Sunday, May 07, 2006

SPLC Claims Another Victim; Former Klan Leader Jeff Berry Forced To Sell Personal Home To Pay SPLC Judgment

On May 5th, 2006, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) announced that it had successfully forced former Klan leader Jeff Berry (pictured at left) to sell his home to pay a $120,000 judgment the SPLC had won for their clients in civil court. Of this judgment, their clients will get a mere $13,000, though. No word, though, on the disposition of the remaining $107,000. Read the SPLC's account here.

The judgment stemmed from an incident in November 1999 when two reporters confronted him at his home. The journalists, George Sells IV and Heidi Thiel, were covering Klan activity for Louisville television station WHAS when they went to Berry's home in Butler, Ind., to interview him about an upcoming rally. Berry became enraged during the interview, and several followers forcibly detained the journalists and brandished a shotgun until they surrendered their videotapes.

Berry was arrested and charged with false imprisonment and threatening the two journalists. He agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit criminal confinement with a deadly weapon, in exchange for all other charges being dropped. However, he served time in an Indiana prison. By all accounts, the punishment appears justified.

However, this was not enough for the predators at the SPLC (Morris Dees pictured at left). They pursued a civil case on behalf of the reporters and won a civil judgment. The SPLC forced Berry to sell his home to satisfy the judgment. In the SPLC's own words, "the Center pursued all avenues for collecting the judgment to ensure he would feel its full sting". This despite the fact that the litigation effectively put Berry's American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan out of business, which is the stated goal of the SPLC. But the SPLC are a bunch of bullies and thugs who kick people once they get them down.

However, the destruction of Jeff Berry is just the latest in a series of outrages perpretrated by the SPLC. Here are some more:

1). The pursuit and entrapment of former Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (CKKKK) leader Glenn Miller (pictured with his family at left). To summarize, after a 15-month investigation and civil suit by the SPLC, Morris Dees offered to drop the suit if Miller would sign an agreement. The specific wording was "I, Glenn Miller, as leader of...". The phrase "as leader of" was the trap placed by Dees to nail Miller later, because that phrase was used against him to hold him legally responsible for all the activities of CKKKK members, even though he had no control over them. Later on, Dees was able to dump a contempt of court charge on Miller for "violating the agreement" and "running a paramilitary organization." Read the full account of these proceedings in Glenn Miller's book, "A White Man Speaks Out", Chapter 10. Glenn Miller is currently the Vanguard News Network's distribution manager for their two newspapers, The Aryan Alternative and The White Patriot Leader, and is also a candidate for U.S. House from Missouri's 7th Congressional District.

2.) The attempted slander of Larry Darby. Larry Darby (pictured at left) is a candidate for Attorney General of Alabama. Last year, in response to his hosting David Irving, the SPLC slandered him on their Fall 2005 Intelligence Report. However, instead of groveling like Trent Lott, Darby fired back and has made the SPLC's conduct a major campaign issue, repeatedly posting information about them on This concerns the SPLC because their headquarters are located in Montgomery, AL. If he's elected Attorney General, he could unleash the entire investigatory power of the state of Alabama on these ruffians.

3). To discredit the immigration reform movement, the SPLC may be constructing and sending false e-mails to make it look like that mainstream immigration reform groups have formal ties with "neo-Nazi" organizations. Bill White, the editor of Libertarian Socialist News (LSN) and an authorized spokesman for the National Socialist Movement (NSM), claims in this report that a purported e-mail sent by Border Guardians official Laine Lawless to NSM leader Mark Martin was faked. Both Lawless and Martin also claim it was faked.

4). The SPLC's possible complicity in the Oklahoma City bombing. Bill White of LSN reports that on March 30th, 2006, U.S. District Court Judge Dale Kimball ruled that Tim McVeigh had help from inside the militia movement and ordered that several people and organizations, including the SPLC, be investigated for possible complicity in the attack. NOTE: This is not to imply that they wanted it to happen, but that they may have had critical information and failed to report it to appropriate authorities.

5). Misinformation published by the SPLC led to a fruitless and wasteful investigation of Reverend Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) by the FBI. The SPLC promised to remove the information from their website and publish a retraction, but have failed to do so. Consequently, Rev. Phelps has posted a detailed multi-page expose of Morris Dees and the SPLC on the WBC website.

6). The SPLC won a civil judgment against Texas rancher Casey Nethercott, then took Nethercott's ranch to satisfy the $850,000 judgment. They then turned the ranch over to Nethercott's purported "victims", who were illegal aliens. They claimed they were "mistreated" by Nethercott. The SPLC even stooped so low as to try and get Nethercott's bail money transferred to Nethercott's "victims". Read how the SPLC brags about it here.

