Monday, March 20, 2006

More Begich Math

In a previous blog post, I gave an example of Begich math. 363 cops + 40 new cops = 350 cops. Hmmm...

Here's some more Begich math, only this time it's much more expensive for the user. Mark Begich avoided raising property taxes for the majority of Anchorage's residents. When Proposition 1 passed in 2005, it provided property tax relief for 95% of owner-occupied residential property owners. As for the other 5%, hoo-hoo-hoo! OUCH! Some of them experienced 100% increases. Of course, with rising property values come rising assessments. But 100%?

The big killer has been windfall increases in various fees. According to opponent Jack Frost's latest campaign mailer, here are some of the more outrageous fee increases since 2003:

1). Re-Zoning Fee, less than 1.75 acres: From $750 to $4,000, up 433%.

2). Underground Utility Variance Application (temporary variance): From $75 to $1,680, up 2,140%.

3). Site Plan Review: From $525 to $3,360, up 540%.

4). Platting Fee (per lot): From $6.20 to $140, up 2,258%.

5). Improper Tree Planting Penalty: From $50 to $300, up 500%.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Mayor Begich claims he wants more affordable housing. Items 1 through 4 make housing more expensive, because these costs must be passed on to the consumer.

Even if these services were undervalued in the past, it was not the community's fault. Imposing windfall increases in fees penalizes the community for what may have been poor management decisions in the past.

We can do something about this on April 6th. We can replace Mark Begich with a man who has never worked in the public sector. Jack Frost has worked in the private sector all his life and understands profit and loss, supply and demand. Let's pin the star on a new "sheriff" on April 6th. Jack Frost for Mayor. Click here for voting information.

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