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Local Vigilantes Harass April Gaede And Prussian Blue At Their Kalispell, MT Home

A small brigade of people went door-to-door in a south Kalispell neighborhood on Thursday August 31st, telling others about a family of avowed racists who have moved in. Their concern is the Gaede family; April Gaede, stepfather Mark Harrington, and the two twin 13-year old daughters Lamb and Lynx Gaede. The twins perform music under the name of Prussian Blue (pictured at left, courtesy of National Vanguard), and have been featured on national TV news programs such as ABC’s “Primetime” for what that program called “a message of hate.” More information on Prussian Blue is available on their website. Complete story from the Kalispell, MT newspaper The Daily Inter Lake.

The Gaede family moved to Kalispell from Bakersfield, Calif., which April Gaede said on ABC Primetime is “not white enough.” County records show that Harrington filed a deed on the house in February. Neighbors say they moved in a few weeks ago.

Neighbor Bill Matteer said he only recently met his new neighbor, April Gaede. “She started to talk politics immediately", he said. Later, he saw a rerun of the “Primetime” show on the girls and realized, “That’s the lady!” He and other neighbors researched the family and were troubled by what they found.

On Thursday night, they took action in a peaceful way. Matteer's wife, Rebecca Kushner-Matteer said, “The last thing we need to do is to get aggressive and hateful". So they printed flyers about the family and knocked on doors to distribute them.

“This letter is not written as a means to harass the family or to begin a witch hunt,” according to the flyers. “We wish the family no harm. Our goal is to peacefully communicate that this kind of hate and ignorance will not be accepted here in our neighborhood where we live and raise our families.”

“No hate here” is printed on one side of the brightly colored flyers. The eight or so adults and as many children who went door-to-door Thursday asked residents to display the sign in their windows. Regrettably, many did so without even taking the time to find out for themselves what the Gaedes are really up to. The thought of any one of them going so far as to invite the Gaedes over for coffee and asking them about their beliefs straight out as one adult to another is simply too scary for them to consider.

To their credit, though, the group of self-appointed vigilantes at least walked to the Gaedes’ house to tell them what they were doing. However, no one answered the door.

Robert Matteer claims that the neighbors don’t have any problem with them being here, but merely don't want them speaking "hate". Neighbors in a home close to the Gaedes’ also claimed they have had no problems with the family. Furthermore, Kalispell police Chief Frank Garner said that while several people have called to inquire about the family, they registered no complaints.

However, the Gaede family called police Thursday night to say they were being harassed by the neighbors’ efforts to post flyers. An officer counseled the family about freedom of speech and civil liberties. The report says April Gaede expressed concern for her children in the public school. She said she will go to a neighborhood meeting so people will know she wants to live quietly and get along with everyone.

Bakersfield police said they wouldn’t be able to release information about whether conflicts related to the Gaedes occurred there.

No one answered the doorbell when a reporter visited the Gaedes' house Friday afternoon in Kalispell. The curtains in the home had been drawn.

Reporter Chery Sabol may be reached at 758-4441 or by e-mail at

There actually may be more to this story than meets the eye. On his White Nation Blog, Warren Erulian reveals that Rebecca Kushner-Matteer is actually the advertising manager for the Daily Inter Lake. Now the sequence of events makes more sense - Bill Matteer first made contact with April Gaede, and then he and his wife organized a harassment campaign against April's daughters, the band Prussian Blue. Utilizing Rebecca Kushner-Matteer's connections, the Daily Interlake ran a story reproducing the slander against the family and attempting to incite the community against them.

Analysis: Rebecca Kushner-Matteer claims not to wish the family "harm", but how else do you define printing up defamatory flyers and distributing them door-to-door. Did she consider what she's exposing the Gaedes and her neighbors to? With national publicity, "anti-racist" terrorists may attempt to target the Gaede's residence and, by extension, disrupt the solitude and quality of life of the neighborhood. It wasn't that long ago that a loser by the name of Jaime Vasquez showed up at white nationalist radio host Hal Turner's doorstep uninvited and unprovoked. Vasquez attempted to start a fight, and Turner defended himself successfully, injuring Vazquez in the process. At the subsequent trial, Hal Turner was exonerated.

