in their heads.
    So don't preach to me about planning my own day of the rope because I don't live in the mental gutter like you do.

    By the way, you answered my question about Jews when you started your blog. I just wanted to see if you would admit to it in writing.
    You seem to forget that when I first found the blog your little blurb didn't say this:
    "America has been in the hands of special interests too long."

    It said something like this:
    America has been in the hands of Jewish interests too long.

    Are you going to be a pansy and deny that or admit to the truth?
    My bets go with my post being deleted...

  7. If I was paranoid Sam, I would be hiding behind a fake name.

  8. anti-semite Sam12/20/2006 1:25 PM

    No JOODAFT..... You hide behind lies... I am not a membere of the ADL... That type of crap... JOOS are the ones in need of a Day of the Rope... You JOOS sit behind the scenes and pull strings. You are cowards,rats and a fungus. You must be a proud mom. With a daughter for a Sodomite you could be nothing less. Didn't need a Mohel to remove her foreskin. I just wonder whom it was that molested her since homo's tend to have skeleton's in thier closet? Any clue JOODAFT? I know it wasn't Hatchet Jack... Not me either... Daddy maybe? That is just a suggestion since that is what happens in most cases. Did you ever ask her?

    As for treason... isn't threats like you "would pull the lever" on a Day of the Rope be considered terrorist like? You JOOS tend to be terrorist's. How many families were terrorized in the West Bank by JOOS who took thier land and tore down thier homes? How many White Russians were murdered in Russia by JOOS and thier Communist Rulers? Like Lenin and Stalin? No JOODAFT... JOO behavior is the real issue. The cultural GENOCIDE that your kind has promoted thru the JOO TUBE. And that is just a scratch on the surface.

    So go scratch your Sodomite daughter in her cave of winds and don't wait for the Day of the Rope to come. You can do it yourself. Don't forget to include your daughter.
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  9. Anti-Semite Sam,

    You raise a good point about homosexuals. A significant portion of them are homosexual because they were molested as children. The question of just how Judith's daughter became a lesbian is a valid one.

    How did that come to pass?

    Judith, your lascivious comments all over the net---including the ones I delete on my blog---indicates that you are one dirty jewess. This is your opportunity to explain yourself.

    Did you molest your own daughter? If not, then how did she become homosexual?

    Answer the question, jew.

  10. anti-semite Sam12/20/2006 5:58 PM

    I agree JOODAFT... Answer the question you dirty JOO bitch!

    I doubt she will answer that question Jack. She has some skeletons rattling around in her closet and I tend to wonder about her complicity in her sodomite daughter's sexual deviancy. And she is a slimey JOO rat. Want some cheese rat? Does your daughter need some carpet to clean? You could always send her to Hollywood. There are plenty of sodomite JOO rats on the JOO-tube like Ellen De Carpetcleaner, another classic example of a molested and sexually deviant JOO whore.

  11. Judith - You complain about being treated unjustly, and perhaps some of the more personal remarks by some implying any sexual deviancy on your part or your daughter's part (WHICH HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN AND WHICH YOU'VE REPEATEDLY DENIED) may be over the top.

    However, you've repeatedly called us traitors and liars without specifically backing it up. It is normal for people to get irate over being falsely accused. We are not at war with Iran, therefore, David Duke cannot be legitimately accused of treason simply because he went there. If I censor them for expressing themselves, I would have to censor you, too. Even Alex Linder no longer engages in censorship on VNN - he allows antis the full run of the board.

    The blogosphere can be a rough-and-tumble environment. If you play rough, which is your right, you can expect rough play in return. If you want more civil discourse, then offer it in return.

    Oh, one last thing. In answer to your earlier questions, I did change "Jewish" interests to "special" interests because Organized Jewry receives a lot of help from people like George W. Bush and John Hagee. Thus the term "special interests" is more precise.

  12. Judith,

    You keep leaving comments on my blog about suing me. How pathetic.

    I already told you my source for the information about your daughter being a lesbian: your husband's obituary, published by the Anchorage Daily News. I would not be surprised if you wrote the obituary yourself. That information came from you or one of your relatives. You did not request a correction of the obituary, and you did not request a correction on my blog either. The fact that your daughter is a homosexual is, therefore, not in dispute. That's not the issue here.

    What is in dispute here is exactly how your daughter came to be a homosexual. You are upset that anyone would ask you this question, but you opened the can of worms by drawing into question the integrity of other parents like the Gaedes and Pringles, whom you have slandered and defamed all over the net.

    This blog belongs to Anchorage Activist, not you. Hatchet Jack's blog belongs to Hatchet Jack, not you. We don't go to your blog and harrass you with lies and slander. That's your shtick, Judith. That's what you do, jew. You come to us, to our blogs, to our sites, harrassing us with your lies, slander and your hatred of Gentiles. You come here and slander and defame the Pringles and Gaedes, yet you threaten to contact a lawyer when asked a simple question about your own parental actions? How pathetic.

    Go ahead. Be a stereotypical, litigious jew. Go talk to a jewish lawyer, just like the chabad lubavichers who tried to force SeaTac to remove their "Christmas" trees. Maybe you and a clever jewish lawyer can come up with a way to cheat the goyim in court, but I seriously doubt it.

    In addition to blogging, I am a paralegal, Judith. Asking you a question is not a tort. Many jews like to ACT like it's a capital offense to question a jew, but that's just a typical jewish reaction to accountability. What chutzpah. How dare you question ME goyim!

    I'll tell you a little something about the law, Judith. You have to approach the bar with clean hands. Your hands are "unclean." Your hands are stained with lies, defamation and slander. If the Gaedes and Pringles wanted to do so, they could very easily sue you and prevail.

