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Fox News Commentator Juan Williams Condemns Mainstream Black Leaders For Promoting Entitlement Instead Of Empowerment

Update October 21st, 2010: Juan Williams fired by National Public Radio for making comment deemed "anti-Muslim" on the O'Reilly Factor. Updated post HERE. Have also updated the title of this post to make it a bit more descriptive.

Here's an article from that I'm posting in its entirety because it is truly a defining article. Juan Williams (pictured at left, courtesy of Fox News), a correspondent for Fox and NPR, and a liberal, has written a book which basically calls for blacks to quit feeling sorry for themselves, get off their asses, tell extortionists like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Rev. Dr. William Green (NAACP-Anchorage) to take their message of false entitlement elsewhere, and strike out for empowerment. This article could even be considered a second "emancipation proclamation" because of its sheer pertinence and elegance.

Fox News contributor Juan Williams comes out swinging against "phony" black leaders and a black "culture of failure" in his new book "Enough." Williams gave NewsMax his first interview about the book, and he lashed out at leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who create support by focusing on "victimhood."

"That says to an individual, ‘You can't help yourself, you can't help your family, and therefore all you can do is wait for the government to do something for you," said Williams, who is also a senior correspondent for National Public Radio. "I think it is a message of weakness and ineffectual thinking that is absolutely crippling the poor and especially minorities in the United States." [Editor's Note: Get your copy of "Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-end Movements, and Culture of Failure that are Undermining Black America—and What We Can Do About It" today - Click here!

Victimhood Not a Black Tradition

Williams, who is black, decided to write "Enough" after Bill Cosby called upon blacks to stop blaming "the white man" for their problems. "Cosby comes across as a real hero," Williams told NewsMax. "And President Bush comes across as a good guy, because he is one of the people who is demanding accountability from the schools."

In the book, published by Crown, Williams cites a long tradition of black self-reliance. "You had Frederick Douglass, who said, ‘Let's get African-Americans in the Union Army to fight for their own freedom.' Crispus Attucks obviously was shedding black blood for the independence of the country and making the case that black Americans had every right to be full citizens with full obligations and privileges that come with citizenship. And you come forward from there to Booker T. Washington, who said, ‘Let's establish trade schools, and let's own land, in order to establish a black economic base that will deal with poverty but will also deal with the whole notion of equality and equal rights in the country.' You come forward from that to Dr. King."

But in recent decades, "That tradition has been abandoned by people who say, ‘What if we portray people as victims? If we have a larger pool of poor people, then we are eligible for a bigger government grant,"' Williams said. "[Black leaders] maintain their positions of power by mismanaging people. They say that the way we get power is by pretending to be so weak and impotent that we have to say, 'It's the result of what the government is doing,and we have to wait for the government to help us.' I just think it's criminal to tell people that kind of sad message."

Leaders or Shills?

Moreover, Williams said, Jackson and Sharpton are paid by competitors to stage phony "civil rights" demonstrations at companies. "Because one company wants to get access to a cable system, for example, they have these people out there demonstrating as if this is a civil rights issue," Williams said. "They're trying to embarrass [companies] by having people like Jackson and Sharpton pull up in limousines and lead these demonstrators. It is a total farce."

Beyond failed leadership, Williams takes aim at "a culture of failure" among blacks. "That culture says that you are acting white if you're a good student, that says that going to jail is just a right of passage, or that crime is acceptable in the black community," Williams said. "You know, you celebrate drug dealers and gangs, and you say, 'That's authentically black' when you see criminal behavior. How self-defeating! What a negative image to take on to yourself, but even worse, to put on your children."

The whole notion of victimization is being promoted by "failed leaders, and it's creating a culture of failure that's undermining poor people, it's undermining minorities in this country," Williams said. These leaders "make excuses and want to argue about why there's a heavier penalty for crack cocaine than for powdered cocaine," Williams said. Rap music only furthers this destructive message, according to Williams.

Education Is the Key

But if black people want to help themselves and break through the culture of victimization, they can look to President Bush's No Child Left Behind Act, Williams said. "Here's a president who's actually looking at the fact that these schools that serve an overwhelmingly minority population are failing to properly educate those kids."