And what does Robert Mateer mean by "speaking hate"? He scrupulously avoids revealing his definition of hate, so he can blindside the Gaedes with his unpublicized standards any time he wants. If they have problems in their neighborhood, it won't be because the Gaede family moved in, but because these local vigilantes decided to make a public issue of it without having the courage to "give April Gaede her day in court", so to speak.

I wonder if these people would be distributing flyers door-to-door if O.J. Simpson moved into their neighborhood. Nah, the guys would be all lined up at O.J.'s door asking for his autograph. LOL!

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  1. It's amazing how many violent and unstable anti-racists are obsessed with April and her family.

    The reason why is because they're afraid the Gaedes will be an international icon for the average White family world wide.

    Rebecca Kushner Mateer is a behind-the-scenes aggitator. Typical of jews.

  2. The people in her neighborhood are typical lemmings. When told the Gaedes were "racist", they immediately accepted the flyers and posted them in their windows WITHOUT seeking a second opinion. Would these same people accept a medical diagnosis without getting a second opinion?

    Of course not. But they fear they might actually agree with April Gaede. The implications behind the truth are too fearful for them to entertain. They might have to take risks.

  3. Gaede an "international icon" is pretty amusing. She can teach all young girls how to ride a horse naked and how to remove bumper stickers from their body without doing damage.
    She can also teach them to sleep with multiply partners just to reproduce in case of a war that depletes the population.

    Of course this same Jerry recommends any "white" female around the age of 18 and older start popping out children and go on welfare.
    See if you do that it breaks the welfare system and blacks can't get their checks. And it keeps freaks like him in women....uh huh!

    I hope they run Gaede out of town so far her daddy's horse can't find the scumbag.

  4. As usual, Judith, you completely exaggerate a single, isolated "Lady Godiva" moment in April Gaede's life. While April herself has had a somewhat mercurial lifestyle, neither you nor I can render eternal judgement upon her. That privilege is reserved for God.

    What's incontestable is that April Gaede has been an OUTSTANDING mother to her kids. Her involvement in the lives of her kids, carefully nurturing and guiding them, and immunizing them against the cultural pollution emanating from Jewish-dominated Hollywood is an enviable example worthy of complete emulation.

    And furthermore, at least April Gaede doesn't waste time "grooming cats", as Hatchet Jack puts it.

  5. Just a few points here Carl!

    1. There is no judging going on, just the truth. She's a slut. Her kids know it, the people in her circle know it. I've even read it on the white message boards. So it seems I'm not the only one who sees it.

    2.Mercurial is a great word for her. Look it up because so many of the meanings fit her well.
    Not to mention mercury will kill you.

    3. Her kids would be so lucky if all they had to worry about was some stupid Hollywood movie. The way mommy is moving them along they will be laid and paid for in about 3 years. April was already pimping them out at 11 with those little short skirts she had them stuffed into while on stage.

    4. Are you looking to be her next hubby?

    5. I don't groom cats. Did you ever get the job at the Post Office?

    6. I don't worship your god, son!

    7. And last but not least, Jack has no brain of his own.

  6. April's daughters exhibit good, traditional, western values and European culture, which is a positive reflection on April. They are healthy girls, straight, and proud of their heritage. What a good mom.

    judith's daughter, on the other hand, is a lesbian. Hymm. What did judith do wrong? We have to wonder whether judith's idea of motherly duties included grooming her own daughter's "katz."

  7. I'm thinking Jack must have been molested by his mother with all the talking about it that he does.
    How about it Jack? Did mummy do naughty things to you and then lock you in a closet?
    Or is thinking of such things the way you get your jollies while sitting out there waiting for the fish to bite?
    Like I said you are lacking a brain.

  8. Judith - April Gaede put Lynx and Lamb in short skirts, but they were wearing OPAQUE stockings, or "lederhosen" beneath. That can hardly be considered erotic, except by a pervert.

    Perhaps you're confusing them with JonBenet Ramsey, who was deliberately tarted up at the age of six by her greedy, grasping mother. You could tell that Patsy Ramsey wore the pants in that family.