    What's the matter, Judith? Has your sterling reputation been injured? Did the Jewish Defense League (JDL) kick you out when they found out your daughter is a faggot? My bad. I didn't realize how important your "image" was to (JDL) terrorists. Now you can't participate in any bombings of U.S. congressmen who aren't sympathetic to Israel. You must be heart-broken.

    In these type of court actions, a statement of fact must be false. A question is not a statement, let alone a false one. But assuming arguendo that someone made a false statement, a case like this might actually be interesting if you were stupid enough to pursue it and of course if the judge didn't throw it out. Why? Because the truth is a defense to libel.

    Now I realize that the truth is foreign to you, Judith. After all, you are a jew. Jesus Christ said that jews are children of the devil, the father of all lies. You can bet I would put your daughter on the stand and ask her some probing questions about both of your sex lives. I would ask your daughter whether you sexually molested her, and, if so, all of the shocking details of this molestation.

    I would welcome Hal Turner, the Birdman, Alex Linder, the Pringles, the Gaedes, and countless other people that you have stalked and harrassed to sit-in on these court proceedings and hear every word. Can you picture their faces staring at you in the courtroom, digesting all of this information? Now, if your daughter's admissions confirm that you sexually molested your own daughter, then I'd most likely sue you for costs, take your little pet business, which I'd turn over to Anti-Semite Sam, then provide a transcript of that hearing to the local prosecutor. There's no statute of limitations for child molesting, Judith. If found guilty, you would go directly to jail and wouldn't collect $200 (not collecting $200 would probably be the worst part for you).

    You could still write letters to the editor from prison, where you and other women would become very intimate. Of course, if you are convicted, it would indicate you're already well practiced in the art of lesbian intimacy.

    Go ahead and call some jew lawyer at the lawfirm of Schmeckle, Snook and Schmuck. Make sure you wear a neck brace and are capable of crying on demand. I'll begin framing my interrogatories.

    You really are one daft jew. It's no wonder why they call you jewdaft.

  13. Anchorage Activist,

    I'm sorry you have to put up with that annoying jewess. I realize the reasons why you tolerate her. She certainly radiates with ugliness. This dispute just comes with the territory of permitting psychopathic trolls to post on your blog.

    It goes without saying, of course, that you would be ivited to sit in on court room proceedings as I interrogate Judith's daughter about the root cause of her homosexuality.

    Personally, I'm inclined to believe Anti-Semite Sam's theory that pedophilia is a paradigm sanctioned by the jewish talmud, and thus, a probable cause of Judith's daughter's homosexuality. That is just my theory, but I'm prepared to advance it in court as one of many explanations. Of course, a large number of sexual assaults involving women are committed by grown women against young female children...who grow up to be lesbians. The fact-finding process in this case will be worth all the hassles. I think the world would learn alot from this case, if Judith would just push the envelope.

    Rest assured, I will write a book about it, if Judith gives me the chance. All her friends, neighbors, clients and peers will know the specificity of her sexual ventures.

    (TJB) Typical Jewess Behavior. Sounds like the subject of VNN's next issue of GoyFire.

    What do you think, should Judith go talk to a lawyer?

  14. I know all about your so called days as a paralegal, a radiological worker, an oil field worker and you play gee-tar with your brother billy bob bung hole
    and let's not forget your time at the invention company.
    A man for all seasons or jack of all trades and master of none.
    Yes, I have contacted a lawyer.
    I've also kept the emails about your taking pictures of people at the ADN. Remember those?
    Run Rabbit! Run Rabbit!

  15. Jack - I have allowed Judith the last word on this since she responded to your previous post.

    However, it will be her last words on this blog. From now on, I will delete all of Judith's future comments from this blog because her constant flaming has provoked strong counter-reaction and threatened unnecessary legal action. If she doesn't comment on this blog, then we won't have any incentive or reason to discuss her here.

    Certainly this would be a good discussion for Goyfire - just make sure fact is presented as fact and opinion as opinion to avoid incurring liability for VNN, also.

  16. Anchorage Activist,

    Banning Judith was a wise decision. It's not like she possesses the only opposing view in the world.

    I have a hunch that there are other jews reading our blogs who might feel inclined to present a more intelligent opposing view, but are too embarrassed by Judith to even try.

    Judith really is the strawman in a strawman argument. She needs to go see the wizard and get a brain.

    Here you have this jewess that is so obsessed with political dissidents that she defaces their pictures in MS Paint or Photoshop, stalks their blogs and sites, leaving comments that are so insane you'd think she's a patient in a mental hospital. I'm sure you've noticed that when you try to talk to her nicely, it upsets her worse and she becomes provocative. When someone so much as asks her a question in return, she plays victim and cries about how she's going to talk to a lawyer. It makes me imagine a playground bully who goes crying to a teacher when someone kicks him in the shin. Sad.

    I want to say one last thing and then we can all forget about Judith. She's made the allegation about multiple personalities. I know for a fact that Anti-Semite Sam is not Anchorage Activist or myself, because Anti-Semite Sam is a friend of mine who I have personally known for some time. He doesn't have the time to blog, but once in a while he likes to read them. He's read David Pringle's blog, this blog and my blog, and, therefore, is familiar with Judith's comments. Arguing with Judith is one way to treat winter boredom.

  17. Judith,

    You got yourself banned from this blog. And of course you have always been banned from my blog.

    Unless you are requesting a correction about statements on my blog pertaining to you, do not attempt to leave comments on my blog.

    Now pick up your marbles and go play somewhere else.