Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mass Immigration Is Out Of Control

This past weekend's disturbances in the Los Angeles area, as well as in many other American cities, reveals the true nature of many of the immigrants arriving in the U.S. Far too many emigrate not to become Americans, but to take jobs and benefits intended for Americans. The picture at the left, taken in Los Angeles on 27 March 2006, around 11 A.M. (PST) tells the story. Not a single American flag in sight; just Mexican flags. Can there be any more doubts about the true loyalty of these people?

To be fair, the majority of America's Latinos are loyal Americans, rejecting these people and deploring their tactics. But if we don't start putting up a fight against the proto-terrorists you see in the picture, and holding our elected lawmakers rigorously accountable, to include voting them out of office if they don't pass true immigration reform, will they be willing to remain loyal, or will they be swept up in the brown tide, by force in many cases? What's this? Oh, wait a minute, I get it. You think "proto-terrorist" is too strong of a word, don't you? "Gosh, AA, how can you be so judgmental!", you say. Well, don't take my word for it. Look at the agenda of Latino separatist groups like the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (Mechistas), La Voz de Aztlan, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), and the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF). If MALDEF's primary link doesn't work, click here for an alternative source. The first two groups are openly separatist. Here's a map of how they envision North America's future. As you can see by the map to the left, they want to reverse the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, signed in 1848 after the Mexican War, as well as the subsequent Gadsden Purchase of 1853, and sever the Southwest from the United States, in much the same fashion as Albanians stole Kosovo from the Serbs. Pat Buchanan has been warning us of this since 1992, but the Federal government hasn't listened or has chosen to ignore it. George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush have virtually ignored or downplayed this problem. All three are guilty of gross negligence at least, and outright treason at most.

Click here for more pictures of these traitors running amok in the streets of L.A.

Anchorage has not experienced this type of social ferment to the degree that Los Angeles and other Lower 48 cities have. There weren't large demonstrations in our streets this past weekend. However, we are not untouched by the impact of mass immigration. During the past 10 years, Anchorage has changed, from 15% non-white to 27% non-white. The Anchorage School District is currently 44% non-white, so the demographics will continue to change in favor of non-whites. Over 90 different languages are spoken within the Anchorage School District, and underfunded Federal measures like the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and No Child Left Behind require first priority of resources be directed towards teaching foreign kids to speak English (along with special education needs) at the expense of mainstream kids. Comprehensive immigration reform is a must.

One long time immigration reform activist is Frosty Wooldridge. He has written some provocative and insightful essays on the subject, including a seven-point Total Immigration Reform plan. It's worth reading.

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