    Irregardless of April Gaede's personal morals, she has passed on a more constructive morality to her daughters, and that is the true meaningful measure of merit for a mother. It is unlikely that Lynx, Lamb, and Dresden will turn out like Paris Hilton.

    I think you're just pissed off at Jack because he deletes your comments from his blog.

  9. Oh, an afterthought, Judith. If you don't worship the same God I do, then you must worship Satan. True Christians don't worship the Son of God. We worship the Father, but in the name of the Son, because what the Son went through on the cross qualified him to be our advocate with the Father. That means NO ONE returns to the Father except by accepting the Son. In Matthew 6:9, Jesus himself spells this out, saying, "and when ye pray, pray ye after this manner: Our FATHER which art in heaven". NOT "our Son which art in heaven".

    Mainstream Christianity confuses the issue. The Father and the Son are ONE in purpose, but are two separate and distinct personages. This is what the first Mormon prophet Joseph Smith saw during his vision in upstate New York. What mainstream Christianity preaches is a heresy known as the Athanasian Creed, which holds that the Godhead are without body, parts or passion; that they are three-in-one, one-in-three, everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This is demonstrably false since the Old Testament clearly states that we are explicitly created after the image of God. That means God has a head, two arms, two legs, etc. etc. It cannot logically mean anything else.

    There's your Christianity 101 for today.

  10. Gaede is no different than Patsy. The only difference is, Patsy died. April is still taking up precious oxygen.
    Jack can delete all he wants it's no sweat off my brow. He isn't smart enough to argue a point.

    As for your rant on who is a true Christian that isn't my problem.
    It does seem to be yours though since a lot of white power "mainstream" Christians might be insulted by what you said.
    If you clowns wiped out everyone that wasn't "white" it would be no time before you turned on each other.
    The "white" Baptist would be running off the "white" Mormons, who would be running off the
    "white" Catholics, who would be running off the......see the problem here?
    It would be history repeating itself.

  11. judith, all I want to know is who was the "best man" at the wedding, when your daughter, Nicole, married another woman, Cathy.

  12. Jack you really need to work harder to find something that insults me. Bringing up my kid over and over isn't working.

    But like I said you probably get your jollies off from doing it so knock yourself out!

  13. judith,

    I wouldn't bring up your lesbian daughter if you weren't attempting to portray April as a bad mother.

    You opened the can of worms. Because you are attempting to draw April's motherhood abilities into question, you're tacitly implying that you are a good mother yourself.

    And you are not a good mother. Like I mentioned before, your motherhood duties turned your daughter into a lesbian, and you also exposed Nicky to your own religious fanatism and terrorism.

    Maybe you should just drop your sad crusade because you're the one making yourself look hypocritical and foolish.

    1. One,you can't make someone become a lesbian.Two,there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian. April Gaede is disgusting as she pimps her daughters out.I saw the phone call between her and David Lane where he was making sexual comments about her daughters and she said nothing.

  14. Anchorage Activist,

    What a coincidence. I've been visited by people several times recently who have been talking to me about Josesph Smith. I'm going with them this morning.

  15. Jack - just saw your comment about Joseph Smith. Good luck - keep an open mind.

    Remember that the decision by Spencer W. Kimball in 1978 to extend Priesthood membership to black men was simply designed for that purpose only. It was not intended to promote interracial marriage, and the LDS church does not promote interracial marriage even to this day. They don't ban it, but they don't promote it, either.

  16. Anchorage Activist,

    Thanks for the advise. That was one of my important questions I had to the gentlemen who've been visiting me. I've looked at the whole picture, read between the lines, considered extrinsic pressures and liabilities, looked at how the church really is, considered all of its positive sides, and I think in light of all that, the Kimball decision itself isn't enough to turn me away.

    I like the fact that the church is anti-war and pro-life, very family orientated, anti-homosexual, and tight-knit. David Pringle once told me that there's really a whole lot of things about that particular church which serves as a role model for WN families and communities, and I believe him now.

    Still, it's a matter of faith. And ultimately that will be my deciding factor.

  17. Jack, like I said before you can't insult me because you are trash, plain and simple.
    April is a slut, plain and simple.
    And I think Carl would be interested in my lasted blog entry....

