Thursday, May 11, 2006

More SPLC Skullduggery; Now They Target The Minuteman Project With Bogus Claims Of "Racism"

On May 7th, 2006, in my post entitled "SPLC Claims Another Victim", I introduced you to the hate-mongering, fear-mongering, and even the outright economic warfare through judicial terrorism employed by the self-appointed watchdogs of the Southern Poverty Law Center. I referenced the alleged personal moral bankruptcy of their "Fuehrer", Morris Dees, as outlined in a major expose posted on Reverend Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church website.

The SPLC continues to spread fear through misinformation. Today they posted on their website the following article about the Minutemen:

Title: Minuteman Project on fear-mongering campaign

May 11, 2006 --
Anti-immigration extremists are winding their way toward Washington as part of
the Minuteman Project caravan. Though Minuteman leaders reject charges of racism
and xenophobia, they speak of an "invasion" and of being "under siege" by
immigrants. Project co-founders Jim Gilchrist and Chris Simcox use the language
of bigotry and fear to further their agenda, and allow racist material to be
handed out alongside their own pamphlets and fliers.

At a sparsely attended caravan stop in Birmingham on Tuesday, Gilchrist conducted interviews with the media, and then addressed the crowd claiming,"70 percent of the members of the print media and television media ... would not swear an allegiance to the United States of America even if the lives of their families depended on it."

Read more about the Minutemen Project and other anti-immigration
extremists in the articles from the Center's Intelligence Project.

Analysis: Here are the fallacies:

1). They offer no proof that the Minutemen allow concomitant distribution of "racist" material at their rallies. They expect you to just "take their word for it".

2). They do not disclose their definition of "racism". Like other anti-racist extremists, they characterize any opposition to their agenda as "racist". And again, they expect you to just "take their word for it".

3). They mock the Minutemen's use of terms like "invasion" and "under siege" when the agendas of Mexican supremacist groups like the Mexica-Movement and the Mechistas clearly refer to their actions as a "Reconquista". However, they refuse to explain why they don't believe it to be an "invasion". They also studiously ignore reports of actual disturbances and even riots by illegal immigrants and their sympathizers, such as the story entitled "Illegal Aliens Riots Go Unreported By Mainstream Media", currently posted on the Border Guardians website.

And the SPLC has apparently been caught red-handed faking e-mails from immigration reform groups to white nationalist organizations. In one of his posts today, Bill White, the editor of Libertarian Socialist News who doubles as an authorized spokesman for the National Socialist Movement (NSM), provides more information on why and how the supposed e-mail from Border Guardian activist Laine Lawless to NSM unit leader Mark Martin was faked:

"The National Socialist Movement denies the entirety of the Southern Poverty Law
Center's releases, and particularly denies that its Ohio Leader, Mark Martin,
received an email from Border Guardian activist Laine Lawless advocating
violence against illegal immigrants."

"Our position is that this email is a fake," White stated, "The Southern Poverty Law Center claims it has 'full headers', however, it also claims that its copy of the email was sent out by Mark Martin. If Mark Martin sent out a forwarded email from Laine Lawless, unless he specifically did some technical things that Mark, frankly, doesn't know how to do, to attach the full headers of the receive email to his forward, those headers would not have come through -- and it is that fact which is the best indication that the email being circulated by the Southern Poverty Law Center is a fake."

In another post, Bill White rebuts the SPLC's accusation of collusion between white nationalists and immigration reformers by reporting the expulsion of Aryan Nations member Carolyn Edwards from the Alabama Minutemen. Edwards was expelled for distributing Christian Identity literature during a recent Minuteman tour of Alabama.

The SPLC paints a false picture of the Minutemen by claiming that one of their leaders, Jim Gilchrist, allowed white nationalists to help out during his recent Congressional campaign. However, what the SPLC doesn't tell you is that was a separate issue; they preach the Marxist principle of guilt by association. The Minutemen make their position crystal clear on the main page of their website, as follows:

"MMP has no affiliation with, nor will we accept any assistance by or interference from, separatists, racists, or supremacy groups or individuals, no matter what their race, color, or creed."

How much more explicit can you get? It's obvious that the SPLC will bend any truth, tell any lie, and pull any string to misrepresent any American patriot or patriotic organization. The organization is headed by an amoral individual who is a alleged adulterer and pederast. The SPLC needs to be taken down by any legal means necessary.

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  1. Thanks for helping expose the SPLC for the "creative writing" scum that they are. They had to tie someone who they labeled "minuteman" to the nazis, and that week I was it. Could they be more than just a little scared because I got so much attention from burning the Mexican flag? That's NO coincidence!
    Laine Lawless