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April Gaede Fires Back At Her Tormentors After KXLY In Spokane Airs A Hit Piece

Another vicious and duplicitous attack on April Gaede, the mother of the famed white nationalist pop duo Prussian Blue (pictured at left courtesy of KXLY, has been launched. The latest attack manifested itself in the form of a hit piece aired on KXLY Channel 4 in Spokane, last updated on November 17th, 2006. The story teems with distortions, innuendos, and outright lies.

This is just the latest round in a war between the local establishment and the Gaede family, triggered when the Gaedes moved into a neighborhood in Kalispell, MT. They left Bakersfield, CA because they grew tired of dealing with California's increasing environmental restrictions, decreasing quality of life, suffocating bureaucracy, and, by their own admission, the orchestrated and forcible change in the area's racial composition through a dramatic influx of non-whites, mostly foreign Latinos. Shortly after their arrival in Kalispell, a couple of self-appointed local cultural Talibans, Bill and Rebecca Matteer, discovered that the famed family lived in their midst. Without any provocation or local pro-white political activity on the Gaedes' part, and without attempting to express their concerns to the Gaedes privately in a mature one-on-one setting over coffee and cake or some other form of hospitality, the Mateers suddently decided the presence of the "racist" (OMG!) Gaedes posed a mortal threat to the security of their neighborhood. So they launched a vigilante campaign against them, passing out "NO HATE HERE" flyers door-to-door throughout their neighborhood. This sequence of events is further described in my post of September 6th, 2006, entitled "Local Vigilantes Harass April Gaede And Prussian Blue At Their Kalispell, MT Home".

The KXLY story is posted here, along with my analysis:

Montana dealing with new influx of white supremacists

Karina Shagren / News4 Reporter

Last updated: Friday, November 17th, 2006 11:33:47 AM

KALISPELL, MT. -- An alarming but familiar trend is being seen in the Inland Northwest as the Montana Human Rights Network says that state is seeing a new influx of white supremacists.
Comment: A persistent error and smear by antis and lemmings. The term "white nationalist" is more precise. The white nationalist lobby is an umbrella term encompassing a wide variety of white racial activists. It consists of supremacists, who believe the white race to be inherently superior to other races in all respects, separatists, who desire complete racial separation (and who may or may not believe in supremacy), and "preservationists", who believe that for the sake of demographic stability, America should remain a predominantly white nation, recognizing that the white community is the only community large enough to serve as the demographic glue holding the multicultural apparatus together.

In the Flathead Valley, the first snow is just one more excuse to get outdoors and the scenery and quaint towns attract thousands of visitors every year. “Montana is a great place to live, Travis McAdam of the Montana Human Rights Network said. “They come for the quality of living, they come for the hiking, the camping ..."

But in the middle of this beauty and recreation a battle is brewing. Over the past several years the network has noticed supremacists lead massive literature drops, run for state and local offices and are now attending local schools. The state noticed a similar trend in the early 1980s and as a result, formed the Montana Human Rights Network and for a while the group was declaring victory until recently.

Travis McAdam has kept a close eye on who's moving to the state and says the group, which was formed in the early 1980s because of a surge in white supremacist activity recently believed its mission, was met. "We were sitting there saying, ‘Hey, we won, we can declare victory and go home’" he said. The group's victory though was short-lived. "It was two months later, white supremacist literature drops started all across the state," he said.

McAdam says that was the first sign of a familiar trend and can now point to several white supremacy leaders currently recruiting in Montana. Known white supremacist Kevin McGuire recently used his candidacy for school board in Bozeman to spread his message. Last December the American Nazi Party – which on its website says is 'inspired by Hitler' and uses what it calls the 'sacred' swastika as its symbol – announced it was creating a Montana chapter and now has offices in Butte, Billings and Libby.
Comment: There is no "American Nazi Party". The correct name of the organization is the National Socialist Movement, which has declined rapidly in influence and effectiveness since expelling their chief organizer and spokesman Bill White, who subsequently organized a steadily-growing rival entity, the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP). This "reporter" failed to do her homework.

One member, Shaun Stewart [sic], just ran and lost his bid for the state house of representatives. Another member – Daniel Benson – recently served time after police say he and a second man, yelled racial slurs at a woman in Libby. "They've already sort of went from talking about a race revolution and going out and putting it into action," McAdam said.
Comment: The candidate's name is actually Shawn Stuart. More sloppy "reporting".

Supremacists, like so many others are drawn to Montana's beauty, McAdam says, adding that the state's racial make-up is the primary reason why many are now returning to the state. “Here in Montana, when you're talking 95 - 96 percent white population, they know not every white person here is going to like their message but what it does say is hey, there's 96 percent of the population that might be open to it," he said.

