Saturday, April 29, 2006

Immigration Officials May Raid Immigrant Protests On May 1

Rumors abound that their might be mass arrests of illegals at the May Day demonstrations planned by illegals and their sympathizers in many U.S. cities. The only known planned protest in Alaska at this time will be in Juneau.

Radio host Hal Turner (pictured above left) has reported on his website that at least three ICE directors are prepared to disobey orders and arrest known illegals at the rallies to be held on Monday. Turner further states that one of them might even arrest politicians who show up to address the crowds, charging them with "inciting", or something like that. The directors, who've remained anonymous,
state that ICE has given them orders to make no arrests on Monday but that out of patriotism, they are prepared to disobey those orders.

"If Secretary Chertoff gets called on the carpet for what we do, so be it; that's what he gets paid for." said one official who spoke to Hal Turner on condition of anonymity. "If I get fired for what I do, I will blow the lid off what's been going on inside ICE for years, including releasing internal memos, e-mails and official letters which prove rampant political interference with our jobs by Congress and the President", he continued.

I've seen no corroboration, and Turner is occasionally given to hyperbole, but this could be one source of the rumors.

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