Monday, May 01, 2006

1000 Rally In Anchorage In Support Of Illegal Immgrants

KTUU Channel 2 Anchorage reported tonight that an estimated 1,000 people, mostly Latino, rallied at the Delaney Park Strip on behalf of "immigration reform". However, their version of immigration reform would allow the estimated 12 million to 20 million illegal immigrants to remain in the United States and give them a path towards citizenship, thus rewarding bad behavior. Click here for the original story. SPECIAL NOTE: Link no longer active - KTUU dumped their archives when they reorganized their website.

Frequently chanting "si se puede" (we can do it), the demonstrators were protesting a specific provision of House Resolution 4437 which would change illegal immigration from a misdemeanor to a felony. A speech by Norma Lucero, herself an immigrant, summed up their concerns most succinctly. She said, “Let's send a unified message on behalf of all of Alaska’s immigrant communities to our lawmakers. Ensure that a law is passed, a law that treats people with dignity and respect and a law that allows for rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness,” said Norma Lucero, U.S. citizen and immigrant. The demonstrators were well-behaved and did not run amok as similar demonstrators did in L.A. last month. There were no "Our Continent, Not Yours" signs.

But not everyone was sympathetic to the cause. Several counter-protestors showed up to air their own views. “I support the legal immigrants but not the illegal. There are laws to come here. And they should be abided by,” said Peggy McFarland, a white counter-protestor. Another white counter-protestor also appeared on camera and expressed similar objections.

However, a white apologist spoke up for the demonstrators. “People very quickly forget their roots, that many of us had grandparents with accents,” said Father Donald Bramble, Anchorage Archdiocese. This is another example of a so-called preacher who selectively forgets that Jesus said "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's"; see my previous post entitled "Woodstock-Style" Christianity" for an expanded discussion of this problem.

In the end, hundreds of signatures were gathered for a petition to be sent to U.S. senators Lisa Murkowski and Ted Stevens, as well as Alaska congressman Don Young.

There are an estimated 25,000 Latinos in Alaska, approximately 18,000 in Anchorage. People today said they had no estimate of how many undocumented workers there are in the state. However, in my post entitled "Illegal Immigration In Alaska", I reported an estimate of 5,000 illegals.

Analysis: I showed up for a few moments to get the feel of the event. The crowd was enthusiastic, but relatively orderly and well-behaved. The few counter-demonstrators were engaged but were in no physical danger. Unlike California Latinos, most Alaska Latinos seem to be up here to make better lives for themselves. When driving around Anchorage today, I saw no businesses shut down because of the nationwide Latino boycott.

We also need to be concerned about the obvious racial divide here. Virtually no whites showed up (not many Asians or Pacific Islanders, either) It's just as plain as the racial divide between blacks and whites exposed when O.J. was acquitted - black America celebrated, white America hated. We may not be interested in race, but race is apparently very interested in us. We in the white community need to quit pretending that race doesn't exist. Race exists for too many minorities, and many of their spokespeople and their white sockpuppets will use it against us to shut us up and keep us down politically. That's how the simple goal of equal opportunity metastasized into affirmative action, quotas, setasides, political correctness, hate crime laws, and a full-blown aggressive anti-racist crusade against us. If diversity is so "natural", why the hard sell?

It's real simple. Until minorities stop thinking racially, we must start thinking racially once again, if for nothing more than self-defense. This doesn't mean we have to give up our associations with non-whites. It simply means that when we are accused of "racism", we brush it aside. We don't have to defend ourselves against charges of "racism". We have nothing to apologize for. We did not own slaves. We did not run "Jim Crow" businesses. Why are WE apologizing or making up for those who did? We owe no historic debt. One of the 13 Articles of Faith of the LDS Church states, "Man is responsible for his own sins, and not for Adam's transgressions". That means we're responsible for no one sins except our own (although supervisors are customarily held accountable for the actions of their subordinates, and parents their children). So let's quit groveling and be proud of who we are!

See Frosty Woolridge's latest essay on immigration, entitled "Myth vs. Fact of Illegal Immigration". If you want to counter those petitions the Latinos are sending to our Congressional delegation, you can send e-mails to them expressing your support for H.R. 4437. Just click on the politician of your choice on the sidebar of this blog, under the category "Contact Elected Officials". If you're not from Alaska, leave a message supporting H.R. 4437 with your Senator at 1-888-355-3588 (toll-free) or 1-202-225-3121 (toll).

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