Saturday, September 30, 2006

Let's Reward The Patriotism Of The Alaskan Villagers Who Spurned Hugo Chavez Free Fuel

Yesterday (September 29th, 2006) I discussed the decision by the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association to reject the offer of free heating oil by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez through it's controlled energy enterprise, Citgo Petroleum Company. I also posted this information on to generate wider awareness. The Association made this courageous decision without knowing whether or not the residents of the four affiliated villages, Nelson Lagoon, Atka, St. Paul, and St. George would be able to continue affording heating oil reaching the $7 per gallon range. Former LDS Church President Spencer W. Kimball once said "Faith precedes the miracle". They exercised the faith - now it's time for us to provide the miracle. A follow-up story from KTUU Channel 2 Anchorage provides us information on how to provide assistance.

And it is up to us ordinary mainstream Alaskans and other Americans to provide that miracle. The national elite will not help them - George W. Bush and Co. are too obsessed with funding and fighting their Worldwide Crusade for Democracy and rewarding their rich buddies with gratuitous tax cuts to care about a handful of Alaska villages. Even the local Alaska elite are negligent - read KTUU's story about the Knik Arm Bridge And Toll Authority granting windfall pay raises of nearly 50% to three of their executives even before the first shovelful of dirt has been turned on the proposed Knik Arm Bridge. KFQD's conservative talk-show host Dan Fagan constantly whines about Bush Alaska having a "false" economy, ignoring the fact that there are some very REAL people living there. It's time for us, working class America, to step up to the plate and go beyond bumper sticker I-Love-Bush flags-sprouting-from-every-conceivable-orifice-on-your-vehicle patriotism and share in the ECONOMIC patriotism shown by these villagers.

The Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association has set up the Unangan Energy Assistance Fund to help the villages pay for winter fuel, trusting that the American people might respect their patriotism enough to respond. The account is at Key Bank under the name Unangan Energy Assistance Fund. The account number is 729681009001. Donations can be made at any Key Bank or can be mailed to:

Unangan Energy Assistance Fund
c/o Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association
201 East Third Ave.
Anchorage, Alaska 99501.

Donations are tax deductible as a contribution to a 501c3 Not For Profit TIN # 92-0073013.

Any amount will help - even a seeming pittance of $10 or $20. Don't forget, Jesus Christ said the widow's mite is just as important as the tycoon's millions. To paraphrase Missouri's 7th Congressional District write-in candidate Glenn Miller, SEND THEM SOME FREAKING MONEY!!!

If nothing else, at least consider e-mailing them a short note of encouragement and gratitude at

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