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Violent Crime Is Increasing Nationwide

Anchorage, Alaska is not the only community experiencing an upsurge in gang-relating shootings and other forms of violent crime. According to a MSNBC report published on July 14th, violent crime is on the rise nationwide. Click here for the original MSNBC report on violent crime.

In Phoenix, they're terrorized by not one but two serial killers. In Boston, homicides are at a 10-year high. And with 14 murders since July 1, the nation's capital has declared a crime emergency.

The latest preliminary FBI statistics show murders in the U.S. jumped 4.8 percent last year while overall violent crime was up 2.5 percent.

And in many communities the upsurge is attributed to juveniles.

"We have a youth problem," says St. Paul, Minn., Police Chief John Harrington. In St. Paul, where murders are up 20 percent, Harrington is seeing an increasing number of criminal kids. "We are seeing them out on the streets later and later at night, and they are themselves into more and more difficulties," Harrington said.

In Washington's upscale Georgetown area last weekend, a British man died after his throat was slashed. Among the arrested: a 15-year-old. "Juvenile arrests are up 13.2 percent over last year," Washington Police Chief Charles Ramsey said.

Crime experts say America has been distracted by the war on terror.

"A lot of the resources devoted have been shifted over from hometown security to homeland security," says James Fox, a criminologist with Northeastern University. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino agrees. "What happened is a lot of those community groups that we used to have don't exist today because the funding is not there," Menino says.

Experts say the solution is to return to what worked in the 1990s when crime rates plummeted. "We need to go back to the hard work of crime control, cops and crime prevention, youth programs," Menino says. "They work, but it takes time and money."

As one law enforcement analyst put it, "Either we pay for programs now or pay for victims later."

Analysis: Martin Savidge brings out several important contributing factors. The obsession with homeland security and the Middle East has indeed diverted resources. The fact that kids are out later implies that curfews are either not in place or, if established, are inadequately enforced. Boston's Mayor Thomas Menino offers a good common-sense idea - go back to doing it the way we were doing it when the problem was under control. Mayor Menino seems to understand that it can be a resource-intensive task.

But there's one other resource not discussed in the report - families. We have too many fragmented families in this society. There are far too many single-parent families. Too many parents are either too overwhelmed or too undermotivated to supervise their kids. And rather than risk offending civil liberties groups by teaching character education and abstinence-based sex education in our schools to prepare the next generation to marry and parent more responsibly, we discourage personal responsibility by promoting "multiculturalism". The fatal flaw of multiculturalism is that it presupposes cultural equality, when reams of evidence clearly show that not all cultures are equally beneficial. Some cultures, like hip-hop, are clearly detrimental to society.

Much hip-hop, or rap music is anti-cop, anti-women, anti-authority, and, most of all, anti-white (they are definitely PRO-Second Amendment, though, LOL). Here's one example:

"He preys on old white ladies [who] drive the Mercedes with the windows cracked. . . . you should've heard the bitch screaming. . . . sticking guns in crackers' mouths. . . . the cops can't stop it. . . . remember 4-29-92, come on; Florence and Normandy coming to a corner near you, cracker; we've been through your area, mass hysteria; led by your motherfucking Menace Clan"; --"Mad Nigga"; Menace Clan, Da Hood, 1995, Rap-A-Lot Records, Noo Trybe Records, Time Warner, USA.

Note that I did not censor the obscenity, so you can taste the ugliness of this form of culture. The reference to Florence and Normandy is to the street corner where the 1992 L.A. insurrection began. Click here to see several more pages of examples of this type of trash. Isn't this something? You suppose Martin Luther King might be turning in his grave thinking that he struggled for years, sat in a Birmingham jail, and sealed his testimony with his blood just so a bunch of bonehead black rappers could call each other "nigga"? How droll. And it's spread into the mainstream. Click here for a National Vanguard story about some white kids taking the thug lifestyle a little too far.

Other forms of cultural expression are nearly as bad. MTV, with its glorification of hooliganism and gratuitous violence, and its dehumanization of women, portraying them as nothing more than two-legged sperm banks, is a major contributor to the problem. The video game manufacturers "cartoonize" gratuitous violence through trash such as Grand Theft Auto. So juveniles become hardened and consider a drive-by shooting to be just another video game. They live for the moment, believe they have no future, and consider human life to possess the same value as the average cigarette butt found on the street.

However, the final issue the current political establishment pulls out all the stops to sugarcoat is mass immigration. Mass immigration has become disproportionately non-white as the business community discovered that non-white foreign immigrants would work for peanuts, demand few benefits, and rarely question their working conditions or their employee rights. However, they work so long and so hard they have little energy left to supervise their kids. As a result, their kids are more likely to join gangs. However, for many years, America's prison population has been considerably more non-white than the greater society at large. See the newest version of Jared Taylor's internationally-acclaimed study, The Color of Crime, for a more detailed analysis of this phenomenom.

However, throwing programs, money, and cops at the problem will not work without grass-roots community involvement. Recently, when Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich appealed to community leaders to step forward, the Samoan community produced such leaders (such as Chief Leuluso'o Leatutufu of the Polynesia Association of Alaska, pictured at left, courtesy of the Anchorage Daily News) ready to work on the problem, as described in two separate Anchorage Daily News stories, here and here. Others must follow this example. Why hasn't Rev Dr. William Green of the Anchorage NAACP been heard from? Oh, that's right, it's Saturday, and he's obviously preparing for another hard Sunday's work scooping up some more of that generous Eagle River tithing at his Eagle River Missionary Baptist Church.

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