And with No Child Left Behind "we're going to know if you're educating your students or not. We're going to know if the black kids are all being routed into some lower-end classes, not being allowed to take tests, and failing and dropping out," Williams told NewsMax. "[Bush] is insisting on accountability. Who does this benefit? Black kids, Hispanic kids, their parents and their community at large. It insists that the school system educate all children." For too long, Williams added, "Schools were not being held accountable. In part because the Democrats were in the pockets of the [teachers'] unions."

With his Cabinet selections, Bush has set an example of what blacks can achieve, Williams said. He cited two African-Americans as secretaries of state, a secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and a former secretary of Education who are black. "You know, for all the talk about a cabinet that looks like America under Clinton, Bush has a better record of diversity in his cabinet than Clinton did," he said.

The good news is that the self-defeating culture can be changed. Instead of blaming white society, black leaders should be encouraging African-Americans to get a good education and avoid drugs.

Just Say No

"Bill Cosby said he's never seen the NAACP lead a march against drug dealers," Williams said. "You change the culture by getting groups like the NAACP to start admitting that what's really undermining the success of black families and black children is when a crack house opens in the neighborhood and people tolerate and allow that to happen." They say "'We can't do nothin' about it,' or 'We're waiting for the police.' You know what? That is a civil rights issue."

Williams, a former Washington Post reporter, said the NAACP and black leaders should be sending the message: "Don't use cocaine. This is something that is highly addictive, it will cripple your family, it will damage your community, don't do it."

And they should be saying, "If you finish high school or go to college, if you make sure that your kids have wonderful experiences instead of sitting in front of the TV, if you teach them to work hard, this is a country that will reward you," Williams said.

"You have too many people who don't understand that if you simply delay having children, don't have children as teenagers, you put yourself in a position to have tremendous success. They should know to get married before having children. These are basic steps that almost guarantee that you will not live in poverty in this country." Williams said, "You never hear that message."

In calling the book "Enough," Williams issues this call-to-arms: "Enough of these phony leaders who focus on victimhood and victimization. Enough of this kind of dead-end talk about celebrating criminals and bad behavior. Let's look at what works and how people can lift themselves up."

Editor's Note: Get Juan Williams' new book "Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America - and What We Can Do About It" at 37% off - go here now.

Analysis: This is the type of profound assessment that, if the black community were to listen and adopt these attitudes, could ensure that Thomas W. Chittum's book, Civil War Two, remains a work of fiction. Yes, mass immigration steals jobs from the working class and disproportionately from blacks. Yes, Latino gangbangers (like the hideous lifeform you see pictured at left)are currently trying to ethnically cleanse blacks from South Central Los Angeles. But even in the face of such profound challenges, blacks could do more for themselves. There's no law stating that they have to do drugs. There's no law stating that they have to abuse and pimp their women. There's no law that says they have to sit at home "chilling out" on the stoop with a forty in one hand, a basketball in the other hand, and a crack pipe up each nostril while Korean immigrants who can't speak a lick of English come into THEIR neighborhoods and open up small businesses which the blacks themselves could do themselves if only they would put their resources together and do it. And there's definitely no law that says they have initiate pre-emptive drive-by shootings, either.

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Anchorage's own Rev. Dr. William Green are nothing more than political extortionists and poverty pimps who promote entitlement rather than empowerment. Local Anchorage residents undoubtedly remember last September when the Assembly fired Elvi Gray-Jackson for her persistent failure to meet the Assembly's conditions of employment, and Rev. Dr. Green went ballistic, visited Assembly Chambers, and deliberately defamed and smeared two members of the Assembly, Anna Fairclough and Dan "I Hate Smokers" Coffey with false charges of racism. This provoked a short-lived and unsuccessful recall attempt by Troy Maulden against one of Dr. Green's Assembly sock puppets, Pamela Jennings. And Jesse Jackson's no slouch either. After the recent PUSH conference in Chicago, Jackson announced an extortion campaign against British Petroleum. If BP caves in, it could make it more difficult for us in Alaska to get an equitable natural gas pipeline contract.

