Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The National Socialist Movement: Meltdown Or Metamorphosis?

The big news throughout the white nationalist community during the past five days has been the apparent meltdown of America's most active and prominent white nationalist organization, the National Socialist Movement. Initially fueled by a physical confrontration between NSM cadre and representatives of three skinhead organizations at Nordic Fest on May 27th, it burst into full flame with the revelation of an active connection between the Joy of Satan and now-former NSM Chairman Cliff Herrington. The focal point of this dispute has been the now-former spokesman for the NSM, Bill White (pictured at left, courtesy of Citizens Against Hate) who took issue with the Vinlander Social Club, the Joy of Satan, and paid for it with his membership. However, it appears the meltdown may have been stopped by the resignation of NSM Chairman Cliff Herrington today.

Click here for a mainstream media story published by the Roanoke Times. Continuous blow-by-blow coverage provided by Bill White in multiple posts both on his Overthrow.com website and his Overthrow88 blogsite. Detailed antifa coverage provided on Nicole Nichols's "Nikki's Nest" blogsite (Nichols is the co-director of Citizens Against Hate). I will merely highlight the significant events in this sequence and provide my customary analysis.

In my opinion, the first shot was actually fired at Nordic Fest on May 27th. Despite bad blood between Bill White and Vinlanders leader Brien James, five NSM members chose to disobey NSM leadership counsel and attended Nordic Fest in a commendable but painfully misguided effort to promote reconciliation and unity. I say "painfully" because some of the 50 others in attendance, primarily members of the Vinlanders, took exception to this, and launched an unprovoked physical attack on the NSM cadre, inflicting physical injury. However, others in attendance soon recovered their wits and acted to put a stop to it. Bill White took exception to this and posted a ringing condemnation of the Vinlanders on the Overthrow site, as well as subsequent stories about the Vinlanders on the Overthrow88 site, and the battle was on.

The condemnation of the Vinlanders (pictured at left) is fully justified. One need only visit their website and view their comments and discussions to see their absolute lack of constructive activism, such as rallies or literature distributions. All they talk about is getting drunk, getting laid, or getting into fights, when they are not informing on each other. Here's an example: On a story about the KSS Weekend Picnic, a poster named Butcher talks about how he wants to "break shit with the hooligans". In the comments section of the same story, he posts the following pearl of wisdom: "The night was concluded by us going to our motel for some drunk antics, grab ass, fighting, attempted man rape (WTF, Over???), fire extinguishers and broken bottles. Class act, huh? Unfortunately, when mainstream media outlets like the A & E Channel decide to profile white nationalists, they do not choose to portray responsible activists, but instead focus on hedonistic whigger scum like the Vinlanders, thus further perpetuating negative biases and stereotypes of the white nationalist movement. White is one of the few mainstream WN leaders to publicly take issue with these people, and he's taken criticism as a result.

However, the storm broke out in full fury upon the revelation that the wife of now-former NSM Chairman Herrington was using an offical NSM P.O. Box as a box for a group called the Joy of Satan. While claiming to be a "Satanist" group, several genuine Satanists wrote in to Bill White to dispel this notion. The Joy of Satan is actually considered a fake by an estimated 95% of the Satanist community. Many Christians within the NSM, particularly adherents to Christian Identity (CI), were outraged over these revelations, not only for theological reasons, but also because the NSM bills itself as being officially "neutral" regarding religion. Independent WN radio host Hal Turner, himself a Christian, was similarly outraged. Indeed, the opposition is reaping a rich propaganda harvest, as Nicole Nichols is referring to this as "Satangate" on her blogsite. Allegations of child molestation and rape against Herrington have also emerged, but have not been substantiated.

This triggered a flurry of e-mails between Bill White, other NSM members, and the NSM National Headquarters. The last flurry consisted of e-mail from Jeff Schoep suspending White from the organization, White's response with a resignation e-mail, and Schoep countering with an expulsion order.

The expulsion triggered the meltdown. Numerous NSM units announced their decision to disaffiliate from the NSM. At last count, an estimated 80% of the known NSM membership has resigned, although Jeff Schoep counterclaims that it's only seven. Several units announced their readiness to accept Bill White's leadership either in a new NSM or a competing NSM-style organization. Reluctant at first, White then decided to explore this option further. Towards this end, he has opened up a NSAmerica Yahoo group and invited interested parties to join in and discuss their ideas on re-creating the NSM. This is what could transform the meltdown into a metamorphosis.

During this sequence, another seemingly incidental e-mail was published; namely, the revelation that the Utah state NSM leader Rocky Monbaren had possibly become an Federal informer in order to escape DUI charges. Though seemingly inconsequential on the surface, Utah is the site for the upcoming Soviet-style show trial of the Shaun Walker trio on spurious Federal "hate crimes" charges, to begin on August 21st. Items 1 and 3 of Count One of the indictment contain the phrase "others known and unknown to the Grand Jury". Why would the "others known" be unnamed? It is possible that there was at least one informer, maybe more. This opens up the possibility that Monbaren may have been informing on Shaun Walker, depending on whether or not the Utah NSM and National Alliance units maintained a working relationship. So this development may prove to have at least major regional significance.

However, just a short while ago, Bill White posted confirmation on Overthrow that Cliff Herrington has indeed resigned, thus stopping the meltdown abruptly in its tracks. White has offered to return to the NSM if other members implicated in "Satangate" are dismissed, and if some further changes in leadership structure and organization are made. He is not asking that Jeff Schoep himself resign. The nature of the changes were not specified, but are expected to emerge as a result of the discussions to be held on the Yahoo site earlier identified.

The meltdown has stopped, but the metamorphosis has yet to begin.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback and for reproducing my post on the Overthrow site. Being that this was such a dynamic situation, I wanted to effectively and factually summarize it as succinctly as possible.

    Another fact is indisputable - the NSM has experienced its greatest growth and prominence since you became involved. I believe some people with egos larger than their resumes are resentful of this.

  2. Hey, man, you sound like a neo-Nazi. I'd say there is a meltdown going on in your freakin' head, eh. You don't sound like the brightest of your race (it should be ok to use that term, since you're obviously a racist (big time).
    So, do you miss Adolf Hitler? Is he really the kind of guy you'd want for President? What kind of America do you want, Hans?