Thursday, April 20, 2006

Alaska Inter-Tribal Council Challenges U.S. Sovereignty Over Alaska

Just reported this evening on KTUU Channel 2 in Anchorage. The Alaska Inter-Tribal Council announced at a meeting at East High School this afternoon that they are taking the U.S. government to the United Nations to challenge our ownership of Alaska. They claim that William Seward's purchase of Alaska in 1867 was invalid because the U.S. government questioned Russian sovereignty over Alaska beforehand. In 1821, a diplomatic communication from then-Secretary of State John Quincy Adams questioned Russian ownership of Alaska, which in the Council's opinion, invalidates the $7 million purchase in 1867.

The case is expected to be formally presented to the U.N. Human Rights Commission in Geneva, Switzerland in July of this year. The Council asserts that if they win, the rights of non-Natives would not be impinged upon, but they would seek to expand their current holdings of 40 million acres of land. Pictured is Judge Mary Ann Mills of the Council.

Analysis: This may be just a legally-disguised land grab attempt. Many Natives have expressed considerable dissatisfaction with the manner in which the Native corporations represent them and manage their financial affairs. Perhaps
they regret having exchanged their aboriginal claims for corporations under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1971. However, it's possible that they saw all the Mexicans demonstrating freely in the streets of our cities in the lower 48 without counterdemonstrations by Americans, and perhaps they question our resolve to defend our country's territory. When 700,000 Mexicans can march in the streets of L.A. waving Mexican flags and carrying signs saying "Our Continent Not Yours" without reaping any consequences, it send a powerful and dangerous message to the rest of the world about our lack of resolve. Dangerous in the sense that, in the long run, it could tempt foreign powers towards "adventurism". Our politicians and the corporations who invited these people in ought to be boiled in oil (figuratively speaking) for sacrificing our sovereignty upon an altar of expediency. They ought to be cursed forever for entangling us in endless foreign alliances and treaties designed to hamstring and compromise our sovereignty.

I'll be staying on top of this story.


  1. You mean like the land grabs the good old "white" boys want to do no matter what part of the world it is in?
    For a bunch of Euro-peons it seems they believe every bit of land from the North to South Poles belong to them.

  2. Those "land grabs" by whites have long since ceased. Colonialism died at the end of World War II.

    If the Inter-Tribal Council no longer believes ANCSA best supports the interests of the Native community, they need to work with Congress on that issue. Appealing to the U.N. could generate unfortunate backlash against the Native community.

  3. I'm not talking Colonialism. I'm talking about the ideas a person comes across on sites like Hal Turner's, StormFront, Tom Metzger, etc
    Where it's in their heads the world is theirs for the picking.
    It doesn't matter what part of the world it is they believe it belongs to the "white" man.
    Not that I believe there is such a thing as a "white" man.....

  4. Judith - the examples you cite are just one part of the white nationalist community. There are others like Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and David Duke, who have no desire to extend white rule throughout the entire world. One of the issues I have with George W. Bush is that he wants to burn up all our tax dollars and other people's good will trying to extend "democracy" across the entire world. It was never meant for one people or one race to rule the entire world. Every leader who's tried it, whether it be Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Adolf Hitler, or Josef Stalin have failed.

  5. I'm not sure who you are trying to convince with your last remark.
    Are you saying all white nationalists plan on moving back to Europe and leaving the rest of the world to themselves?
    When is this Jared Taylor or David Duke moving to England?

    You see from what I read on message boards like StormFront a lot of the people posting there believe white people set foot on every continent before a non-white did. I'm not sure how that can be justified but when a person makes up history as they go I suppose it sounds reasonable to the uneducated.

    So please tell me what part of the world the "white" people plan on moving to for this white nationalist society.
    They, as in "white" people, do want to rule their own societies without having to live,work and play with non-whites right?
    How can one do this when there is no single area of the world that is inhabited by only a "white" race?