    1. Hello Judith, I admire your posts, even if you are bullied. I agree April Gaede is not a good mother, her own daughters say so.

  18. sorry that should be latest not lasted.....

  19. It's actually rather scary that a bitter old lady like judith would draw another woman's motherhood abilities into question, ignoring all the while that judith turned her own daughter into a lesbian. The only mistake she recognizes is a spelling error in this comment section.

    Talk about being pig-headed....

    Judith should just stick to carpet-munching. It's what does best. Conservative judaism is quite open to that sort of thing, so maybe she'll fit right in.

  20. Since our group peacefully handed out flyers, a few of us (those featured in the newspaper), have been targeted. I would like to respond to a majority of your attacks and misconceptions.

    1. Where does it say in the original article that there was an organizer or leader of the group distributing flyers? Just because my husband Bill and I were quoted, and Jill and her daughter were in the photograph used, does not imply that any of us are leaders or organizers. We are a unified group of people who do not need a leader; we all feel the same about the issues at hand. I think it is a shame that you have made such assumptions and then acted upon them when you are completely ill informed

    2. Our (apparent) phone numbers, addresses and pertinent information have been published all over white supremacist websites etc. Unfortunately, those responsible for researching our personal details published all the wrong information. So, instead of my husband and I receiving the harassing phone calls and hate mail, a local elderly couple has been the brunt of the hate and ignorance. Does that seem fair and logical? They are frightened to death. Perhaps when publishing information intended to invoke harassment on innocent people, those researching should be clear they don’t end up harassing a different innocent party who are over 70 years old and minding their own business.

    3. April personally posted that a reliable source has it that I work for the local newspaper, The Daily InterLake. How reliable are these sources? Guess what… I don’t work for the InterLake, and do not have connections there as you have stated. Please be careful; your claims about conspiracy border on libel. Also, for the record, we were all surprised when the paper showed up and talked to us. According to the reporter, The InterLake was already working on a story about the Gaede’s.

    4. According to your posts, and posts at other sites, I am Jewish. Let me clarify this for you. The name Kushner is actually Russian, and, it is my ex-husband’s surname. My maiden name is Harvey and I am as Anglo-Saxon as it comes. Not that I would be ashamed to be Jewish, I wouldn’t. I just want to give you another example of your false and assumptive accusations.

    5. In response to the threats to myself, my husband, Jill Summers and Brianna Murillo: Why is it necessary for people associated with your organization to use intimidation and threats of violence? Why must you insult, publish lies, send hate mail, and make anonymous phone calls to “get your point across”? If you are who you say you are, then why the need for intimidation? It just sends the message loud and clear that we do, as citizens and neighbors, have justification in our concern about the Gaede’s being here.

    6. Also, saying that we sent the hate mail to ourselves from Alabama is ridiculous. I suppose the man being charged for the harassing calls to Jill Summers is actually Jill herself dressed in a disguise?

    7. Have any of you had the opportunity to read the letter that was on the back of the flyer? Probably not. You are up in arms about a situation you know nothing about. I notice April has not attempted to explain the story as it really happened either. We did not harass anyone, especially the Gaede’s. We did not assemble at her house, and we certainly would never dream of putting the girls at risk. We made that very very clear. I personally knocked on April’s door out of courtesy to let her know what was going on, but, no one answered.

    This is clearly not about the children; although, it seems members of Aprils’s site certainly don’t see it that way (just look at your disgusting posts about Brianna). I will gladly post a copy of the letter which states it is not about the girls. We have never been rude or unfriendly to the family, in fact, we often say hello when we pass in the street. This is not about hating people; this is about disagreeing with a philosophy. I feel you are all using the girls as an opportunity, and an excuse, to retaliate, threaten and intimidate. This seems so contrary to what you say you stand for. Why can’t you rally peacefully like we did? We would have no objections. Why do you threaten people’s safety, privacy and property? We are not the ones preaching a message of hate on Primetime television etc. We are simple citizens making a peaceful stand. Why on earth would grown, intelligent, adults write the filth and malicious slander you have written at the site about Brianna, a young girl, when you say this is not about the children?

