Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Peruvian National Gets Three-Year Wristslap In Kidnap-Rape Of Anchorage Teen

A Peruvian national who admitted he forced sex on a white 14-year Anchorage girl was sentenced to three years in jail after an agreement to plead guilty to a charge of sexual abuse of a minor. In exchange, kidnapping and rape charges were dropped. With time off for good behavior, he could be out after two years. Click here for full story from KTUU Channel 2.

The assailant, Eber Sanchez, was arrested in September 2004 for luring a 14-year-old girl away from the Dimond Mall in South Anchorage and forcing her into his car. The Anchorage Police Department says Sanchez then took her to the construction site of a home he had been hired to work on and raped her.

In seeking the toughest penalty possible, her parents asked for the maximum, saying three years is a mockery considering what she endured. They also asked that Sanchez get treatment to better understand why he hurt their daughter, as well as to ensure their family will be safe in the future.

We also want him to be deported to Peru after this sentence is concluded so that my daughter never has to worry about worry about running into him again, and we don't have to fear going to the mall or sending any of our other daughters out into the community,” said Yael Hickock, the victim's mother.

But Judge Philip Volland understands that no jail sentence will change what happened.

There's nothing about a sentence that can heal the injury to the victim in this case -- nothing -- nothing about the sentence that can heal the trauma to her parents,” said Judge Philip Volland of the Anchorage Court.

There were five other victims, but according to the district attorney’s office, three of those weren't chargeable. Of the two that were, one victim was uncooperative and the other never showed up to testify before the grand jury.

Sanchez offered no comment to the victim's family or the judge after sentence was pronounced.

Analysis: The victim and her parents agreed to the plea deal to spare the victim the trauma of re-living the experience in open court. Rape is a very traumatic experience, and frequently the victim ends up just as much on trial as the defendant. This may explain why the other two victims in chargeable cases failed to follow through. Rape shield laws, where they exist, are designed to help overcome this problem, but the flip side is that it effectively impairs a defendant's right to "confront" his accuser.

Three years is an insult. This is obviously a serial rapist we're dealing with here. Some comfort can be derived from the fact that he's not a U.S. citizen. Since he's here on a green card, his crime is serious enough to warrant his permanent deportation from the United States once he's completed his sentence. When our state legislature opens its next regular session in January, it needs to explore this problem.

However, because of our open borders policy, this scene is played out all over the United States far more than is tolerable. In this case of Latino perpretrators from outside the United States, it's cultural as well as criminal. In one similar case, a Mexican national tried to defend his actions by claiming that the girls back in his "pueblo" were all married off by the age of 13-14. So they (the rural residents, mostly; upper-class urban Mexicans are much more sophisticated) develop a casual attitude towards women, similar to the casual attitude towards animals as manifested by the popularity of bloodsports like cockfighting and bullfighting south of the border. The multiculturalists didn't factor these cultural disparities in advance, and the business community which benefits from their dirt-cheap labor could care less, as long as their bottom line is in the black.

This is why immigration reform must result in immigration reduction - to give us a time out to properly assimilate the large numbers of legal immigrants already here. Not only must we reduce legal immigration to manageable levels, but we must remove illegal immigrants through attrition. Maybe if I say it often enough, it might sink in to our elected officials.

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  1. Maybe you weren't here when the white guy, fresh from church one Sunday, sat at the food court of Dimond Mall waiting for a 15 year old girl to meet him there.
    I'd love to have seen his face when he realized it was a cop.

    It amazes me how your kind, white supremacists, can take one story and completely twist it to fit your hate.

    As for the guy who raped the girl, one bullet to the head would be justice. Doesn't matter what color the bastard is.

    We have a number of white guys sitting down in Florida either in prison or waiting trail for raping and killing little girls.
    Go figure....