  6. O.K., now I'm beginning to understand the ambiguity and the confusion it's generating.

    The central premise of white nationalism was set forth by the late Dr. William Pierce. In a nutshell, he advocated white living space in areas that have been historically white. He loosely defined these areas as Europe, the northern part of North America, Australia, New Zealand, and, at the time, South Africa. He did not advocate further expansion into other areas of the world. Consequently, Dr. Pierce was content to leave Asia Asian, the rest of Africa African, and Mexico and South America Latino.

    He did not spend much time addressing the status of indigenous people or other non-whites who lived within the historically white areas. Consequently, this ambiguity fuels much of the debate you see within Stormfront and VNN, as well as more moderate venues like AR. Some posters on those forums come up with some rather bizarre ideas.

    This shows that the agenda of white nationalism is actually perservationist rather than expansionist.

    However, to expel non-white citizens from historically white lands would be heartless and, quite literally, impossible. If you continue to view forums like Stormfront and VNN over a period of time, you will find that once you sort your way past the "Sieg-heiling", the rhetoric and the posturing the gut issues motivating WNs are mass immigration, affirmative action, and the political double standard employed against whites where whites who speak out critically on racial issues are subjected to a harsher standard then non-whites. You might logically conclude that if we were to have comprehensive immigration reform and end affirmative action, most white nationalists could then reconcile themselves to today's realities.

    The problems with affirmative action are first, that the proponents are asking today's whites to pay for historical "sins" that most did not commit. This reluctance reflects the strong sense of individualism that exists within "white" culture. This is best reflected in one of the Mormon Church's 13 Articles of Faith, "Man is responsible for his own sins, and not for Adam's transgressions". This means if you ask us to stop discrimination, we do so, but if you ask us to make up for historical discrimination, you will encounter resistance.

    The scond problem with affirmative action is the premise that equal opportunity = equal outcome. This is bogus; outcome is also dependent upon individual initiative. Consequently, I don't see how you can have both equal opportunity and equal outcome.

    For a more realistic vision of white nationalism, I suggest you read an essay by John "Birdman" Bryant, an Actonite Libertarian. Click here . If this link doesn't work, click on Bryant's name on the sidebar, then scroll down to the Diversity section

  7. Hatchet Jack4/22/2006 2:11 PM

    I was wondering when Judith would come to your blog.

    Judith is a member of the Jewish Defense League (Alaska chapter), a terrorist organization linked to dozens of bombings, murders and assassination attempts. Two JDL members were convicted of attempting to murder a U.S. Congressmen with a bomb.

    Judith is also a hardcore zionist in favor of Israeli expansionism and Jewish supremacism.

    She has alot of chutzpah to snivel about WN's wanting to keep Europe European while simultaneously whining about the Gaza pull-out on the jdl blog.

    Judith is one of those stereotypical jews who just can't stand the idea of an exclusive homeland for Euro-"peons," as she calls us. Yet this is the exact same thing she wants for the Jewish people in Israel.

    That she is so eager to give away American land only demonstrates that her loyalties are not to the United States of America.

    Remember folks, you are just lowly Euro-"peons" in her eyes. You are the "peon" tax slaves that send Israel billions of dollars every year.

  8. Thanks for the input, hatchet jack. According to the SPLC "hate" map, the JDL has been active in Fairbanks, but I had seen no evidence of such activity.

    The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, edited by former Foreign Service Officers with "boots on the ground" experience in that part of the world, is well-known for its unbiased approach towards reporting on Middle East issues.

    However, I figure I owe Judith an opportunity to show that she's not one of those JDL members who favor violence.

  9. AntiSemite Sam4/22/2006 7:15 PM

    Land grabs, as you so flippantly termed the purchase of Alaska, has been done by every race to every other race since the dawn of time. Look at what the Jews did in The Book of Ester. Look what the Moors did to half of Europe. And the list can go on and on.