The list of outrages continues. Morris Dees also won multi-million dollar civil judgments against Tom Metzger and the late Pastor Richard Butler, then took property from both of them to settle the judgment. Dees claims he's trying to put "racist" organizations out of business. What he's really doing is using the civil justice system to wage political warfare, and he goes far beyond merely breaking up organizations. He is deliberately and systematically destroying people economically. The Southern Poverty Law Center is just as much an enemy of this country as al-Qaeda and it needs to be taken down. I look forward to the day when Morris Dees is in a prison dormitory, preferably one filled with the blacks and Mestizos he professes to care so much about. Let's see how long he lasts there.


  1. Victim? He's a tough guy isn't he? How is he a victim?
    Freaking whiners! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. That's not the point. The point is that a private advocacy group, the SPLC, wrongfully used the civil justice system to add to the legitimate punishment prescribed by the criminal justice system. Jeff Berry was incarcerated for what he did and that was enough. It may be legal for the SPLC to do what it did, but it is not lawful.

    The purpose of the civil justice system is to resolve civil problems to the mutual satisfaction of all the contending parties, not to destroy someone economically. Morris Dees perverts justice.

  3. It is the exactly the point.
    Don't do the crime if you can't do the time and anything that goes along with it.

  4. Jeff Berry may have known that what he did would incur a criminal penalty, but there's no way he could have known he would lose his house. When you say "anything with it", you are promoting totalitarian open-ended "ex post facto justice", which is un-American. Note that I'm NOT questioning YOUR patriotism by saying that, but I'm merely explaining how some of your ideas on justice have become tinged with un-American values thanks to all the political correctness in our society.

  5. Mr. Loerbs, if it had been a member of the New Black Panthers holding someone at gun point you would have a whole different song and dance.
    If I lived under your "American values" I'd probably be hanging by my neck from a tree branch some where.

  6. AntiSemite Sam5/10/2006 5:59 PM

    The SPLC is another Terrorist Organization that is socially acceptable in our race mixing Sodomite based society. Talk about a tough guy... how come Morris Dees walks around with body guards and bullet proof vests? He talks alot of shit and hides like a broad. And he's a turn coat as well. Kind of like you Joodaft.

  7. Someone who signs his/her posts with a fake name shouldn't be talking about how other people are hiding.

    And your spelling is almost perfect this time, "alot" isn't a word though.

  8. AntiSemite Sam5/15/2006 7:14 PM

    Joodaft.... Someone that denies they are a JDL member, an organization that the SPLC has labeled as a terrorist organization, shouldn't worry about spelling. You should be more worried about the Day of the Rope. Morris Dees is a clown that should have went to work for Barnum and Bailey. But at least he has the right of it when he labeled the JDL as a Terrorist Organization. Shalom Joodaft... you Kappo!

  9. If you had half a brain you would realize I'm not part of the JDL.
    And if you had half a brain you wouldn't threaten me with lynching.
    Since you have no brain at all you are lost.
    Go figure it out and we will talk.

  10. AntiSemite Sam5/18/2006 7:20 PM

    Leo frank got what he deserved Joodaft. If the citizens had a more Un American view of Justice he would be walking free. Yet now you want, and even cheer, the un-American ethics to pervert our Justice system. What would happen to you Joodaft when you property was taken for your un-American views?

  11. You are babbling again sammy. You go from Leo Frank to losing property.
    You really need to attend some AA meetings once in a while.

  12. AntiSemite Sam5/19/2006 6:25 PM

    Shalom you JDL Terrorist Whore.

  13. Your spelling was right on this time. I'm impressed!

  14. AntiSemite Sam5/20/2006 7:41 AM

    There was a Rabbi that used the internet to entice little boys.....
    Just one of many Jooish Sicko's. Lets see if the SLPC goes after him to take his property... Oh that's right, it's OK to molest children in the Jooish "Religion". Isn't that correct Joodaft? I was wonderintg something... Does the JDL membership come with a membership to NAMBLA or do you Joo's sign up for that as an extra curricular activity?

  15. You are a bizarre "human" sammie! It seems you white power clowns have child molestation on the brain. How many posts on this blog have been about how overly hysterical people get over such things?
    Then there is the likes of April Gaede who sells her daughters as entertainment for that all mighty dollar.
    What a sad group of people y'all are.....

  16. AntiSemite Sam5/23/2006 5:29 AM

    Funny you say White Power People.... Why it is a Jooish thing for the Rabbi to circumsize a male baby with thier teeth? Is that why there are soooo many Joo's in NAMBLA Joodaft? Sick Sodomites. Go hide a hamster Joodaft.

  17. To save sammie from popping a blood vessel.....
    back to the original thoughts on this post.
    If you hold people at gun point and threaten them you deserve everything you get and then some.
    Including half witted, balding white guy running around in their mama's bed sheets.