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May Day - Remembering The Victims Of The Soviet Holocaust

Today's Anchorage Daily News contains a remarkable guest column by a resident of Chugiak who received letters from her grandfather describing conditions in the Soviet Gulag. She advocates transforming the Marxist May 1st May Day holiday into a "Soviet Gulag Remembrance Day". She reasons that if the Jews deserve so much memorialization with their "Six Million" Holocaust, the victims of the Soviet Holocaust, who she estimates to number 29 million, deserve at least equal treatment. Some sources, like Texe Marrs and David Duke believe as many as 66 million were killed. Here is the guest column in its entirety:

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Title: World Should Remember Soviet Horrors
Published: May 1, 2006
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"In 1942, the rest of our family, along with 400 other women and children, all exiled from Lithuania, were brought to an uninhabited island ... inside the Arctic Circle ...
"This island bore no trace of man: no houses, no burrows, no tents -- just the eternally frozen tundra, with a small board hammered in the ground to tell us that this island was called Tromfimovsk.

"The guards ordered us to unload boards and bricks out of the barge. Then the steamboat pulling the barge hurried off, because the Arctic winter was near. We were left on this uninhabited island without any roof over our heads, without warm clothes, without food. ...
"Then we, the women and children hurriedly began to build barracks. We laid down a row of bricks and covered it with a layer of moss which we had pulled with our bare hands from the permafrost. The barracks had no roofs, just plank ceilings through which the blizzards would blow so much snow that people lying on their bunks turned completely white. ...There was no firewood because no trees grew in the tundra -- no bushes, not even any grass, just a thin layer of moss on the permafrost.

"When the Arctic night set in, people began to die, one after another, from hunger, scurvy and cold."

This is not an account of Nazi evil; it is an account of how the Soviets deported to Siberia and elsewhere tens of thousands of innocent people. This account comes from "Frozen Inferno," a pamphlet by Dalia Grinkevicius, a Lithuanian physician whose family was exiled to Siberia when she was a teenager. (My addendum: "Frozen Inferno" can be viewed online in two parts; Part I here, and Part II here)

The 1999 Insight Travel Guide to the Baltic states "Anyone a visitor meets today in the Baltics is likely to have a relation who was sent to Siberia or simply shot."

Yet the English-speaking world knows next to nothing of the scope of this unprecedented human-caused suffering and death. The victims were not only East Europeans, but Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, Germans, Georgians, Chechens, Belarusans, Bulgarians -- the list goes on and on.

Everybody knows of Auschwitz and Belsen. Nobody knows of Vorkuta and Solovetsky.
Everybody knows of Himmler and Eichmann. Nobody knows of Yezhov and Dzerzhinsky.
Everybody knows of the 6 million of the Holocaust. Nobody knows of the 6 million of the Terror Famine.

Everybody knows about 1 million children died in the Holocaust. Nobody knows that "about 3 million children died in the Terror Famine of 1933," as Martin Amis emphasizes in "Koba the Dread."

Schools and the media inform about the evil of the Holocaust and Nazism; Gulags and Communism deserve the same treatment so that "Soviet" becomes as feared a word as "Nazi."
In "The Great Terror," Robert Conquest called the Ukraine "one vast Belsen, " Kolyma, "Stalin's arctic Auschwitz"; and Vorkuta, "a name that means as much to a Russian as the name Dachau means to a Jew." Yet hardly anyone in the West has even heard of these places.

The disparity exists here in Anchorage, too: the "Soviettes," a rock group, performs at UAA, and a huge red hammer and sickle is the backdrop as the ASO performs a Russian piece at the Halloween Concert for children. No one would tolerate the "Naziettes" or a swastika.

Boston Globe journalist Jeff Jacoby calls this an "amnesia that needs to be corrected."
As Russia observes May Day, with its inexplicable Soviet and Stalin "nostalgia," the time for correction is now. Stalin was one of the most evil dictators of the 20th century. Designating a May Day as a Remembering the Innocents Day, symbolized by a Forget-me-not, like the poppy of Veteran's Day, might help rid us of our ignorance, stop the diminution and denial of Soviet crimes, and memorialize the nearly 29 million men, women, and children who suffered and lost so much.

In Vorkuta, in the forgotten fields of a former Gulag, author Colin Thubron stumbled upon a stone with this scratched message:

"I was exiled in 1949, and my father died here in 1942. Remember us."

They want to be remembered.

Svaja Vansauskas Worthington is a grandmother living in Chugiak and is translating letters written by her grandfather from exile in Siberia.


Analysis: It is important to try to understand why this gross disparity in coverage exists. To illustrate further, there are 23 separate Jewish Holocaust Museums in the United States alone, even though the Jewish Holocaust did not occur in the U.S. (surprisingly, Israel only has four). Yet I'm not aware of a single museum commemorating the victims of the 75-year long Bolshevik Holocaust against Russians and other former Soviet peoples.

