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Elementary School Kids March In San Diego Gay Pride Parade

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In one of the most appalling displays of gross disregard for the safety of young children, the San Diego City School system allowed a number of small children to march inside of the San Diego Gay Pride parade under the banner of one of its schools, despite the fact that these children were brought into the midst of a number of businesses promoting pornography and nearly nude men and women in graphic sexualized demonstrations. It is by far one of the most grotesque and heinous acts that the San Diego City School system has ever engaged in and action must be taken to sanction the school that did this horrific act.

The San Diego Cooperative Charter School operates a public school, grades K-8, under the jurisdiction of the San Diego Unified School District at 2850 Sixth Avenue. Sharing the same building with this charter school, is the notorious abortion clinic, Family Planning Associates . Opening at that location on September 3, 2002, the school chose that location even though the abortion clinic was operating inside of the building.

With daily reports across America of school teachers molesting their students, and female teachers posing nude in adult magazines, one would think that the last place a San Diego City Charter School would bring young children is to the San Diego Gay Pride parade. Photographs taken at this year's parade reveal nauseating displays of graphic sexuality and pornographic businesses being promoted. How the teachers of an elementary school thought it was okay to march as a group under the official banner of the charter school along with children is beyond the pale of anything that the taxpayers and parents of San Diego ever envisioned when they voted to allow the establishment of the public satellite charter schools.

In a true slap in the face of decency and what is in the best interest of children in the public school system, teachers employed with the San Diego Cooperative Charter School can be seen in a photograph in the school's current newsletter posing with very small kids during the parade. It demonstrates the absolute danger that exists in the public school system for many children and what is being placed in their young and impressionable minds. In the photograph, one little girl can be seen holding up a shark with the letters "Diversity" printed on it. Standing in front of a taxpayer funded yellow school bus, another adult in the photo can be seen holding up a sign that reads, "SDCCS - School With Pride". It should also be noted that on the principal's web page is the slogan "You've never seen a public school like this one!". No shit, Sherlock! Considering the fact that the school's principal, Dr. Wendy Ranck-Buhr, allowed her staff to march children into a pornographic-filled parade, that is probably a very appropriate slogan. Click here for the unbelievable photograph from the SDCCS School Newsletter.

What school being funded by the taxpayers of San Diego would be so immoral as to allow small children under the official banner of the San Diego school system to march in the midst of this pornographic gay parade? Did the teachers miss the man who marched down the street giving out goodies while only wearing a g-string? Did they overlook the car filled with men that advertised for RentBoy, the male escort service? Or did the teachers not hear the blasting music from the Powerhouse Productions float that had nearly nude male dancers gyrating for the crowd? What kind of parents bring their kids to something so harmful to their kid's young minds? What message is this sending to the troubled youth of America?

To add insult to injury, at this time last year, the San Diego Gay Pride organization was under investigation for employing numerous pedophiles as volunteers and staff superviors during it annual parade and festival. The scandal involved dangerous sex offenders working for San Diego Gay Pride who had been convicted of having sex with young male minors or young children. One of those pedophiles was hired by the San Diego Gay Pride group to work in its children's garden during their 2005 festival. Most San Diegans would have thought that in 2006, the last place that public schools would allow their children to be on July 29, 2006 would be participating in the pornographic event of the San Diego Gay Pride parade, especially in light of the previous year's pedophile scandal. These San Diegans have guessed wrong.

Take Action Against The San Diego Cooperative Charter School! This school is funded with public (California) tax dollars and they must be sanctioned for bringing small children into the Gay Pride Parade under the banner of a school that taxpayers have paid for! If you're from the San Diego area, tell Dr. Wendy Ranck-Buhr, principal of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School, that you plan to take action against her with the school board for allowing the small children to be exposed to the pornographic imagery of the San Diego Gay Pride parade all under the banner of your tax dollars funding her school. Tell the San Diego Board of Education to Sanction SDCCS and its principal, Dr. Wendy-Ranck-Buhr for bringing small children under your public school-funded banner into the perverted San Diego Gay Pride Parade:

Dr. Wendy Ranck-Buhr
email: principal@sdccs.org
tele: 619-574-0694 - fax no. 619-0861
office email: office@sdccs.org

Those of us not from San Diego can help simply by dropping an e-mail to her to show our concern with and disapproval of exposing elementary school kids to gay pride events.

Analysis: Wow! Hartline tells it exactly the way I would - no holds barred. I wonder if he knows that the National Education Association (NEA), at their June convention, adopted a resolution linking teacher credentialing to acceptance of the homosexual agenda? Or that the NEA refused to pass an amendment designed to protect students against sexual misconduct by teachers? The homosexual lobby consistently exaggerates its numbers to promote mainstream acceptance.

Allowing Gay-Straight clubs at our high schools is proving not to be an end unto itself, but a means to a more sinister end - the sexualization of our kids. What other reason can there be for allowing elementary school kids to march in a gay pride parade, and, worse yet, exposing the kids to known sexual predators the previous year? Dr. Ranck-Buhr should be arrested and charged with child endangerment, at the very least.

And our kids are subjected to other types of social engineering. Dr. Caprice Hollins, the Diversity Dominatrix in the Seattle Public Schools, was caught actively promoting anti-white propaganda to students earlier this year. A nationwide public outcry forced her to remove the offending part of the district's website. However, she also instituted a program allowing Muslim students to break away from class in order to pray, although no such consideration was granted to students of other faiths.

It's time to pull our kids out of the public schools. We need to underscore this effort by electing public officials who will promote vouchers or tuition tax credits to help lower-income parents afford this option.

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  1. a sizeable amount of the student body comes from families that are headed by gay and lesbian parents. virtually the whole school supports the LGBT community. it is common knowledge at the school that alternative lifestyles are reality and are acceptable. the school was founded very close to hillcrest, san diego's own LGBT community.

    this is the reason for the children's participation in the parade.

    any child who was in the parade representing the school's student body marched right alongside their parents WHO OKAYED THEIR PRESENCE IN THE PARADE.

    former sdccs teacher