    8. You call us cowards; yet, we are the ones peacefully expressing ourselves openly and honestly. We do not hide behind children, masks, sheets, death threats, anonymous phone calls or e-mails. We do not sneak around in darkness, threatening the safety of innocent families.

    9. You say we put the Gaede’s at risk. How ridiculous! We did not air the Primetime special, we did not publish G.Q or any other article about them, they chose to do that. We simply responded to the Gaede’s message by peacefully demonstrating that we are not racist, bigoted, or intolerant.

    I will conclude my response here. I am hoping it will, at least, offer some perspective. Isn’t it interesting that what you have been convinced is true, really isn’t... What you have been actively attacking is unjustified.

  21. As usual, Judith, you are ridiculous. I have no intention of posting my pedigree on the web to make you happy. As a matter of fact, I didn't delete your post because you're the best advertisment there is for the WN community; when people ask us why we have an issue with Jewish supremacism, I can just point to your posts and show where the real hate and irrationality lie.

    Now to address Rebecca's response. First, I did not post any addresses or phone numbers; I do not believe in doing that. Second, I did not personally say you are Jewish. Third, I don't belong to any formal WN organization. That "libel" threat can work both ways, since you apparently are more interested in making waves than in making progress.

    However, since the names of you and her husband were prominently identified in taking the lead in this campaign, it is natural to assume that you were the ringleaders. I still think that you folks going on the offensive and assuming the worst about April Gaede was pre-judging her; you should have approached her more quietly.

    Nonetheless, thank you for taking the time to respond to my post and adding your perspective to the record. I don't agree with the way you handled the Gaede situation, but at least you're not a drama queen like Judith.

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. [quote="Rebecca"]We simply responded to the Gaede’s message by peacefully demonstrating that we are not racist, bigoted, or intolerant.[/quote]
    How do you define racist, bigoted and intolerant? You want to refuse these fine people of their right to free speech and that, my dear lady is bigotry - it doesn't always have to do with race, only when Commies want it to - I don't see you being the least bit tolerant of their religious, moral, or political views.
    That's typical of the idiots that want to take it upon themselves to speak for the rest of us. I'm from Montana, I have already welcomed April and her children to Kalispell, and you and your idiot husband and idiot "unified group" of friends do not speak for me or for any member of my family. Many of us here in Montana are proud of being white, that doesn't mean that we are racists, that means that we don't want queer or tan-man grandchildren. I believe that God separated the nations for a reason, that they should not intermarry or interbreed, does that make me a hate-monger or racist? No, I think God said it first, so it's alright if I repeat it.
    I think the real racists are the Liberal socialist eliteists like you, who want to bring in all of the other races and create a "global community", where within a couple of decades everyone will be the same color - tan .... not for me, and not for my children, .... we're white!! You are racist against the white race because you want everyone to belong to the tan race. God only made three races in the beginning; the Caucasian Whites (Shem), the Negroid Blacks(Ham), and the Asiatic Yellows (Japheth). Thanks to all of the intermarrying and interbreeding, we now have all shades of browns, tans, Olives, etc. Get the picture?? Leave April and her children alone, they are'nt harming you, and I don't remember reading anything in the paper about them walking into your house and demanding that you believe what they believe. Remember the Flag that says "Don't tread on Me"? Keep your nose out of other people's business and don't claim to speak for others when you haven't been authorized. Also, I doubt if you'll be asked over to Aprils house any time soon for ham dinner, so you've got no worries. JP from Bigfork.

  24. To JP from Bigfork,

    for someone who is so "proud" of being who they are you hide behind a computer screen?
    If your way of life is so clean and neat why is that?

    I think it's rather fitting that Gaede and her new stud have people doing to them what they have done to people in other parts of the country.
    The only difference would be she drives by at night distributing her "material" while these people did it in the light of day.
    Typical sneaks....rather like you.

  25. To JP from Big Fork - thanks for stopping by and expressing your support for the Gaedes' right to live in peace wherever they so choose.

    The fact is that neither the national media nor the local media will give publicity to people who think like you and I, because we don't fit into the establishment's agenda, the same agenda you so pertinently described.

