Friday, May 19, 2006

Social Security For Illegals Approved By U.S. Senate

On Thursday May 18th, the U.S. Senate rejected an effort to limit Social Security benefits for illegal aliens who become permanent residents under an immigration reform bill being debated. The proposal, offered by Senator John Ensign (R-NV), would have prevented illegals who became legal from collecting the benefit on wages earned while they were working unlawfully. Complete story in WorldNetDaily.

"Social Security was not intended for people who entered our country illegally," Ensign is quoted as saying. However, Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA) countered by saying, "Their money sits in the Social Security Administration waiting to be matched with an eligible beneficiary, and once those workers establish the eligibility, how in all fairness can we deny them the credit for their past contributions?"

The proposal was just a part of a massive immigration reform bill currently being debated by the U.S. Senate, which would offer millions of illegals a path to citizenship by paying fines, back taxes, and meet other criteria yet to be determined. Next on the list is an amendment by Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) to make English the national language.

As WorldNetDaily previously reported, on Wednesday the Senate approved an amendment to the immigration reform bill that would direct the building of a triple-layer fence along 370 miles of the southern border with Mexico.

Analysis: Allowing legal residents Social Security credit on wages earned while in illegal status constitutes a reward for bad behavior. It is never appropriate to reward someone for having broken our laws. Forfeiting such benefits could be considered an implicit "fine", as part of the penalty they could pay as a step towards legalization.


  1. This "brilliant" legislation will really deter illegal aliens from invading the United States.

    Granting them Social Security? That will teach them a lesson alright. Give me a break!

    We're being sold out.

  2. Absolutely, and there's an essay posted on Jeff Rense's site that offers an explanation. This essay is from Human Events Online, and the author claims the CFR and the elite want to dissolve the Canadian and Mexican borders and create a "North American Union" similar in concept to the EU. Click here to read it.