Recently ABC’s Primetime featured Lamb and Lynx Gaede, 14-year old twin girls who make up the singing group Prussian Blue. The two, since birth, have been fed white nationalist beliefs, and now share them in their music. The twins, who look like the girls next door and are often compared to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson – have become the face and voice of the National Alliance, a white nationalist organization. Their lyrics are seen by many as a message of hate with some songs praising Adolf Hitler. The two girls spoke candidly about their admiration for Nazis and told ABC reporter Cynthia McFadden they want to preserve the white race. Their message is now found all over the internet, in their music, and the CDs and DVDs they sell on their website. During the interview the girls’ mom told ABC they would be moving from Bakersfield, California because the city wasn't white enough.

Bill Matteer and his wife Rebecca happened to be watching the segment from their Kalispell home, shocked to hear the girls' statements. More shocked though, when he realized why the girls, and their mother, looked so familiar. "I was like ‘Yeah … that's my neighbor, that's the lady," Matteer said.

Bill and his wife say it was incredibly unsettling to have an internationally-known family of white nationalists living just down the street. The couple, along with other neighbors decided to do what many white nationalists do: they distributed their own flyers with their own message, but they never expected the backlash which included phone-calls, letters and even death-threats, prompting a police investigation.

"Who would have ever thought that in the town of Kalispell something so heinous could be brewing,” Rebecca said. “It's frightening. It really is."
Comment: Frightening? Get real, lady! This is self-induced hysteria. No crosses were burned on the Matteer's lawn. No literature was dropped in their driveway. She worked herself into a frenzy over the Gaedes the same way that George W. Bush worked himself into a frenzy over Iraq.

With her sixth child on the way Rebecca and her husband bill thought this would be the perfect neighborhood to raise their family. Close to town, quiet streets, a lot of children, but within months their idea of a peaceful life had been shattered by that ABC Primetime story on the Gaede twins. After researching the Gaedes’ beliefs, after seeing the girls dance around a swastika in the documentary "Louis and the Nazis" the couple began the 'No Hate Here' campaign. The Matteers say they got the support of dozens of neighbors who displayed the 'No Hate Here' poster in their windows. "I felt compelled to speak out,” Rebecca said. “They're using international media to spread their message then how much more do we have a right to respond, and say, ‘That's not OK here,’”
Comment: Of course they have that right. The issue here isn't legality, but PROPRIETY.

At Kalispell's local museum is a true example of what the First Amendment protects as Rebecca Matteer helped lead a community meeting to discuss her outrage over her new neighbors’ beliefs. "I was just responding from as a parent,” Rebecca said. “I can't believe another parent would propagate that in their children."

The Matteers, who say their campaign was executed in the same way white nationalists hand out their literature and pamphlets, never expected the backlash but within days, their private information - their address and their telephone number – was smeared on white supremacist websites and they received threatening phone calls, letters and death threats. “Parties on both sides have received what I consider death threats," Kalispell Police Chief Frank Garner says. Most of the threats to both the Matteer and the Gaede family were made from people from out of the area, Chief Garner said, adding that regardless of where they came from all threats are being investigated. “In fact we've identified people, and we anticipate prosecutions related to that," he said. Comment: Threats of violence or death are always inappropriate, regardless of their source. Publishing home addresses or phone numbers is also improper. However, how much of this was done by honest people versus provocateurs and trolls? The SPLC has been alleged to have faked e-mails between immigration reform groups and white nationalist groups to create the appearance of collusion.

And while police investigate others in the community debate. Some argue the family should have been allowed to live anonymously while others say what's so wrong, with white pride. "There wouldn't be anything wrong with it if the National Alliance didn't have a history of violence attached to it," McAdam said.
Comment: While some like Robert Jay Matthews or Tim McVeigh may have been inspired and motivated by National Alliance material such as The Turner Diaries, there is no evidence that Dr. William Pierce ever ordered or authorized violence to be committed in the name of the National Alliance. In the weekly ADV broadcast delivered on June 17th, 2006, National Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe stated that "...the National Alliance is a law-abiding organization that does NOT tolerate illegality among its members. We are not terrorists...We in the National Alliance insist that our individual members and our organization as a whole act in accord with the laws of the governments that hold power in our lands."