    But Yehudi Joodi attempts to miss lead the people into believing that it is only Whites/Europians that grab the lands that they want. Get real Juddaft.... Your are a closet racist and have dual loyalties to Isreal and the USA.... But you would sell out the USA and Alaska in a New York second if it helped your precious Joo's. And if you want to talk about Jews grabbing land then we can discuss how they took Palistine from the Palistinians. But you don't want to go there... now do you JOO Daft?

  10. AntiSemite Sam4/22/2006 7:32 PM

    Happy Purim Joodaft... and no this is not Holo Hoax Survivor. I have followed your attempt to goad him.... You should learn how to be more sly like the rat you are.

  11. Just to put your minds at ease, I'm not a member of the JDL.
    More later......

  12. AntiSemite Sam4/23/2006 7:06 PM

    Joodaft is a member of the JDL. Her daughter is a lesbian and joodaft has gone so far as to attempt to endanger a man and his wife by publishing thier personal information. This was done due to JUUdith's anti-white nationalist views and her Controlled, yet still rabid, dislike of White Europeans. She is a terrorist but it is acceptable for her to be a terrorist as she is a JOO (JEW). After all how many Joo's have been brought up on War Crimes in the Hague? How many women and children of Palistinian descent did they kill in the West Bank Refugee Camp of Jenin? So now that I have enlightened you and challenged Joodaft.... She is a dual loyalty citizen. She will self Alaska and Alaskan's out if it means that her precious Isreal will benefit. So watch out for the tongue of the devil... Even iin Revelations it warns us... " I know thy Poverty (although thou art rich) and thy tribulation and I know how those that claim to be ISREALITES but they ARE NOT THEY ARE A SYNOGOGUE OF SATAN..." Don't let satan decieve you...

  13. I am a bit confused about this term "historically white lands".
    Considering the history of the world, lands can change hands at the drop of a hat.
    It all depends on who conquers whom.
    Therefore if the Mexicans eventually take over the present southwestern United States would that change the status of it being "historically white"?
    If the blacks of South Africa wiped out or drove off every so called white person would that mean it's not "historically white" anymore?
    From what I've seen of "white nationalist" or as I choose to call them, white supremacists, history can be revised to suit a person's need or purpose at the time.
    David Irving did it all the time.
    So if you consider history there is no such thing as historically owned land. A thousand years from now the continents might possibly shift, people will migrate and who will own what?
    Or will we be floating around like Kevin Costner in "Water World"? A few of the doomsayers like to think we will.
    In that case we would all be leaders of our own little catamaran and everyone will be happy as clams.

  14. "antisemite sam", huh? Now isn't that original...a cartoon character created by a Jew and revamped to be used as a screen name by a nit-wit.

    And no, I'm not JDL.

    I'm also not sure what personal information I "published" about anyone. Some guy and his wife? I'm not sure who that would be but.....
    I would bet their information was out there long before this so called attempt on my part to "endanger" them.
    Thanks for the laugh though.

  15. Judith - lands change hands at the drop of a hat for two reasons:

    1). Both sides duke it out, but one side proves stronger than the other. This is what happened in the Mexican War.

    2). On rarer occasions, it's done more peacefully through slow demographic invasion. This is what happened to the Western Roman Empire. The Romans got fat and lazy, started importing "foreigners" to do their scut work, to serve in the military, then in 476 A.D., Alaric and his Visigoths decided that since they were cleaning up the Empire and fighting its battles in the Legions, they might as well own it, too.

    The same thing is happening both here in the U.S.A. and in Europe. But instead of assimilating them, we are catering to them. A Mexican national recently arrested for statutory rape pleaded not guilty because, in his words, back in his pueblo, all the girls are married by 13. So he was trying to use his previous culture to evade responsibility for his crime.

    "Historically white" does NOT mean exclusively white. It means, with the passage of time, predominantly white. Nations predominantly of one race tend to be more stable, as the predominant race, with baseline civil rights protections in place equally applicable to all, serves as the "demographic glue" holding the nation together. Of course, there are exceptions, like the former Yugoslavia, where different ethnic identities superseded common racial identity, but on the whole, the previous rule of thumb works.