    I recall following Kevin McGuire's school board campaign in Bozeman a year ago, and it was appalling the way the local liberals in Bozeman absolutely savaged the guy after his National Alliance ties were publicly revealed. And the fact was that he wasn't running on the National Alliance platform, but was running on a solid back-to-basics platform stressing academics and character.

    I've heard rumours that the Montana Human Rights Network is thinking about sticking their nose in your community's business up in Kalispell over this issue.

  26. [quote = Anchorage Activist"]I've heard rumours that the Montana Human Rights Network is thinking about sticking their nose in your community's business up in Kalispell over this issue.[/quote]Yeah, the MHRN (read Mother Hen) did come up here an have a "rally", who cares ...... they're a bunch of dingoes, like the Mateers and thier ilk.

    Imagine, out of a city of almost 50,000, less than 10 people pass out less than 100 flyers, and maybe 15 to 20 of those flyers are posted in windows of houses around town, and it's National News! Must be a slow news day ;).

    By the way, after a few of the neighbors came to April and talked to her about the accusations, some took the flyers OUT of their windows.

    People around here, who aren't all that concerned with being politically correct, tend to let others be, and not get into everyone else's business.

    As for Judith, who is he/she, I don't even know him/her, is he/she another idiot who sticks his/her nose in where it isn't wanted? I care less about those types.

    I don't have a blog, don't have time for one, I work 10 hours a day, and didn't know that having my own blog was important to him/her, so I signed with my initials and town and clicked the anonymous button. That's not what I call hiding and sneaking, but maybe that's just his/her way of hiding and sneaking ;).(Besides all that, I didn't know that this was his/her blog, so I didn't know his/her rules apply. Hey Judith, here's an old one for you, Make 7 up yours!

    By the way, just for the record .... I am NOT a White supremecist, Nazi, nationalist,racist, bigamist, socialist, animist, sexist, herbalist or whatever else they want to call me. I DO NOT belong to any of those types of organizations, never have and never will and have no desire to join as well.

    I am a private citizen who has a brother and his family living there in Ketchikan (about 40 years now), as well as a few friends in other parts of Alaska , so I try to keep up on what's happening in Alaska by reading (read lurking) different blogs .... this was the first time I have ever bothered to comment on a blog because I have had personal contact with one of the parties mentioned. Usually I stay out of such things, but I felt compelled to speak out, and now rebut...

    If Judith decides to come after me again, I will just ignore him/her, as it would be pointless to argue with someone as braindead as him/her. He/she has way too much time on his/her hands, and for some reason seems extraordinarily jealous of April Gaedes (just from reading some of his/her posts in this thread).

    I am simply a white US Army Veteran who served honorably from 1961 to 1964, in the US and Germany, and I am dog-tired of people like the Mateers, Summers, Murillos et. al., who want to deny others their right to free speech. I served so those people could have their free speech too, but not so they could deny the same right to others. I have already told April and the girls that I can't agree with their views on Hitler and the Holocaust, but I believe in something which seems to have become an outdated document to the Liberals .... the Constitution of the United States. This document declares that April and her family can believe anything they want, and no one can stop them unless they commit a crime (as in Charles Manson/Son of Sam, etc.). For others to try to deny them these rights is downright anti-American, ..... Commies as far as I'm concerned.

    If the Mateer/Summers/Murillo group want to get together with Judith and move to China or Cuba where they won't hear anything except what the Liberal Left wants them to hear, fine; I would gladly bid them farewell. Otherwise I think they should be good and decent American citizens and allow others to live under the protection of the same Constitution that they live under.

    JP, Bigfork Montana.

  27. Just a follow-up on the Mother Hens - this is from a Bill Clinton gov website, [url=]here[/url] I believe, and it just goes to prove that these people are white-haters - their only goal in life is to deny white groups their Constitutional right free speech and to express their pride in their race. look at the numbers .... 1300 people out of over a million think they speak for us all.