McAdam says when communities try to ignore the white supremacists living nearby, it can lead to more supremacists moving in. In fact, McAdam says the Gaedes are the latest in a string of white nationalists to move to Montana and they're using music, one of the most popular tools to recruit, and its aimed at a young demographic. The Matteers say the best, and most convenient audience is the girls' classmates. "They should not be putting their propaganda in schools,” Bill Matteer said. “They shouldn't be allowed to hand out their CDs in schools." That's why the Matteers are hesitant to allow their children to play alone with Lamb and Lynx though the couple believes the two are nice girls who don't fully comprehend the message they've been delivering.
Comment: There's no evidence showing that Lynx and Lamb have been recruiting or bringing their CDs to school.

Though this community recognizes it's a message protected by the First Amendment and the Matteers recognize they too, enjoy the same freedom of speech. "It's completely outrageous for it to be OK for her to go on national television and say the things she does, its OK to distribute flyers, its OK to go on Primetime but its not OK for us in a neighborhood to put a sing [sic] in our home that says, 'No Hate Here',” Rebecca said. The Matteers say they've never tried to force the Gaedes out of the neighborhood; they say they simply intended to spread their own counter-message.
Comment: No, they didn't "force" the Gaedes to move out of the neighborhood - they just merely stirred up the entire city against them, blackening their reputation. What if April Gaede or her husband wanted to get a job locally? Anyone hiring them would probably be targetted by the Matteers with a boycott.

Lamb and Lynx Gaede and their mother April were contacted for an interview for this story but April would only consent to it if we agreed to her requests. Those requests were not granted. In response, April Gaede posted our entire e-mail exchange on at least three different white supremacist websites which in turn ignited hundreds of responses.

Eight separate e-mails between Karina Shagren and April Gaede were exchanged during the period October 9th and October 26th. They can be viewed on the Stormfront White Nationalist Discussion Forum. The sticking point: Gaede wanted to record the interviews herself in order to protect herself and Prussian Blue against misrepresentation, since they believed they were misrepresented on the ABC Primetime Special. Shagren refused to allow it. The subsequent story on KXLY shows why Shagren didn't want the interview taped by Gaede - they never intended to present both sides.

After the hit piece aired on KXLY on November 17th, April Gaede fired back with this statement posted on the National Vanguard website:

Love and hate in the snow

By April Gaede
National Vanguard Montana

On the evening of October 30th the Gaede family of Prussian Blue was busy getting our costumes ready for Halloween. But while we carved pumpkins, the Kalispell Thought Police were busy creating drama and media coverage for themselves.

The Montana Human Rights Network (the Pacific Northwest’s version of the SPLC), along with a group of local weirdos known as No Hate Here held a "community meeting" to discuss our family and our recent move to town. Now since we have not distributed one flier, put up one sticker or written one letter to the editor since moving to Montana, you would think they wouldn’t have anything to complain about. But these local busybodies have been heard to remark to some of our neighbors that we should have “taken down our website” if we didn’t expect to be harassed.

This ragtag group led by the bedreadlocked Rebecca Kushner-Matteer have actually called the local police to complain when neighbors mocked them by wearing an “I survived No Hate Here” t-shirt. The Montana Human Rights "Nutwork" has actually gone so far as to write a letter to the principal of Lynx and Lamb’s school, telling him that though they realize it is violating the girls right to freedom of speech, he should still prevent the girls from sharing their cds with friends at school. The letter went on to falsely state, “what's more troubling is that the Gaede family is affiliated with a national neo-Nazi organization, The National Vanguard, which preaches a message of intolerance and condones the mistreatment of non-Whites.” (Any lawyers in the house?) The irony is that none of Lynx and Lamb’s classmates would have known they had a cd out and asked for a copy of it if these leftists hadn’t transformed their own insecurities into a media event.

About a month ago I was contacted by Karina Shagren, a weathergirl trying to make a name for herself with the KXLY news in Spokane, Washington. Karina wanted an interview with us so that she could present what she tried to portray as a “fair” story. Much to Karina’s chagrin, I required something she knew her media masters couldn’t deliver, a fair interview. I stated that I simply wanted to videotape the interview alongside hers to make sure that they didn’t selectively edit my words to fit their own agenda. Karina of course, declined, all the while acting as if she had no understanding of why I would make this request.

So tonight the two part story played as the lead on the KXLY news. As usual the facts and logic were put aside in favor of a sensationalized and mostly fictional story about Prussian Blue.

Curiously, no estimate was provided by the reporter of the number of people in attendance at the "meeting." I guess this sort of intentional ommission works the same way as the national story that falsely proclaimed that the "town of Kalispell" was upset about our residence.

The clownish neighbor Bill Matteer and his "Rasta" wife Rebecca commented that they "are hesitant to allow their children to play alone with Lamb and Lynx." As if the average 14-year-old-teenager would be caught dead hanging out with kids who appear to be about half their age. Or, I might add, that I would allow my daughters to consort with a family whose mother looks like she hasn’t bathed in months.