    And consider this: Our indigenous minorities have lower per capita incomes than whites. They tend to ocuupy more of the low wage jobs than whites. When Third World immigrants arrive, guess what jobs they take? The lower wage jobs. So it seems our indigenous minorities are more adversely impacted by mass immigration. It is in the interests of all Americans for America to remain a predominantly white nation. What's "predominantly"? Hell, that's debatable. All I know is that we are being deliberately transformed into what Pat Buchanan referred to as a "polyglot boardinghouse" with no common identity, and we are not mature enough as a people to handle it yet.

  16. Carl,

    I am well aware of why and how lands change hands. Although I find your second example to be a watered down version of the first. There is never a "peaceful" take over of anyone's land. It just means there is little if any bloodshed.

    As for the fall of Rome, it is no great loss to the world. They were rotting from the inside out from the very beginning, not because of who they captured and put to work for them. It was due to their own lifestyles. I find them a revolting society that imposed their personal filth on the rest of the world for about 500 years.
    Isn't it odd that the gladiators were actually started as an appeasement to deceased relatives of the Romans by the spilling of blood? Sounds like a vampire problem to me.

    I therefore can't see the comparison between what is happening in the United States and Rome.

    Your example of the Mexican national doesn't sound much different then what is going on with some aging perverts in Utah claiming they have a right to marry young girls, kick their young males out of the community and expecting the rest of the country to turn a blind eye to it. So much for assimilation huh? Legal child abuse is what they basically want.

    I do believe if you take the oath of a citizen in this country the laws pertain to you and should be followed. Get a job, learn the language and not depend on others to feed, clothe and house you. So we agree on that. It doesn't matter if the person is Norwegian or Chinese.

    What I see you saying is if you keep the non-whites picking cotton, lettuce or making beds all will be well. It is explained quite well when you bring up "indigenous minorities".
    Your idea of baseline civil rights rates right up there with the Ancient Romans using slaves as a blood sacrifice to their deceased relatives.
    The so called upper-class (something you would refer to as "white") Roman was pompous and full of themselves; that is what brought Rome to it's final demise. Not it's slaves or immigrants.

    Putting lipstick on a pig still makes it a pig. Need I say more?

  17. AntiSemite Sam4/26/2006 8:14 PM

    Joodith, you can deny being a member of the JDL but a back ground investigation was done on you after you published info about, as you call them, a White Supremist and his wife.... So lie like the common Joo all you want....

    Alaska is part of the USA... If the Natives want reparations then they should seek them in the UN by suing the Soviet Union. After all, Alaska was purchased from them....

    You want to talk about lies told in History... look to The HOLOCAUST LIE... or the Lie of the Joo claiming to be the true Descendants of Isreal....History is made up of 2 words... HIS STORY....

    As for your questioning about the parallels between Rome and Modern America.... You only have to look closer and quit trying to tell lies... In Rome there was drunkeness, blood shed, thievery, homosexuality, and the many other "sins" that made it the "revolting" society. America is the same... We have the highest per capita of people in prison that anyother country.. drugs and Alcohol are abused in RECORD quantity.... Homo's are tolerated and even encouraged to "come out".... and the list goes on.... I can't see how you cannot see the parallels.. But it is the habit of the Joo to LIE.

    America is a mixing pot and it was the allowance of the constant flow of immigration that has brought Rebelion to our own Soil... But your first loyalty is to Ireal so you do not care. Go to Mexico and see how they treat you.... I know cause I have been there several times. If it wasn't for MONEY I would have been treated like they treat the South Americans.... So argue how you will, but you are either BLIND or IGNORANT or BOTH...