1). No "de-Sovietization" in Russia. Russia has not fully confronted its past the way the Germans were forced to by the victorious and vengeful Allies. There has been no "Truth and Reconciliation" Commission in Russia to encourage people to come forward like there was after apartheid fell in South Africa. Perhaps the Russian government is waiting until the country is more fully recovered from the debilitating and dehumanizing effects of 75 years of Communism, but to achieve complete closure, they will have to confront it eventually. American foreign policy, rather than showing appreciation to the Russians for having voluntarily and peacefully disbanded their Soviet Empire without the need for a catastrophic world war by respecting their shrunken sovereignty and encouraging them to confront their past, has instead shoved NATO aggressively up against their borders, blatantly interfered in the internal affairs of former Soviet satellites like Ukraine, Georgia, and Belarus (which the Russians call the "near-abroad"), and carpet-bombed a Russian ally, Serbia, for 78 days in 1999 because the Serbians chose to defend their country's political and territorial sovereignty against Albanian Muslim aggression and insurgency. How can Putin to cozy up to us and keep his office if we continue to treat Russia like the "prison-house of nations?" We went ballistic when the Soviets stuck missiles in Cuba in 1962, but yet we expect Russia to sit back and take it when we interfere in free elections in the Ukraine? That's ludicrous!

2). Jewish domination of the American (and Canadian) mass media. Probably the most misunderstood concept, with the discussion dominated by two extremes. At one extreme, you have those who want to blame the Jews for all the sins of the world, past, present, and future. At the other extreme, you have those who are so scared to death of being called "anti-Semitic" that they don't dare name the Jew at all. As the research report Who Rules America points out, Jews dominate the elite national media and the entertainment industry. However, the domination is not numerical, but one of influence, as Jews work their way into key positions or "choke points", then make room for other Jews in subordinate "choke points". Thus by occupying the "right" positions within a media organization, they exercise control. However, it's not some secret conspiracy or cabal. It's consensus-driven, as the media Jews tend to have a common culture and common interests. Look at Seinfeld; the four leading actors are all Jews. The point I'm making is that perhaps if Aleksandr Solzhenistyn was the CEO of Viacom instead of Murray Rothstein (better known under his Gentile nom de plume as Sumner Redstone), maybe the Soviet Holocaust would get more publicity. Another driving factor is the existence of the state of Israel. Because Israel is in such a dangerous neighborhood, Organized Jewry (ADL, SPLC, AIPAC) believe they need to inundate us with their Holocaust so we will remain motivated to guarantee Israel's right to exist regardless of the impact upon our Federal budget. However, while mindful of these facts, we must also ensure we penalize only the guilty; Anchorage's Jewish community is about as apolitical as it gets, and the few Jews in elective office in Alaska are not known for playing the "Jewish" card.

In the final analysis, if we are to memorialize genocide, we should be memorializing all the major outbreaks of genocide, to include the Soviet Holocaust. To grant the Jewish Holocaust priority is to imply that Jewish suffering is worse than the suffering of other peoples, and that Jewish life is somehow more valuable than other human life. This would be an implicit form of Jewish supremacism.

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  1. AntiSemite Sam5/02/2006 6:31 PM

    Why remember this Holohoax? The other 6 million is a lie and whatever Jews were murdered in Russia is due to thier own doing. They were the ones that started the Communist Ideal in Russia which came about after the Bolshivic Revolution. Stalin, Lenin ETC... were all Jews. They caused the slaughter ( Ordered It ) to happen. Would we remember the Holohoax if it was 6 million Whites that died by Hitler's hand? I think not! For further reading on the Jewish cause of Communism you should read the Rise and Fall of Communism. And for that matter when will we remember the Russian White Christians that died during the Communist Years in Russia?

  2. I'm wondering if Mr. Loerbs has invited Ms. Worthington over to his trailer yet for afternoon tea.
    It seems they both have a lot to snivel about. Or should I say, Jews to blame for their own lack of motivation?
    One lump or two?

  3. AntiSemite Sam5/04/2006 6:05 PM

    Two please.

    When you have something to say Jewdaft then I shall respond. Just remember that facts are facts and history can't always be rewritten to fit Joo's.

  4. It seems Mr. Loerbs needs his little wooden boy to answer for him.

  5. AntiSemite Sam5/05/2006 1:20 PM

    For those that read this, Judith( or as I like to call her "Joodaft") is a top member of the JDL in Anchorage Alaska. She is the type that will scream about White Supremacists yet is a Jewish Supremacist herself. The JDL want you to believe that the Joo's are victims when they really are not. The Holocaust is a Hoax. People have been put in prison for denying the 6 million LIE. In some countries it is a crime to denounce the Holohaox, but not in America. Not yet. So don't believe what I tell you. Read the book The Rise and Fall of Communism. Judge for yourself. Then look at her weak comments and see the snake for what it is. After all it was the snake that led Eve, and eventually Adam, astray.