The whole issue of the "moral superiority" of these tattooed and pierced "radical militant activists" was rejected by many of the residents of Kalispell as well as by most neighbors and especially by those who actually know our family. In fact, one stated in an October letter to the editor that the "No Hate Here group is the real neighborhood threat."

Montanans resent being told what to think by such obvious outsiders and social deviants. The local paper, the Daily Interlake, recognized this and made sure to exclude the images of the adult homosexuals who make up much of the No Hate Here committee. Instead they used the photo of a local girl as a pawn to normalize the “event” and failed to mention that Kushner-Matteer has close ties to the paper as a recent employee.

And they wonder why we wanted to film the "interview"...

And Gaede fired this parting shot on Stormfront:

Well by the way.....the whiggers across the street who helped put out the fliers against us don't seem to be having too good a time lately, their couch from the rental place got repossessed a few weeks ago and the electric company has put a notice on their meter....also some guy from one of those meat delivery trucks came around asking the neighbors about them and complaining they had written him a bad check......Maybe they should have spent more time worrying about their own lives instead of sticking their noses in ours. These are the people in the picture of the Daily Interlake.

Yeah, they were so obsessed with the Gaedes that they lost control over their own lives. But wait - there's more. Prominent white nationalist lawyer Edgar Steele, who's admitted to practice law in all state and Federal courts in Washington State, got into the act and posted the following notice on Stormfront:

Please distribute copies of this email to your attorneys, Karina Shagren, Richard Brown, Robyn Nance and KXLY's executive officers.

I am an attorney admitted to practice before all state and Federal courts of Washington State (and others).

April, Lamb and Lynx Gaede, subjects of your Nov 16 broadcast and the related KXLY website article entitled "Montana dealing with new influx of white supremacists" have been clients of mine for some time.

Yours was exercise in yellow journalism at its most despicable, replete with intentionally false innuendo and outright lies.

You interviewed a number of biased individuals about the Gaedes but not a single person who could have provided anything resembling a rejoinder or, even, balance. I, for example, am well known in the immediate area and have even been interviewed on national television concerning the Gaedes (not to mention other White Nationalist groups and individuals through the years) more than once in your own studio.

Clearly, you have no desire to present anyone knowledgeable about the Gaedes, the relevant law or, even, the general White Nationalist scene in America.

Clearly, yours is an intentional mission of hatred, sowing community discord and garnering ratings through false sensationalism. You represent the worst in journalism and should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

In particular, we demand retraction of the following false statements presented in the above-mentioned broadcasts and website, presented in the same manner, place and timing as the originals:

1. That the Gaedes are "White Supremacists," repeatedly stated by your reporter and the two anchors, as well as those individuals whom you bothered to interview - Not even close to the mark, though they will accept the term "White Separatists."

2. The impression that the Gaedes have any affiliation with the American Nazi Party, per visual images and inference.

3. That Prussian Blue's song lyrics "often praise Adolf Hitler," as stated by your anchors.

4. That "the National Alliance has a history of violence," as stated by one of your key interviewees.

5. That April Gaede "distributes flyers," as stated by one of your key interviewees.

6. The false impression that the Matteers, who started this brouhaha, somehow are the innocent victims despite their orchestrated campaign of harassment and hate, so ironically encapsulated by your repeated depiction of only their flyers that state, "No Hate Here." No hate here, indeed.

7. Your website article's statement that "The state noticed a similar trend in the early 1980s and as a result, formed the Montana Human Rights Network..." The State of Montana has no relation to the so-called Human Rights Task Force, which is tasked throughout America with shutting down politically-incorrect but legal free speech, literally destroying the lives and livelihoods of innocent Americans and providing false and misleading information to the media.

The Matteers' campaign has resulted in Mrs. Gaede losing her employment and her husband being denied any hope of securing anything in his area of expertise. Furthermore, the family has been held up to scorn and ridicule in their new home town for doing nothing except asking the same as any other American: the right to live and be left alone. KXLY's intentionally false and misleading "news" reporting has significantly facilitated and broadened the scope, reach and impact of the Mateers' campaign of hatred, harassment and defamation, resulting in both special and general damages in significant and quantifiable amounts.

Edgar J. Steele,
Attorney at Law
PO Box 1255
Sagle, Idaho 83860
tel: (208) 265-4153
fax: (208) 265-5329

Edgar Steele operates the ConspiracyPenPal website and authored the thought-provoking book "Defensive Racism". It looks like the Matteers blundered into a full-blown hornet's nest here, and they're about to get stung. About time the good guys won for a change.

