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UAA Professor Blames Racially Disparate Alaska High School Graduation Rates On "Historical Racism"

Historical racism is the primary reason for low high school graduation rates in Alaska, according to University of Alaska at Anchorage (UAA) Professor Stephen Haycox in a guest column published on June 30th, 2006 in the Anchorage Daily News. In his column, Professor Stephen Haycox, a regular contributor of guest columns to the Anchorage Daily News, discusses Alaska high school graduation rates within the context of a recent Education Week report on graduation rates in all 50 states.

Synopsis: I will not replicate the actual column here; click the link above to see the original. Instead, I will summarize it.

Dr. Haycox leads off by discussing the overall high school graduation rates both statewide and in Anchorage. He further identifies and discusses racial disparities in these rates.

He then attempts to build a case for historical racism as a significant causative factor, focusing on a new book entitled "Inhuman Bondage: The Rise and Fall of Slavery in the New World", written by David Brion Davis, who is identified as a Sterling Professor of American History at Yale University, and has a Pulitzer Prize to his credit. He briefly summarizes the progression of chattel slavery from the Crusades to the American antebellum period.

He insists that, upon arriving in the Western Hemisphere, Europeans flaunted their technological and cultural dominance to the indigenous peoples, and blames Christianity for providing some degree of moral and ethical cover. Dr. Haycox also cites the communicable diseases Europeans brought as evidence that Europeans' assumption of superiority changed from cultural to racial. He suggests that the assumptions and the derived behavior became habitual and hereditary, being passed from one generation to the next.

He suggests we cannot escape this "legacy", stating that without the overt racism of the Jim Crow era, the civil rights revolution would not have been necessary, and we would not be trapped with the dependencies created in trying to rid ourselves of the "Indian problem". Translated, that last batch of academic gobbledygook apparently means that the reservation system created for American Indians in the Lower 48 promotes entitlement rather than empowerment.

He concludes by reciting a whole laundry list of social problems, including poverty, inadequate health insurance coverage, and "subsistence" jobs, in which minorities are disproportionately represented, implying once again that "racism" is the problem.

Analysis: One white guy like Stephen Haycox inflicts as much damage to the white community as five Jesse Jacksons or ten Rev Dr. William Greens. By blaming all minority problems on "racism", Haycox emboldens and empowers extortionists like Jesse Jackson and fosters the marginalization of responsible minority spokespeople like Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, Ken Blackwell, and our own Macon Roberts (Anchorage School Board member).

Dr. Haycox's cheap shot at Christianity not only reflects the classical intellectual disdain for religion, but is also designed to augment the establishment's demonization of this faith. There were excesses, but there were numerous priests and pastors who were humble followers of Christ and who attempted to deal justly with indigenous peoples, as far as their limited knowledge and understanding permitted. Of course, effete academics like Dr. Haycox like nothing better that to sit in their ivory towers and judge the actions of yesterday through the morality of today.

The Jim Crow era arose directly from the assassination of Abraham Lincoln . Lincoln openly acknowledged that black and white were too unequal to exist side by side in America, and was considering the voluntary repatriation of blacks back to Africa after the conclusion of the War for Southern Independence (a better title of the Civil War). Had Lincoln lived, not only would this have occurred, but blacks who remained would have been given a grubstake similar to the Homestead Act. Reconstruction would have been much less destructive to the South and promoted rapid economic enfranchisement for most blacks. The Ku Klux Klan, initially formed by former Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and five other ex-Confederate officers as a defensive response against Reconstruction terror, might never have existed. Under these conditions, no civil rights movement would have been needed. However, Lincoln was shot, Andrew Johnson was too politically weak to govern effectively, and the Radical Republicans in Congress, led by Charles Sumner and Thaddeus Stevens, ran amok and ground the Union heel into the face of the defeated Confederacy until Rutherford B. Hayes mercifully ended the terror in 1877.

By stating that we "cannot escape this legacy", Dr. Haycox implies that we will be held hostage to the racism question eternally. It smacks of the type of permanent revolution that Mao Zedong was so fond of and nearly tanked his country. People cannot live under that type of emotional gun; at some point, they'll snap. The good professor ought to spend more time addressing the progress made. The purpose of the civil rights revolution was equal opportunity, not equal outcome. Outcome is far too dependent upon individual initiative. To try to artificially equalize disparities in outcome will destroy equal opportunity; affirmative action was the misguided and divisive result of this quest.

If, after 42 years of equal opportunity, we still have these disparities, they cannot be attributable to an institutional racism that no longer exists. Consequently, we must look for other causes:

1). Parenting. There's a 70% illegitimacy rate within the black community nationwide; only 30% within the white community. Most single parent families are headed by women. This means many black youth do not have the restraining influence of a father at home. Most boys are more scared of their dads than their moms.

2). Mass Immigration. Dr. Haycox correctly states that minorities are over-represented in the so-called "scut" jobs. Guess who competes with them for these "scut" jobs and drives down the wages? The immigrants, particularly those who are illegal and are blackmailed by unscrupulous employers into working for sub-minimum wages. And the Anchorage School District has also struggled with this problem, as over 90 different languages are spoken within the District. Dr. Haycox fails to address the immigration problem.

3). Federal Micromanagment. Public schools have too many federal requirements to contend with. No Child Left Behind is too test-oriented and imposes inflexible "qualification" requirements on teachers. Credentials take precedence over character. Then there's the tyranny of Title IX. Districts have to constantly monitor the balance between boys and girls teams. Then the Office of Civil Rights, which enforces Title IX, has power to arbitrarily determine what is and isn't a sport. Their obstinate and illogical refusal to consider cheerleading a sport cost the Anchorage School District $150,000 by forcing them to fund girl's flag football. Girls playing football? That's so unfeminine!

4). Discipline. The Anchorage School District is better than most, but most elementary schools would benefit from being run on the stricter-regime "ABC" model. The fact that we have cops on high school campuses shows how far we've fallen. Multiculturalism exacerbates the problem by presuming cultural equality regardless of the impact upon public order. We also need for ASD to do a better job of discriminating between perpetrators and victims in fights and be less prone to put the perpetrator on the same level as the victim.

Since we had fewer problems in public schools 30 years ago than we do now, then maybe we ought to return to the management principles we employed back then, and not cop out by trying to find a single magic bullet. Dr. Haycox polarizes and divides the community with his cheap, tawdry white-bashing and actually renders his greatest disservice to those minorities about who he purports to care by promoting entitlement and false expectations amongst them instead of empowerment and genuine understanding. Our secular universities are infested with these type of people; Ward Churchill at the University of Colorado was just the most prominent and egregious example. But UAA apparently has their own Ward Churchill wannabes. Dr. Haycox, are you one of them?

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  1. Haycox is a left-wing liberal nut job.
    You can't be too hard on him though, Carl.
    He isn't a big fan of the Jews. At least Jews who don't kiss him and his friends rear-ends.
    That should give him some points in the "white" nationalist play book.

  2. Maybe in some other white nationalist's "play book", but not in mine. There are way too many professors in our secular universities who think like him. They produce way too many graduates that think like him. The damage inflicted upon our wallets and on our psyche is incalculable.

    It's someone who thinks like Haycox who would decide that cheerleading isn't a "sport".