Despite the tactical flaws in No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and its obsession with testing, Williams is correct about the basic premise. It does promote greater accountability. However, teachers' unions are squawking and dragging their heels. Recently the NEA passed a resolution - not on how to better implement NCLB, but on how to make our schools more homocentric. Most teacher's unions are morbidly obsessed with teacher salaries and could care less about education quality. The NEA is the biggest impediment to education in existence. Admittedly, the Anchorage Education Association has been considerably more restrained, exerting commendable efforts to avoid a strike. Perhaps they're conscious of the Anchorage School District's (ASD) "interest list", which consists of approximately 700 teachers who've applied to work for ASD and, if called, would come to work at the present compensation level.

Juan Williams' advice to "get married before having children" is exactly on target. However, he bumps up against the powerful therapeutic industry who is so obsessed with "inclusivity". They think telling a kid to get married before having kids is "judgmental". Too bad, so sad. We are a judgmental people. I make judgments every morning as to in what order I should shit, shower, and shave. Judgements are necessary to keep a society functional. The problem is that the namby-pamby flower-wearing Woodstock generation is in charge and they can't understand why everyone doesn't want to just sit around the frigging maypole, holding hands, and singing "Kumbaya" or "We Shall Overcome".

However, the best part is his assessment of rap culture. Rap is nihilistic and destructive, a celebration of failure. It's anti-woman, anti-cop, anti-everything-that's-worthwhile. A study by the Pacific Institute for Research and Education, discussed last April, indicated that rap listeners were much more prone to alcohol abuse. And while the black community must take a reasonable share of the blame, rap took off when white people started buying into it. This is unforgivable. By buying off on the rap culture, the white community is subsidizing degradation within the black community; the demand motivates more young blacks to become rappers than doctors, nurses, or even pundits like Juan Williams. Rap is a form of cultural genocide against the black community. As a racially-conscious white man, I get so nauseated when I see some young white bonehead with a backwards ball cap, pants hanging down to the knees, flashing his fingers like numchuks. Let me state this quite plainly - if you're white, and you adopt the rap lifestyle, you are a race traitor, pure and simple. You are a reverse Oreo. Rap is not white music. As a matter of fact, rap shouldn't even be black music - it shouldn't exist, period. But we cannot outlaw it legislatively, because that would be un-American. But we damn sure can outlaw it spiritually, by exercising the self-discipline to turn our backs on it.

And this is exactly what Juan Williams preaches - self-discipline and self-motivation, which are the real keys to self-esteem.

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  1. Nice, god damn uppity jungle bunnies anyway.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Tom. I've seen your posts on Nasty Nikki's blog as well as your own.

    It just gets so frustrating to hear them whine about "racism" 42 years after we legislatively solved the problem.

  3. You whine about racism all the time Carl!
    And Tom seems to be a hate filled guy, aren't you going to point that fact out to him?
    Gee, silly me! It's your brand of hate therefore it's OK..

  4. Well, I personally do disagree with what was said. The thing is, the people who are pushing for reparations include multimillionaires, Russell Simmons, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, and yes Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, a couple more well off Blacks. To have a total criticism of the movement is dangerous, but this is America, and we are all entitled to our own opinions, regardless of the opinion.

    Now, George Bush isn't my friend, he doesn't benefit me with any legislation he provides, and I work in the Education System, and the only people that benefit from NCLB are School Board members, b/c it allows them to get raises, and the additional benefit is for the President's image. NCLB does not do anything to bring about accountability, until you work in a school that's restricted to what it can do because there's concern about how many asses are in seats, then you will understand.

    As soon as people, like you, see something like what Juan Williams said, hit the presses, you're quick to jump on it, saying Hell Yeah, he's right, you all should listen. However, his views are flawed.

    Anchorage Activist, if you honestly think that 42 years ago racism was legislatively solved, then you are really living in the most remote regions of Alaska. Come down to the lower 48, and see how much has been solved by the Voter's Rights Act of 1965, or the Civil Rights Amendment. You are clueless, and very racist, and really a huge part of the problem that this World faces. How can you talk shit about a race when your race is by far, the minority when it comes to the grand scheme of things. If you don't believe me, all you have to do is look worldwide, and see how many Caucasians comprise this planet. It's not even 10 percent of the total population. LOL, grow up.