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  1. You need to do your homework a bit there Carl! Do a google search and you will find an American Nazi Party. Never mind I'll just give you the link: americannaziparty.com

  2. Judith - For all intents and purposes, the American Nazi Party might as well not exist. It's not active.

  3. It doesn't matter whether or not it's "active" in your sense of the word. The website has updated material therefore it exists.

  4. Anti-Semite Sam11/24/2006 10:27 AM

    FYI.... N.A Chairman E. Gliebowitz is another piece of shit. He, and Shawn Walkerwitz are both reason's why the N.A.'s effectiveness and influence have gone way down hill. I personally know of stuff they have pulled that has caused members to split from the N.A. They are a disgrace to Dr, William Pierce's memory!

    As for Prussian Blue and all the stuff that thier Family is dealing with... That really sucks! Due to America's Kike propaganda effort's it is now politically correct to mix your heritage, be a sodomite, and be proud of the cultural genocide that millions of these sheep are so blatantly committing.... Just don't be White and Proud. Then you are a racist! Then people like Jewdaft seek to smear your name and turn the community that you live in against you. It is a sad day when all American's can't enjoy the Constitutional Freedoms that are Guaranteed only cause we are not conformists to our Sodomite American "Bretheren".

    Finally.... I wish to send my DEEPEST RESPECTS to the Gaede Family. You are an inspiration and I wish nothing but the Best for you all!

  5. I don't have to do anything with the "community" anyone lives in.
    You "white" *snicker* folk do that all by yourself.

  6. anti-semite sam11/27/2006 4:47 PM

    You deal with worse Joodaft. There may be good and bad in every race but your Jooish sheeple have been run out of every country they have ever lived in. Your sheeple have been known as snakes and rats and VAGABOND JOOS historically and even in the modern day world by those whom refuse to live with closed eyes. People like the Gaede's whom have the courage to speak about the issues are usually the victims of your ire. You do this so you can point a finger at them and the blind sheep will focus on them while you stay behind the scenes and do your Jooery. This includes the promotion of culteral genocide know as "race mixing" though the use of propaganda, smearing peoples good names through the use of propaganda, controlling the money/Federal reserve Bank..... Those are some of the many same things you Joos say of Hilter... I wonder why you persist in calling people down for the same shit that you do? Hypocrits! So you should worry about your own and leave the good people like the Gaede's alone!
    Snicker snicker snicker!

  7. Just for the record...Where April gaede lives ISNT ALL WHITE!!!! She lives in between 2 and i say 2 major indian reservations....LMFAO...AND FYI her kids WERE handing out CD's at the school.

  8. This I KNOW FOR A FACT....

  9. Oh YEAH..Almost forgot...There ISNT any "Meat delivery trucks" in this area...I also know this for a fact.....FYI I am German and Norwegian tracing my roots back to the 17th century.....

  10. I wonder who's the Jew claiming to be "german and norwegian" and is claiming these "facts."

    One thing is for certain, anti-racists" and Jews are contantly lying - contantly. And I know this for a fact.

  11. "Oh YEAH..Almost forgot...There ISNT any "Meat delivery trucks" in this area..."

    Yeah, right, dipshit. Have you ever heard of the "Schwan Food Company?"

    They are virtually everywhere, and yes they do deliver meat, and yes, they bill for their services. It must be embarrasing to get caught lying online, eh? Loser.

  12. Sam, you rant too much and you drink too much not to mention you obsess over sex too much!
    As for being ran out of countries what was the problem with the Irish when they first came to the shores of the United States? No one wanted them around and I can't figure that one out. They were made out to be notorious drunks, thieves, they even drew pictures making them look like a red headed version of a chimp. No Irishmen allowed was what the signs said.
    I doubt you remember the remarks made about having the first Irish/Catholic President but it wasn't exactly greeted with praise by everyone. Holy crap there was going to be a bead counting Irishman running the country!
    You are stupid Sam, David Duke is stupid, Sam....white supremacists who are Mormon (you know the ones who were ran all the way to Utah?) are stupid, Sam.....every day of the damned week in the history of mankind someone has been run out of some where. You are just not smart enough to know that.
    So you obsess with Jews, Jews, Jews day in and day out. It's really bizarre!

  13. Rebecca Metteer1/06/2007 5:33 PM

    Hi there,
    Just thought it might be interesting to post my response to April Gaede here, just in case I was mis-quoted somewhere else.


