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Shaun Walker Officially Resigns As National Alliance Chairman

Special Note: Reposted on January 3rd, 2007 to provide updated photo link (courtesy of ABC News).

In a statement published today on the Natallnews website, Shaun Walker (pictured at left) has formally resigned as Chairman of the National Alliance. Former Chairman Erich Gliebe (pictured below left) will replace him. Here's the text of the statement:

For professional reasons, Shaun A. Walker has resigned from his position as Chairman of the National Alliance. Former National Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe is now the acting CEO and will fill Mr. Walker's roles, including producing the American Dissident Voices radio program each week.

It will be business as usual for the National Alliance and its associated businesses and we will continue to surge ahead without missing a beat.

This announcement is somewhat anticlimatic; Walker's lawyer first disclosed it after the initial hearing. While this move will undoubtedly permit Shaun Walker to concentrate more fully on defending himself against these charges, it was also imposed on him by U.S. Magistrate David Nuffer as one of several conditions to be met to qualify for release on personal recognizance. At the next hearing scheduled for July 5th, Walker must show that he's established a Utah residence and severed all ties with white nationalist groups, personalities, and his co-defendants in order to be released on personal recognizance.

This will be Erich Gliebe's second tenure as Chairman. While successful in operating Resistance Records, Gliebe's first term as Chairman was pockmarked by some controversy. Many senior figures, to include Fred Streed, Robert DeMarais, Billy Roper, and Alex Linder, broke ranks with the organization during that time as a result of tactical and strategic differences. Bill White of Libertarian Socialist News offers a useful and relatively balanced insider's perspective on these differences here. However, it's quite possible that Gliebe has learned from that experience and I would urge any National Alliance members reading this to give him the opportunity to prove it.

Alaska Pride continues to believe these charges to be politically motivated. The offenses stemmed from two bar fights 3 1/2 years ago. The purported victims did not press assault charges. The state of Utah did not file assault charges. Why should it suddenly be an issue now? The only difference is the involvement of an officially-unnamed informer who turned state's evidence to get out from under some unrelated charges. How trustworthy can such a person be? How do we know the informer won't lie to the prosecutor? The willingness of two different magistrates to offer pre-trial release on personal recognizance strongly implies that even the judges believe there is more smoke than fire.

Some of the Salt Lake media (particularly the Salt Lake Tribune) have helped fuel this case by implicitly linking Shaun Walker to Dr. William Pierce's fictional novel The Turner Diaries, to Tim McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing, and to Robert Mathews and the Order. Walker had nothing to do with any of these developments. This should be no surprise; the Salt Lake Tribune is known for its notorious leftist bias and its pronounced anti-Mormon stance.

If the system can get away with putting down white nationalists judicially because of their politics, who will be next? Progressives? Consider the reaction when the Dixie Chicks exercised their constitutional right to criticize President Bush. They were portrayed as traitors. We must stop the creeping criminalization of dissent in this country. If not you, who? If not now, when? If Shaun Walker and his cohorts hang tough, they can beat these charges. The skepticism is already there. What we must watch out for is the Feds executing a bunch of delaying tactics in order to drain the defense finances of the defendants.

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