Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Anchorage School District To Squander $150,000 On Girls Flag Football

Forget cheerleading, high school girls will be playing football in Anchorage next fall. The Anchorage School District (ASD) sanctioned flag football as a girls sport Monday May 22nd and authorized spending $150,000 on the pilot program. Adding flag football will help the district meet federal Title IX requirements. Click here for the full story in the Anchorage Daily News. Also picked up by ESPN.

Title IX is a 1972 law that prohibits sex discrimination in educational institutions receiving federal funds. And in high schools, it requires equal opportunities for each gender to participate in sports, though not necessarily identical sports. Thirty years later, ASD is still struggling to meet the requirements -- about 400 more boys participate than girls. In fact, ASD has been "officially" non-compliant for the past six years. A task force assembled by the District gathered opinions and surveyed students about sports that should or should not be offered.

It came down to snowboarding or football for the new girls sport. Of 3,922 girls responding to a survey, 838 picked snowboarding and flag football was second with 586. But a task force recommended football because it's not dependent on snow and doesn't require transportation to ski resorts.

Task force member Don Winchester said the district already has the facilities, quality coaches, an officiating crew and student interest in flag football. It will be played in the fall of 2006 and coincide with the football season.Games will be played at Anchorage Football Stadium or Dimond High, and it will be offered at all eight district schools. "We're hoping to get 20 (girls to play) per school," Winchester said.

Critics said flag football is a poor choice because there are no NCAA scholarship opportunities for girls to continue playing beyond high school. The NCAA does not include flag football on its official list of "emerging" sports which would create scholarship opportunities. "If we put the time and energy into sports, we should have the sport go beyond the high school level," East High gymnastics coach Michelle Dunn said. "I'd like to see more credibility."

However, task force member Don Winchester said increased participation is the priority. "We want 400 more girls participating in sports," Don Winchester said. "If we do that, I'm going to feel good."

If cheerleading was recognized as a sport, the Anchorage School District would have been in compliance with Title IX long ago, since 420 ASD students participate. However, the Office of Civil Rights doesn't recognize cheerleading as a Title IX-compliant sport, based on a letter they sent to the Michigan High School Athletic Association in October 2001.

Analysis: The real devil here is the Federal government. This is the result of the original American concept of equal opportunity being corrupted and supplanted by the Marxist concept of equal outcome. The two concepts are mutually exclusive. With teachers demanding a pay raise over the next three years, labor and materiel costs escalating, and schools demanding some interim help with an expected temporary loss of vending revenue resulting from swapping out healthy food for junk food in the vending machines, the last thing the District needs to spend money on now is another girls sport. This is recreation, for heaven's sake. Playing flag football will not help a girl pass the exit exam or get a diploma. This is where the civil rights revolution clearly went too far. And the "demand" was not spontaneous; the District had to send out a survey to create the demand.

The proponents of Title IX are a bunch of unisex freaks that believe the only difference between men and women is their genitalia; otherwise, they consider men and women fully interchangeable. What a horribly depressing vision. Here's what Eagle Forum had to say about this issue in their Education Reporter in June 2005:

Title IX, the federal law against sex discrimination in education at schools
receiving federal funds, has long been interpreted to effectively impose gender
quotas on college sports. Colleges have been forced to eliminate hundreds of
men's sports teams, such as wrestling, in order to keep the numbers of men and
women participating in athletics proportional to their enrollment numbers. Critics have charged that such an interpretation wrongly assumes that
college women want to engage in sports in the same proportion as men.

And if you review the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) website, you'll be amazed at how heavy-handed and bureaucratic these people are. Note in their correspondence that it is up to the school or district to show positive, pro-active compliance. That means in any dispute they're guilty until they prove themselves innocent. Then consider the OCR's Talmudic, hair-splitting legalistic micro-management. They don't consider cheerleading to be a sport. What qualifications do these fat-assed bureaucrats have to determine whether or not cheerleading is a sport? Cheerleading requires endurance, dexterity, balance - all essential elements of any athletic endeavour. Cheerleading keeps its participants in shape - how many times have you seen a fat cheerleader? In particular, competitive cheerleading can be considered a form of synchronized gymnastics. Even sideline cheerleading improves physical fitness. If the OCR was truly concerned about the welfare of ASD, it would have allowed them to consider cheerleading a sport, bringing themselves immediately into Title IX compliance, and not forcing the District to jump through hoops for six years. But a bureaucracy cannot justify its existence by prescribing simple, common-sense solutions - they might make themselves redundant and those fat-assed GS-99s would have to go out and get real jobs supersizing our orders at Mickey-D's.

Maybe Title IX was once necessary, but now it's become too much of a burden. It's time to pull the plug on it and curtail the enforcement powers of the Office of Civil Rights.

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  1. There you go with the "Talmudic" remarks again. You still haven't explained that one yet.
    News for the not so bright "whites".
    Otherwise...the state blows money on "art" so the school will be more appealing to the kiddies and they will want to excel in their studies.
    No I don't mean the hands-on kind either. It's for idiotic statues and pieces of metal hanging off the exterior to make it more appealing to the eye as they enter the school grounds.
    Not to mention the new South High School and it's limited space but artsy fartsy style.
    Last time I checked it was the hands on art that a child needed to expand their minds.
    Now explain to me your knowledge on this Talmud and when you learned to speak Hebrew and Aramaic.....

  2. The Talmud is renowned for the hair-splitting arguments and counter-arguments presented by competing rabbis and sages within its pages. There is a complete English-language copy at the Loussac Library.

    It reflects the oft-stated colloquial wisdom that "wherever there are two Jews, there are three opinions".

    And this post has nothing to do with art. Instead, it has everything to do with putting athletics at the same level as academics. If the Office of Civil Rights had simply decided cheerleading was a sport, ASD could have saved $150,000.

    Next time Dan Fagan bitches about the cost of public education, call him up and remind him of how Federal mandates pad those costs.

  3. There are so called translations of the Talmud all over the place and it doesn't mean they are correct. I've been to the Loussac library my good man and you aren't seeing the whole Talmud in that one little book. And it has nothing to do with Jews having different opinions anyway...It's commentaries on the Laws.
    It's like arguing over what exactly it means to have the right to keep and bare arms.
    Laws and how do define them.
    This is why I laugh when y'all bring it up. You have no clue!

    Anyhoo....I don't care about whether or not your post is about art, sports or whatever.
    The state wastes money on a lot of BS when it comes to the education system.
    In other words there is much more out there to consider besides some teenage girl playing flag football.
    That is just another drop in the bucket.