    Rebecca Metteer

    Dear Ms. Gaede,

    Please let me begin by saying how privileged I feel to be addressed by you as “Becky.” Such a term of endearment clearly speaks volumes of your desire to be closer than family to me because not even my mother calls me that. I am deeply moved and will return to you the same sentiment. I will now refer to you as Apie. Where I come from it is common to shorten friend’s names like this. Now we are true friends!

    On a more serious note April, as I compose this letter I find myself asking what has happened in your life to make you so angry and bitter. What has happened that forces you to behave the way you do and think that it is noble and just? You must have faced some very painful events in your life to cause you to behave in such a malicious and unethical way. I try to remind myself of this when I read the things you write.

    I have refrained from responding to your attacks till now because they are so ludicrous; however, we are at the beginning of a new year and it is time to clear the negative energy. I feel that the time has come to address your accusations and libel. I will let you know right now that I will not be pulled in to a long and drawn out process of hateful e-mail from you, I am sending this once and that is the end of it.

    I have to tell you that I am surprised by the amount of personal and family time you invest writing about the most ridiculous aspects of my life, and the life of my family. I realize it is useful and convenient for you to constantly lie and throw out assumptions about me, but, don’t you think it is getting a little out of control? I have to wonder what kind of people you associate with. Why do they believe what you say? Why do you consider yourself an activist? All you do is sit at your computer and spit copious amounts of venomous slander and untruth.

    Now, where do I begin? Let’s try to get all of your misinformation out of the way. (Actually, not all of it, I don’t have the time or energy to refute all the petty lies you have written, but, lets hit on some major points.)

    1. I do not work for the local newspaper as you so confidently posted months ago on your forums. I find it comical that you implied this was a conspiracy from the beginning. How self important of you. In the discussion I had with your husband, I explained that we were all surprised when the newspaper showed up. If you truly had done your research properly, you would have found out that we actually asked The Daily InterLake not to run the information etc in the paper. The editor responded by saying he could publish whatever he wanted to because it was considered public information.

    2. Thanks to you, our (apparent) phone numbers, addresses and pertinent information have been published all over White Supremacist websites etc. Unfortunately, those responsible for researching our personal details published all the wrong information. As you know from the police warning you received, a local elderly couple has been the brunt of the hate and ignorance. Does that seem fair and logical? They are frightened to death. The people making the threats and harassments are the people you rally by propagating lies and pretending you are a victim. Perhaps you should tell your goons and thugs that when publishing information intended to invoke harassment on innocent people, the researchers should be clear they don’t end up harassing a different innocent party who are over 70 years old and minding their own business.

    3. In response to the death threats directed toward me, my husband, and my family, I have to ask again, “Why is it necessary for people associated with your organization to use intimidation and threats of violence? Why must you insult, publish lies, send hate mail, and make anonymous phone calls to “get your point across”? Why the need for intimidation and bullying? It just sends the message loud and clear that we do, as citizens and neighbors, have justification in our concern about you being here.

    4. According to your posts, and posts at other sites, I am Jewish. Let me clarify this for you. The name Kushner is Russian, and, it is my ex-husband’s surname. My maiden name is Harvey (have fun Googling that one!), I am as Anglo-Saxon as it comes. Not that I would be ashamed to be Jewish, I wouldn’t. I just want to give you another example of your false and assumptive accusations.

    5. According to you, I am an “Army Brat.” Just for your records (and the sake of truth), the first time I ever visited a military base was upon invitation from a friend when I was about 21 years old. My travels have been self directed, paid for, and experienced solely on my own intentions and resources. Your assumptions about my life experience are so weak and completely opposite of the truth. Please stop trying to make your personal imagination seem factual and credible because obviously the facts outweigh your assumptions.

    6. Now here is one of your accusations that really made us all laugh. Let’s address my “pseudo Londonesque accent.” You really can’t be serious; are you? The accent is Australian (you might have known that if you had ever peeked out of your fear of multiculturalism). I lived most of the first twenty years of my life in Sydney, Australia. The partial accent I have will probably stay with me for a lifetime. All you had to do was ask, I would have been happy to clarify this for you. You mentioned it was an attempt to impress people; apart from the ignorant postings on your website, most people I talk with are more interested in listening to what is being said, not how it is said with an accent.

    7. You have posted a lot of information on your life in Montana. I couldn’t agree more that this is an absolutely beautiful place to live. I am wondering about your postings of being accepted here with open arms. You contradict yourself by writing that you and Mark cannot get work here because of your politics. Which one is it? Your attorney’s letter says I caused you to lose your job, we all know this is untrue. If we go back to your interview with Paul Peters, of the Missoula Independent, you told him you were dismissed after they saw you on Primetime. “No Hate Here” had not even begun when you were fired. I wonder, could that letter written by your attorney and sent to the Spokane television station (and posted all over the internet) be grounds for legal action on my behalf?

