Tuesday, August 29, 2006

71 Year Old Alaska Man Charged With 37 Counts Of Sexually Abusing A Minor

A 71-year old Alaska man has been charged with 37 counts of sexual abusing a minor, consisting of 24 counts of first-degree sexual abuse and 13 counts of second-degree abuse. He was first arrested on August 17th. Original stories from KTUU Channel 2 and KIMO Channel 13.

Specifically, the accused, identified as Billy Joe Perkins of Eagle River (KIMO Channel 13 states he's from Chugiak, which is immediately north of Eagle River) sexually abused a 10-year old girl for the course of a year. The charges include sexual touching and penetration, and, according to charging documents, Perkins, pictured at left (courtesy of KIMO) has admitted the abuse.

However, this may just be the tip of the iceberg. Police say that since the investigation began, adults have come forward, saying they were also abused by Perkins when they were younger than 10. “The preliminary information was there was one victim, but as the information became more in depth, they realized there were some adult victims that were victimized early on in their life below age 10. As the information coming forward, detectives from the case believe that there are more victims possible, both in Anchorage and Eagle River area,” Anchorage Police Department Lt. Paul Honeman said.

Perkins is being held on $500,000 bail. Anyone with additional information about Perkins is asked to call APD at 907-786-8900.

Analysis: If convicted, he'll probably die in prison, unless he gets the same lawyer that the Peruvian national, Eber Sanchez had back in July, when he successfully plea-bargained kidnapping and rape charges down to a single charge of sexual abuse of a minor. In that case, the victim was reluctant to come forward because of emotional trauma. However, in the Perkins case, there appears to be no lack of victims willing to come forward, so I doubt Perkins will be allowed to plea-bargain such a sweet deal in this case.

Back in April, the Alaska State Legislature passed and Governor Murkowski signed legislation significantly toughening up penalties against sex offenders. Specifically, Senate Bill 218 established a firm age threshold of 13 years, to ensure sexual offenses against victims under 13 will be punished more vigorously than those 13 or older, doubled and even tripled the period of incarceration for offenders, to a maximum penalty of 99 years for repeat offenders (Alaska has no death penalty), provided more specific penalties for offenders who were in a position of authority over their victims, and finally, required paroled sexual offenders paroled to submit to regular periodic polygraphic examinations as an additional control measure. Polygraph testing has actually been instrumental in doubling compliance with conditions of release in other states. So we have the weapons in place to get these perverts off the streets and keep them off for a while.

Perkins looks kind of creepy, doesn't he?

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  1. Yeah. He's creepy.

    Piece of shit!

    There is no treatment proven to work for sex offenders, who have the highest rate of recidivism. After the first offense, they should be removed from society permanently.

    As you said, there is no death penalty in Alaska. So human waste like this will be incarcerated instead, a lifelong expense to tax slaves like us.

    In prison, perverts like this guy won't be beaten up every day by other inmates. Their lives won't be miserable, as we all hope. Scumbags like him will be placed into protective custody as soon as the prison door closes behind him. Afterwards, the correctional system will mollycoddle him because he will be an informant, forever telling correctional officers which inmates are breaking the rules.

    He'll watch a color TV and enjoy cable television for the rest of his life, while getting free medical care and going to church. Perverts love church. It doesn't matter what they do to women and children because "Jesus" will forgive them. They can even jerk-off for the remainder of their prison sentence while remembering what they've done, and Jesus will forgive that too. All they have to do is ask for forgiveness, and waaalaahh...it's granted (that takes a load off their mind, don't it?).

    What good is a polygraph? We already know they're sick.

    Alaska should do the independent thing and give pedophiles the death penalty, and perform the execution publically, so everyone can see what happens to perverts. Public hangings for the last frontier...

  2. I like the idea of public punishment as a detriment. I've always thought these teenagers who're caught vandalizing, in addition to other punishment, ought to spend at least a day in the "stocks" like they did in colonial America. Set up the stocks in Town Square so the offender could experience first hand the contempt of the society he offended.

    And yes, the cons learn to play the "Jesus" card as soon as they realize they can do easier time. Jesus is nothing but a crutch to them.