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The Nature Of Homosexuality (Continued) - Rectal Insertion Of Foreign Objects

In my previous post, I introduced you to Erik Holland's book entitled "The Nature of Homosexuality", published in November 2004. Click here for ordering information from Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The book was intended to present a scholarly, empirical discussion of homsexual practices, free of the partisan demagoguery on all sides normally attendant to this subject. He assembles and documents information from multiple sources, presenting a synthesis or composite analysis in his book. The description of gay sexuality within this site is sometimes graphic and reader discretion is advised. Most citations within this site and within the book are taken from peer-reviewed science and medical journals listed in the National Library of Medicine Database.

The information presented is not designed to provide justification to deny individuals engaging in homosexual behavior the right to life, liberty, bodily integrity, fair employment, and fair housing. Below is an excerpt on rectal insertions of foreign bodies directly from Holland's website.

Rectal Insertion of Foreign Bodies by Male Homosexuals

Some homosexuals insert foreign bodies into their rectum for pleasure. Occasionally, while moving an object back and forth, a homosexual or his partner may loose his grip on the object and the foreign body gets sucked into the colorectum. In emergency departments, some such objects recovered from the colorectum of homosexuals include soft-drink and other bottles, jars, light bulbs, candles, fruits like bananas and apples; vegetables like cucumbers, onions, potatoes, carrots and turnips; dildos, vibrators, tumblers, a polythene waste trap from the U-bend of a sink, salami, sponge rubber balls, a steer’s horn, baseballs, tennis balls, hard-boiled eggs, sand-filled bicycle inner tubing, an aluminum tube (used by a prisoner to store money and other valuables), broomsticks, broom handles, various types of brushes, ax handles, whip handles, soldering irons (see x-ray above left), a wood-handled carborundum sharpening stone, glass tubes, frozen pig’s tail, and kitchen items such as spatula, ice pick, and mortar pestle. (1-12). The typical patient that presents in the emergency department with colorectal foreign objects is a male homosexual; (4) the other patients are women or patients who have been rectally assaulted with a foreign body.

Morgenstern mentioned the recovery of a plastic fist and forearm from the colon of a homosexual. (13) Miller mentioned a homosexual patient with a 150-watt light bulb in his colorectum. (14) Homosexuals presenting with light bulbs in their colon challenge even experienced emergency personnel in San Francisco because breakage of the glass could easily perforate the colon or rectum. In one case, physicians had to fix a light bulb socket onto the end of a stick, insert the stick into the rectum, screw the socket onto the bulb, and finally pull out the bulb. (10) Needless to add, removing stuck rectal objects often requires ingenuity. For instance, in one case, physicians managed to remove a stuck water tumbler by putting rope and molten plaster into the tumbler and using the rope to pull out the tumbler after the plaster had hardened. (10)

Schaupp described the case of a homosexual physician who presented with a stuck rectal object. (15) He pleaded with the surgical resident to not admit him in the hospital but extract the object in the emergency department instead. Normally, such cases are observed for at least 24 hours to make sure that the rectal object did not perforate the rectum. The doctor went home with an unrecognized perforation and developed peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum). He called the chief of surgery and blamed it all on the resident. Most likely, the physician had perforated his bowel while he was anally masturbating. (15)

Buzzard and Waxman reported the removal of a plastic vibrator from the rectum of a 65-year-old man who had had it in his rectum for 6 months and even traveled around the world with it. (16)

In emergency departments, homosexuals commonly offer bizarre explanations for stuck rectal objects. They explain such objects in terms of accidental ingestion, deliberate insertion to disimpact feces, or accidents where they slipped and fell on the object lodged in their rectum. (4) Some patients don’t admit to prior homosexual activity and for obvious reasons. Graves et al. described a patient with a large peanut butter glass jar lodged in his rectum. (17) The patient claimed that he was washing his dog in the shower when he slipped and fell on a glass jar, which then entered his rectum. They also described another patient who came to the emergency department complaining of rectal and lower abdominal pain and claiming that he had been abducted and sexually assaulted by several men. (17) This patient had a large vibrator lodged in his rectum. A police investigation determined that no assault had taken place, and that the vibrator had most likely been self-administered. (17) Lo et al. described a 50-year-old man who was seen at an emergency department for abdominal pain. (18) A physical examination revealed peritonitis and an X-ray revealed a shadow of an eel in the abdomen. After further questioning, the patient reported that he had inserted a live eel (pictured above left) into his rectum to relieve constipation. The 50 cm-long eel had perforated his rectum and was quickly removed. (18)

