Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Impact of Mass Immigration on Public Education

Here is another reason why everyone - not just those with kids enrolled in the Anchorage School District (ASD) - needs to take an interest in ASD operations. Educating all students for success in life is actually a community project; the school are merely the focal point. What follows is a series of graphs illustrating the national decline in the effectiveness of public education. The source is the Grandfather Economic Report Series. While a bit dated, the trends have changed little since this report was issued.

First, we view a graph highlighting the relationship between SAT scores and real dollars per student:

QUOTE FROM THE SOURCE: Here's a picture you may not have seen. It demonstrates the 71% decline in the education productivity index for the 34-year period up until SAT tests were revised in scoring methods and made less rigorous.

This index shows the relationship between education quality (SAT scores) and education spending (inflation-adjusted "93 dollars) per student is worse than 34 years earlier - 71% worse. Despite rapidly rising inflation-adjusted spending per student over this period, SAT scores declined. As a result, education productivity fell 71%, as seen in the chart (quality continued to deteriorate in the years following this chart). (Note: Some say if one wants SAT scores in the future that cannot be compared to higher scores in past decades, without improving student learning, simply make the test less rigorous and change scoring as has been done - just as if the distance to the left field baseball stadium fence was reduced to produce more 'home runs'). END QUOTE

Next, we view a chart comparing expenditures to output. Note the rise in per-student costs compareed to a flat curve in reading scores.

Many believe this rise is primarily attributable to inflationary increases in the costs of labor, materiel, and land for new schools. Indeed, the windfall increases in property values during the Bush Administration, fueled largely by predatory speculators buying multiple residences for investment purposes, are not reflected on this chart. However, as I will bring forth subsequently, there is one other factor that fuels the rise in educational costs, and has triggered the excessive Federalization in the form of costly legislation, adding further to the increase.

Finally, here is a chart comparing American test scores with those of students in different foreign countries:

School districts have been required to cope with immigration. We're not talking about the ordinary, manageable, digestible immigration customary prior to 1965. We're talking about mass immigration, which swamps our carrying capacity and strains our social services to the breaking point. And it's not just the quantity of immigrants, but also their origin. An increasing number of immigrants originate not in culturally and racially-compatible developed (First World) nations, but in much less culturally and racially-compatible developing (Third World) nations.

The Math & Science Literacy Graph above illustrates this point perfectly. If we were drawing the bulk of immigrants from those nations ahead of us on the chart, the drop in math and science scores would be attenuated, if not reversed. However, with such a large number of immigrants arriving from countries not even on the list. it helps drag us down. As a result of a sense of noblesse oblige, along with stringent and expensive Federal mandates, we must apply disproportionate resources to bring them up to speed, along with teaching them English. These are resources which otherwise could be applied to upgrading the educational literacy of mainstream American students. Once again, we neglect Americans to cater to immigrants.

The introduction of significant numbers of immigrant students who are culturally and racially different creates a volatile mix producing a more confrontational environment. Consequently, educators find it necessary to redirect learning time towards discipline. ASD's Cops on Campus program helps mitigate this tension, but it takes two cops off the street at every high school where this program's in place. While effective, Cops on Campus addresses the symptoms but not the disease. In an understandable effort to preempt conflict, ASD wages an all-out diversity indoctrination and propaganda campaign, to the point where diversity trumps competency at times. Minority parents contribute to the problem when they excuse failure by claiming their communities learn "differently". Guess what? Two plus two equals four in every culture, so this "learn differently" excuse tends to be a cop-out.

Immigration reform is essential to get local school districts out of the babysitting and policing business and back into the education business. This is not an issue which can be directed solely at ASD, since they don't control our borders, but must be addressed by our Federal lawmakers. Contact Ted Stevens, Lisa Murkowski, and Don Young, and demand far-reaching immigration reform, addressing not only the quantity and legality of immigrants, but also their origin.

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