  5. J.Elliott wrote, "Anchorage Activist, if you honestly think that 42 years ago racism was legislatively solved, then you are really living in the most remote regions of Alaska. Come down to the lower 48, and see how much has been solved by the Voter's Rights Act of 1965, or the Civil Rights Amendment."

    The point you're missing is that now you and your people can no longer be barred by law from voting, housing, jobs or use of public facilities because of your race. If there are variations, it's because the law is not enforced properly, not because the law is bad. This is the problem the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was designed to correct, and this is how it was sold to the white community.

    However, equal opportunity cannot guarantee equal outcome. Outcome is dependent upon individual initiative. And when affirmative action was invented to massage the numbers, it provided unequal opportunity for working-class whites.

    The most important point Juan Williams brings out it that the black community hinders its cause by destructive behavior and celebrating as heroes those who promote it. We cleaned up our house 42 years ago when we passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 - now, Juan Williams is suggesting that the black community finally clean up its own house more effectively.

    You might as well give up using the term racist. It's been used so often and so indiscriminately that a growing segment of the white community no longer cares about it. We look upon it as "the boy who cried wolf". The white community is no longer interested in peace at any price. We don't want race war, but if it happens, so be it. With the volatile mix we've introduced into this country, particularly through mass immigration, I don't think race war is avoidable, particularly if the economy crashes.

  6. So, Anchorage, you're telling me that the point I'm missing is that "Me and My people" cannot be barred from voting, housing, jobs, or the funniest part, using public facilities because of race. Do you honestly think that's what the law and ending of this bullshit discrimination was for? Like I said before, you are locked away in your igloo, with no clue of what's going on in this world, today. Who cares how it was sold to anyone, the fact of the matter is, it's not enforced. You think that you can pacify someone by giving little concessions here and there, and they'll be happy? No, the laws aren't properly enforced, and Hate drivers like you, since you don't listen to racist anymore, keep this epidemic alive. You can sell anything all day, and the intent maybe there, as selling something to you, however it doesn't occur that way, period.

    "However, equal opportunity cannot guarantee equal outcome. Outcome is dependent upon individual initiative. And when affirmative action was invented to massage the numbers, it provided unequal opportunity for working-class whites."

    Do you think that everything in this country is supposed to be at the benefit of whites? Are you kidding? What's your drug of choice?????? You've honestly taken too much of it, because you can't be serious by saying that it's providing unequal opportunities for working-class whites. Have you ever went to get a business funded and have people basically laugh at you, even with perfect credit? Well, I have, and guess what, it hurts, and it sure isn't because the business idea isn't viable, it's because of race, period. Until you have to go through it, you will never know.

    Better yet, do you know any Black People personally? And I'm not talking about the guy who works with you, I'm talking about someone who hangs out with you, you know them and their family. I bet you don't, because if you did, you truly wouldn't be saying half of the garbage you spew.

    Juan Williams didn't suggest anything, not from what I saw. He went on a bitch session just like his buddy Bill Cosby, who neither one of them has had to work for anything in their entire lifetimes. Neither one of them knows personally any working class Blacks, hence the remarks each have made. Hell, and for him to say George Bush is my friend, hell, he's no one's friend, because with No Child Left Behind, if your child doesn't pass their exit exams by the time they graduate from high school, they do not get a diploma, instead a certificate. Meaning, they can never go into the military, college, get government grants and loans for businesses, and most importantly, never get a GED. Amazing, you and your folks are really benefitting the good ol' United States. Good Joke

  7. I disagree with u ur commons were reallu racist we dont steal jobs from black people we earned our job we are not like u guys that eligal imgrants with out papers have to pay taxes for ur sorry asses that dont like to work an do shit in life iam not saying everybody is like that but the majorty are so dont try to put a pic an said we are stealing ur job u LAZY assholes