The objects homosexuals insert into their rectum are only limited by the capacity of their rectum, not their imagination. (2) For instance, Cooper described a 33-year-old homosexual patient with a 14 inch-long sand-filled bicycle tube in his rectum. (19) He and his partners regularly inserted the sand-filled tubes into each other’s rectum, till one day they lost a tube beyond recovery into the patient’s rectum. Stephens and Taff described a homosexual who had his partner give him an enema with a concrete mix, followed by the insertion of a ping-pong ball to retain the mix. (20) The concrete hardened and the homosexual ended up in an emergency department. The patient refused a psychiatric consultation recommended by the physician. Eckert and Katchis mentioned the practice of inserting gerbils into the rectum for pleasurable scratching sensations. (21)

Death resulting from rectal insertion of foreign objects is rare, but occasionally, one comes across such a case. Byard et al. described a 56-year-old man that attempted sexual stimulation via the insertion of a shoehorn in his rectum. He tore his rectum, did not seek medical help, and bled to death. (22)

It is difficult to estimate the incidence of foreign body insertion among homosexuals because they appear in emergency departments only when they require professional help in retrieving stuck rectal objects. Reuben noted that the only people who insert their hands/fingers into the rectum more than homosexuals are doctors, often attempting to retrieve foreign bodies that homosexuals accidentally lost into their rectum while anally masturbating. (23)


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Analysis: This is just absolutely incredible. It shows that homosexuality is much more pleasure-centered than love-centered. It explains why so many homosexuals target our youth, and disguise it under innocent-sounding guises such as "Gay-Straight Alliance" Clubs. What's worse is that it's now being progressively forced downward to the elementary school level, as an elementary school class recently marched in a San Diego Gay Pride parade alongside loincloth-clad sybarites. Children as young as six are being conditioned not only to tolerate this behavior, but to celebrate it. Teachers likewise are being pressured into accepting and promoting this agenda. At their recent national convention, the National Education Association (NEA) passed a resolution linking teacher credentialing with acceptance of the homosexual agenda.

Here in Anchorage, the Anchorage School District (ASD), under the stern, watchful eye of Carol Comeau, doesn't tolerate this nonsense (except for the Gay-Straight Clubs at Eagle River and Dimond High Schools). But who can predict what will happen after she leaves? If she's replaced by someone like Mike Henry, the current director of high school education, we have little to worry about. But what if ASD imports some outsider from California to succeed Comeau? That's why we need to support legislative candidates who will accept and promote either school vouchers, tuition tax credits for private school attendance, or even an entry-level plan like Rick Rydell's "Reverse Voucher Program", under which property taxpayers would be allowed to deduct private school tuition from their property taxes up to the limit of the taxes themselves (Rydell is a paleoconservative talk show host on KENI 650 AM Anchorage from 5:40-9:00 A.M. Alaska time Monday through Friday).

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  4. funny how this article says you have to be homosexual to put something up your ass.

  5. Amusingly, most of the men who present at ERs with rectal foreign bodies are straight.

    Is it only the homosexual minority who have problems? I guess you're perfectly okay with straight men (and women) pleasuring themselves anally, then!

    Or were you just ignorant of that fact?

    Or are you merely a lying hypocritical propagandist?

    Evil or stupid - you decide...

  6. wow that just makes me want to stop being a homosexual

  7. I'm straight and I do that quite often.
    This is NOT gay thing!
    Lots of straight men do that!
    Anal stimulation provides many kinds of pleasure.
    The highest concentration of nerve endings is around the anal opening itself.
    Anal stimulation can even lead to orgasm!

  8. Shelly Smith1/05/2010 11:06 AM

    Wow, this is interesting! I know I can see Russia from my house, but I never imagined men would do this although I inserted my phone receiver up my ass only to be caught by Levi Johnson who said the phone smelled like crap.

    Sara Palin, alias Sara Lee

  9. this was rather intresting in descrbing what people put up their bum, but I find it kind of naive and ignorant to suggest only homosexuals take part in such activities and saying that gay relationships aren't based on love and its stupid to be tolerant towards homosexuals is something i find quite offensive and narrow minded in itself, even as a hetrosexual female.
    So, in conclusion, do sort your priorities out and seperate informative articles from bigoted and opinionated ones.
    Tah very much

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