    8. April, although you say Kalispell is the perfect place for White Nationalists to live, and, you say area’s residents hold similar views to your own. Why have you never mentioned on your forums the community gatherings held in response to the message you present? The most recent one I went to had an attendance of over 130 local residents; I have also received countless e-mails, all were concerned, all were wondering what they can do to counter the message of bigotry and racism you have professed (i.e. Louis and the Nazis etc.) You also failed to mention the time we were walking down the street and ended up having a rather civil conversation with your husband and children. The most important aspect of your omission is the fact that you were so out of control and screaming so loud that neighbors were coming out of their houses to look at you. Although I politely asked you if I may respond, you were screaming so irrationally that even your husband and daughters asked you to settle down because they were embarrassed. You pretended to be nice to one of the women we were with, even shaking her hand and apologizing for the things you had posted about her. Then, you went inside, jumped on your computer and called her a “Bull Dyke” and a “Queer.” That is so disrespectful and cowardly. You are bold behind your computer screen but when it comes to talking with one of your targets face to face you shrink back and hide. Maybe you could work on talking to the people you have issues with instead of talking about them.

    9. Now, let’s talk about your comments about my dreadlocks, and your petty, malicious condemnation of the appearance of my husband and I. As clichéd as it may sound, I raise my children to understand that you cannot judge a book by its cover, it is always the content that makes the true impact. Goodness, provision, healing, friendship and knowledge come in the most unexpected ways. It does not matter how they are packaged, what color they are, where they came from, or what their sexual preference is. I still find myself trying to understand why you would care about my hairstyle or whether we have tattoos or piercings. It does not dilute our education, it does not detract from our life experience and it does not affect the way we raise our children. Everyone has a right to express their individuality however they choose. It is not what you think that I am concerned about, it is what I like and want that matters. I have always wanted dreadlocks and so I decided to give them a try. Let me apologize, though, for not looking my best early in the morning when I drive my children to school, I never have been much of a morning person. I am deeply regretful that I don’t measure up to your fashion standards because I wear a wool beanie on my head when it is less than 20 degrees outside. Hopefully you will find a place in your heart to forgive me and eventually understand that here in Montana it is all about function before fashion! Your opinion is extremely important to me so I will consider what I wear next time I am hurriedly ushering my five children off to school in the morning. I must pause here to ask you a question about my dreadlocks. If my dreadlocks associate and identify me as a Rastafarian, I was wondering, if I dye my hair brown like yours and cut it in a semi-mullet, would that make me a White “Separatist”? I didn’t think so, thus, I am not a Rastafarian.

    10. I would also like to mention that, apart from the mullet comment (which was irresistible); I have not attempted to insult you or attack you since this whole thing began. I have never discussed your appearance, house, car, personal life or children. You, on the other hand have stooped to almost every low possible in attack of me (all have been lies or assumptions). I believe this is a very clear expression of your dissatisfaction with yourself. By condemning others for their outward appearance and mocking and insulting them, you are attempting to make yourself feel superior. Only someone who feels inferior would go to the lengths you do to insult and hurt people. All I have ever done is oppose your message while you have made it your mission to publicly insult me. Fortunately, no one (except your group) buy in to your garbage.

    11. Another thing, about your obsession with our “dirty van,” please take a moment to get up from your computer and look outside your window. You will see that almost every car parked on your street is dirty. Then, next time you take a drive through Kalispell, observe all the vehicles around you, again you will find the majority of the traffic is dirty. Welcome to winter in Montana, friend; the snow, slush, salt and ice make it difficult to keep a car clean. You know how deeply I care about your opinion so if you don’t like my car being dirty please feel free to wash it anytime. You obviously pay close attention to where it is always parked.

    12. I realize it has been tough on you over the last few months, enduring all the negative press and having your message “outed” It is also very clear that lately you have been doing all you can to provoke an angry response from me because you want more attention. Your digs and attacks have grown more angry and ridiculous as time has passed because we have not been responding. You are like a child in a school yard. Hopefully this response will give you what you need so that you can settle down and start your New Year afresh. I admit that the final straw for me was your attack on my husband and children. You clearly have no integrity by saying my husband was ogling over your girls. This is just another one of your attempts to stir up the goons and weirdoes on your website to harass us by implying he is some kind of sick pervert. We have four daughters of our own, and one on the way, how dare you imply such sick and twisted things. The incident you are alluding to was one evening a few weeks ago when our dog started barking at the door, my husband went to the door in his pajama pants (not sweats), looked outside to see why the dog was barking and then shut the door when he saw kids playing across the street. I was sitting right there, he opened and closed the door, he did not stand shirtless out on the porch in a snow storm. Your implications are very serious and we plan on pursuing it to the fullest extent. Your motives are very obvious to all who read them.

