Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Surprise: Rap Listeners More Prone To Alcohol, Drugs, And Violence

Yeah, about as surprising as the sun rising in the east every day. But this was the conclusion reached through a study of 1,000 community college students aged 15-25 years old conducted by the Pacific Institute for Research and Education's (PIRE) Prevention Research Center. Click here for the story aired on April 17th by KIMO-TV, Anchorage.

The study showed that young people were more prone to drug and alcohol usage and violence after listening to rap/hip hop music than any other type of music. The study also indicated that techno and reggae music was asssociated with considerable drug and alcohol activity. No gender or ethnicity correlation was established.

Studies of the actual music also revealed that while approximately one-half of rap/hip hop songs contained alcohol references, only 10% of other types of music contained alcohol references.

The full results will be published in the May 2006 issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol. The study was funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), which sponsors the PIRE Prevention Research Center.

Analysis: This is no surprise. Rap is anti-cop, anti-woman, anti-white, basically anti-everything. It is a violent form of lyrical nihilism, expressed "in your face". "Keeping it real" is at a premium in this particular genre. Whenever you hear a loud car stereo booming, most of the time it's rap.

However, the failure to establish a ethnical or racial correlation within the confines of the study does not mean there is none. There was no effort to find out which race is more likely to listen to rap, and to act accordingly. Rap is still predominantly a black genre, although Latinos are making serious inroads, and white interest is also increasing, thanks to the efforts of Eminem. So if a higher percentage of blacks still listen to rap, a higher percentage of blacks will exhibit the negative effects associated with it. However, the study seems to indicate that in a controlled environment, all races may be equally affected by it.

I find it difficult to believe that all other genres contained alcohol references only 10% of the time, particularly country music. They must not have analyzed Waylon and Willie.


  1. You, sir, are a virulent anti-semite.

    I have submitted your blog for review to the Plymouth Rock Institute of Research.

  2. What is so "anti-Semitic" about this post? This post was about the effects of rap music on students in a controlled test.

    If you are referring to the rest of my blog, disputing the facts of the Holocaust is not anti-Semitic. I don't dispute the fact the Jews died in large numbers, but I'm concerned about the desire of groups like the ADL to place this subject off limits. This is a democracy, and discussion and dissension are still permitted.

  3. After taking a look at your PRIR website, I have to say it's rather "interesting". Auschwitz 1270 to Present? Must be a low-profile book.

    You guys had me going there for a moment!