    Lastly... Being proud of you race if you are Black, Mexican, etc is encouraged here in America. Being proud of being White gets you labeled as a "Supremist"... Why is that? I am proud of my Heritage and those that don't like it can take a long walk of a short pier... But I am an American. And for all those who want to get out of America or to take a piece without buying it and becoming American... They can take a goat back to wherever they came from.

    Shalom and may your shekels multiply,Yehudi Joodi.

  18. antisemite sam, unoriginal spin-off of a cartoon created by a Jew, this will be the last time I will respond to your drunken posts.
    Get a life and learn to spell.

  19. AntiSemite Sam4/27/2006 9:46 PM

    I was in a hurry Joodaft and didn't take my time to check my spelling. I think I may post your info over such White Nationalists sites. It is hilarious that a Joo/JDL Member has a daughter that they would stone in Isreal for being a Homosexual. Did I spell that right? When you respond to the Truth about how you Joo's are just as guilty as Whites in the "land grab" you so flipantly blamed on Whites Only. Give the Palistinians back thier land.... All of it you thieving snakes..... Then your Holier than Thou attitude will mean something. Did I spell that right Yehudi Joodi?

    Snicker... Snicker...

  20. Oh what the heck...I believe you were probably drunk and still are but that is another story.

    You won't be the first to plaster this "info" on the web and unlike you I never hide behind a computer.

    Just be very careful what you plaster. Your Siamese twin holohead survivor was stalking another woman here in Anchorage thinking it was me. I will inform you like I did him, you could step into it up to your neck if you aren't careful. So be very careful what you post.

    Thinking you can hide is a false sense of security and the right legal authorities can find you. So watch what you print sonny!

    And if you go back through your last post you will find a number of typos. Quit drinking...

  21. AntiSemite Sam5/01/2006 8:12 PM

    It is funny that you knew who HHS was Joodaaft.... I just followed your dialog with him and I know others that you posted thier info. I snake always shows it's fangs and you are a snake.

    You can save your HOLLOW threats Joodaft. I use a proxy to post so even if you got an address it would not be mine. So eat shit you dumb bitch. Rubs your threats in your chest. I will post whatever I want whenever I want. IF I decide to put you out there I will. IF I don't I won't. In reality I said what I said to personally confirm that it was really you while I had no intension of exposing whom you are. So be careful whom YOU threaten. But know that it made my day when you blew your own cover. Once a snake always a snake.

    Snicker... snicker

  22. I blew my cover? What would be the point in hiding? I'm no one balled wonder like your suicidal sHitler.
    Seems the lack of balls is hereditary with the Amaleks of the world.

    My "dialogues" with holohead and any info about him is already out there. Nothing new sweety you just have to keep up with the program.

    Besides I don't post information I collect it and send it to those who might be interested.
    You clowns are always turning on each other so it's not hard to track down information.

    By the sounds of your writing sammie the education level is low, IQ is low and proxy or no proxy you can be found.
    Now run along and pound your pigeon chest.
    Wipe off you computer screen too! There is spittle all over it.

    I call our discussion to an end.
    You on the other hand can ramble until you break a blood vessel for all I care.

  23. AntiSemite Sam5/02/2006 6:50 PM

    Insults? Joodaft? I could care less what you think of my education level or that you collect information. I wanted people that read this blog to know that there are people like you out there and that you loyalties are to Isreal and not America unless it does something to promote Isreal's Agenda. People like you are a joke to me Joodaft. You turn on your own as much as any other so that is nothing new. Shit ler as you put it was an idiot with a flawed idea. He didn't recognize all Whites as White. He was also a half Joo from what I understand.But on the issue of Tyrants.. what about Stalin, Lenin, Marx, etc... They were all Joo's and Stalin killed more White than Hitler did Joo's. So point your feeble finger Joodaft all you want. Go back in the Bible and read the Book of Ester... The first openly Jewish Book of the Bible and it shows how blood thirsty your kin are. Then keep throwing stones in glass houses. It is funny to watch hypocrits toot thier own horns.