    13. All sarcasm aside, I do appreciate the fact that you finally stopped trying to pretend this was all about “attacking” your daughters. We did make it clear from the beginning that it is your message we disagree with, it is not about them. They are just pawns in your political game. Even though this is clearly not about children, it seems members of your forums don’t see it that way (just look at the disgusting posts about Brianna Murrillo). The people you associate with and “join forces” with talk about heinous attacks on women and children; that must make you very proud. It must also make female members of your association feel very safe and protected. You are not innocent of this either, you are now posting insults and lies about my children. You say they are neglected and dirty, this couldn’t be more untrue. What does this kind of attack serve you? Does it make you feel better to lie and stir up insults about innocent children who have nothing to do with you or your politics? Your intentions and methods are ruthless; in some ways I feel pity for you. Why can’t you rally peacefully like we did? We would have no objections. Why do you threaten people’s safety, privacy and property? We are not the ones preaching a message of hate on the internet (or anywhere else for that matter). We are simple citizens making a peaceful stand. Why do grown, intelligent adults write the filth and malicious slander you, and others, have written on your forums?

    April, there is so much more I could address here but I am not foolish enough to believe that anything I say will make a difference to you or your goons. If you had any common sense you would have understood that we never intended to have the media coverage etc that we did. We, and other citizens, were just exercising our rights to disagree with your message. You made it into the big mess it became with all your internet ranting and lies. You call us cowards; yet, we are the ones peacefully expressing ourselves openly and honestly. We do not hide behind children, masks, sheets, death threats, anonymous phone calls or e-mails. We do not sneak around in darkness, threatening the safety of innocent families. We took our stand, we notified the community, we educated others about your beliefs and in doing so prevented you from politicking here. That was our objective and that is what we achieved. We answered questions for the media and at times were even misquoted. However, we have done nothing else in the past 5 months (as you inaccurately stated in your postings).

    Finally, you have said that we have put you at risk. How ridiculous! We did not air the Primetime special, we did not publish G.Q or any other articles, television shows or documentaries, you chose to do that. We simply responded to the message by peacefully demonstrating that we are not racist, bigoted, or intolerant.

    Just in case you haven’t noticed, we took down our sign on New Year’s Day. We wanted to offer you and your family a gesture that said, “It is a new year and we are hoping it will be a nice one for you.” As I said above, this was all over for us months ago; you have stretched this on and on. Frankly I feel it is rather boring and childish.

    So Apie, Happy New Year! I have responded to what I could at this time and I close this chapter of the book. Hopefully something in all I have said will hit home for you. I don’t believe you were born racist or to hate people because of the way they look, I believe you learned it. Maybe one day life will provide you an opportunity to unlearn it.

    Kind Regards,

    Rebecca Kushner-Metteer.

    P.S: I would like to apologize for the letter you received from my sister in law, Brandy. We had nothing to do with her e-mail. I do have to say though that she was just trying to protect us and stand up for us. She read the malicious postings on your sites and was enraged. I wouldn’t have handled it the way she did but I am grateful to have someone care enough to stand in our corner.

  14. Rebecca Metteer1/08/2007 12:15 AM

    Just thought I'd add that Stormfront would not post my letter. Also, although Ms. Gaede has been quick to share e-mails she has recieved from media and other's in oposition to her message, she has not posted my letter at any of her sites etc. Could this mean that the truth is too much for April?

  15. Well, I have to say, I think the idea of firing up the torches and pitchforks the instant someone whose politics you disagree with moves into the neighborhood is underwhelming. Is it REALLY necessary to orchestrate a campaign against the people when they've done nothing to you? Marching on their home for christ's sake? Man, I think that sucks.

  16. whats wrong with being proud to be white? To those of you who are against it thats your choice but you have no right to tell these cute girls what to do!

  17. This to Anchorage Activist,

    The events described here were covered last night in a documentary on the Prussian Blue girls (named, with typical MSM objectivity 'Nazi Pop Teens') and got some thoughts rolling around my little mind. I'm scribbling something up for my blog on this right now and should have it posted soon (I hope) but just thought it'd be courteous to let you know that I'm quoting your take on the goodthinkful folks of Kalispell in it. Looks like you've got a good blog running here, I think I'll come back again some time.