Tuesday, November 07, 2006

First Election Returns From Alaska Show Sarah Palin Will Be The Next Governor

With 222 of 439 precincts counted (51%), here are the results of the four races generating the most interest (Sarah Palin pictured at left): Brand new media link to this story on KTUU Channel 2's website.


Sarah Palin (R) - 52%
Tony Knowles (D) - 38%
Andrew Halcro (Ind) - 10%

KTUU's analysts reminded us that we don't know where the initial votes came from (although it's believed that rural votes haven't been counted yet); during the campaign, Palin was strong in the Interior, but Knowles was just as dominant in the Southeast. Dave Dittman's optimistic polls showing the biggest leads for Palin proved accurate, as they did during the primary election campaign. I don't see how Tony Knowles can come back from a 15-point deficit. Therefore, I'm projecting Sarah Palin as the winner.

U.S. House:

Don Young (R) - 57%
Diane Benson (D) - 40%
Alexander Crawford (Lib) - 2%

While Diane Benson made a last-minute run at Don Young, she could not overcome the overwhelming advantage of Congressman Young's incumbency. Young's last-minute call for an American withdrawal from Iraq may have stolen some of Benson's thunder. I'm projecting Don Young as the winner.

Ballot Measure One: To reduce the length of the state legislative session from 120 days to 90 days:

Yes - 52%
No - 48%

Apparently a slight majority of Alaskans have been suckered in by this gimmick so far. However, it's too early to project an outcome.

Ballot Measure Two: Institute a gas reserves tax on the oil companies on unexploited leaseholdings.

No - 65%
Yes - 35%

The massive one-sided saturation advertising campaign by the oil companies and their allies carried the day. Proponents could not overcome the opposition of the state's entire political and economic aristocracy. I project it will go down to defeat.

Click HERE for continuing updates from the Alaska Division of Elections.

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