    Take away their government funding, and they will disappear, I'd think. Just like the Southern Poverty (are these rich lawyers who have a poverty of legal knowledge?) Law Center, the ACLU -(what does that stand for, American Communist Lawyers Union?), and all the rest of them. enuff diatribe ; here's the quote [quote] Outcomes and Significant Accomplishments

    MHRN has organized twelve local affiliate groups and has more than 1,300 members. This is significant for a large, predominantly white (93%) rural state with a population of less than one million. MHRN and its local affiliates routinely sponsor community events drawing crowds of up to 300 people. MHRN has also worked with law enforcement to provide training regarding the radical right and hate violence. Its work has significantly contributed to several tangible results, including the adoption of the Martin Luther King Holiday in Montana, the enactment of a state statute which requires law enforcement officials to report hate crimes, increased penalties for threatening public officials and a new law making it illegal to maliciously harass other citizens. [/quote] did you notice the last part .... they have been instrumental in ramming thru "a new law making it illegal to maliciously harass other citizens" and yet that's what they do for a living, maliciously harrass other citizens. Amazing, the hypocrisy of Liberals.

    PS, I'm sorry if I have used the incorrect html tags, please feel free to edit them to correct, if necessary. JP, Bigfork, MT.

  28. Dear JP,

    you are the one bitching about the country so why not pack up your fat women, multi fathered brats and move on out of the country yourself?

  29. and JP...I could give a shit about who you know or don't know in Alaska. I also don't care about your three years in the military.
    You don't seem honorable enough to brag about it.
    Besides, you are a liar and I hate liars. Have a lovely day!

  30. How can the mother of a sick, carpet munching dyke - in this case, Judith - comment on ANYONE else's kids? Its the black hole of the galaxy, calling the kettle black.

    Someone hit the nail on the head when they said "how many unstable anti-racists are obsessed with April and her family - Just read Jewy Jewess Judith's comments. Your honer, I rest my case.

  31. Could you please stop all the "white-on-white" hate?

  32. I know April personally and met her before I knew about her WN side. She is definitely proud of her heritage and after actually sitting down with her for hours and hearing her out she truly has a good cause. Unlike some April and I grew up in California, where we were tortured by other races that are called "minorities" when we were the minorities. Every where you go you are treated like trash and taught to accept people that wont accept you. I don't blame her for her beliefs and I support them. I love my children and I love that they are white. Being proud of it is not hate. Lamb and Lynx are beautiful and have the best manners I have ever seen in children. They are now teens and I can only hope my children turn out like them.

  33. Greetings from England! I am a white christian and to me you all are immigrants into a country on the other side of the world that no one cares about. In hating racially, you become hypocrites considering you are ALL families of immigrants. If you saw you are anglo saxon, or if you say you re jewish, YOU ARE WRONG. You are american, and the reason there are so many colours over there, is because of aforementioned immigration. In the country you are all so proud of, you are all the wrong colour. The native american-indian is the right colour, and if you want to be considered as a rightful citizen of said country, you must accept that you have exctly the same rights as blacks, jews, mexicans and french canadians. I'm sorry that I have to be the one to point it out, but there you go.

    The bible, true or not, was nonetheless written by jewish men, in jerusalem, and the new testament was written about a jew. If you think that it is proper to quote the bible, read it and remember it. I am a philosophy professor, and I know for an absolute fact that there is no mention of white supremacy in the entire book.

    In this instance, I do not agree with the citizens actions of flyering. I feel that ignoring the family, and waiting for the small minded bigots to die out, or to inbreed to oblivion would be a far greater answer to this problem.

    Before you people argue about europeanism, or anglo saxonism, let us remind you that we are the people who print american flag toilet paper to wipe our asses with and we are the people who learn history lessons on the US constitution as a "how not to do it" joke day. Don't be proud to be us. We, and the rest of the world. Hate you all. Who's the nigger now?

  34. English bloke again. I want to apologise for my badly written paragraph, I have a new computer and I'm not doing so well with the keyboard. A comment I accidently ommitted, was about communism. If you people fancy growing out of what you were taught by the republican governments of decades ago, you will find that currently places like china have the greatest economy in the world, alongside the United Arab Emirates. They also have a large percentage of the happiest population in the world. People have far higher satisfaction in the communist countries. Maybe thats why they are becoming world leaders, while the USA slowly crumbles to a premature death?

  35. Isn't 'vigilante' supposed to be someone who punishes CRIMINALS outside of the law?

    Don't use that fucking word to describe MOBS who harass children you giant sack of shit.