Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ho-Hum, Another Black History Month Come And Gone (YAWN)

Today marks the end of yet another annual ritual, Black History Month. During this month, politicians and other notables grovel like dogs before the typical montage of political reverends like JE$$E JACK$ON and AL $HARPTON to seek official forgiveness and benediction for the endless "legacy" of past crimes against blacks. Of course, the political reverends and other civil rights pimps have a vested interest in perpetuating these "legacies"; it gives them face time and opens up the financial spigots.

Here in Anchorage, we have our own political reverend and civil rights pimp, the infamous Rev. Dr. William Green, head of the local chapter of the NAACP (National All-African Communist Party). Rev. Green's most recent contribution to "diversity" and "inclusivity" was his smear campaign against Assembly Members Anna Fairclough and Dan Coffey last year, tagging them with false charges of "racism" in the wake of Elvi Gray-Jackson's firing last year. While several local conservative radio talk show hosts vigorously condemned the reverend and even the Anchorage Daily News even took a limp-wristed swipe at him (of course, had it been Jerry Prevo, ADN would have lit him up like Mt. Augustine), the only prominent public figure to have taken decisive public action is the current front-runner in the Lt. Governor's race, Troy Maulden. Troy initiated a recall effort against one of the NAACP's Assembly sock-puppets, Pamela Jennings, over some questionable remarks made at a regular Assembly meeting. While the recall effort was dismissed preemptorily by the Municipality (and I don't believe even Troy expected it go anywhere), it energized and empowered much of the white community just to see someone visibly fighting against a black race-hustler and his Assembly stooge. This is something to keep in mind when voting in the Republican primaries this August. Sean Parnell, a decent guy, has the Establishment's backing and will be listening to the experts, the pollsters, and the think-tankers. Troy Maulden, in contrast, will be listening to the people, and would be a worthy tag team partner for Sarah Palin.

Another person with a past as a civil rights hustler is currently burrowed within the Begich Administration. Celeste Hodge, who preceded Rev. Green as the local NAACP dominatrix, ambushed former State Senator Tim Kelly at the How How Restaurant one night, attempting to transform some idle and inopportune remarks into a full-blown racial incident. However, our mayor has kept her relatively quiet as of late.

But what exactly does Black History Month accomplish? Did the black illegitmacy rate drop from 70%? Nope. Did black crime drop? Nope. Did black employment increase? Nope. Did it rebuild the mostly-black Ninth Ward in New Orleans? Nope. In other words, it adds nothing of substance, it's just typical Oprah-like feelgood therapy. Some within the white community have suggested a "White History Month". This is clearly ludicrous; white history teems with endless events and accomplishments far beyond our capacity to shoehorn within the confines of a single month. History is history, and it should be equally important year round. Black history needs to be considered equally worthy of attention every month.


  1. black history should be considered equally all year round. it should be in the text books. but its not. they teach us that the world started with christopher columbus and then the declaration of independence. while that was going on, black people were enslaced the entire time. the ENTIRE time. all 400 years we spent building America and its economy and no one wants to mention it in the history books at school. it surprised me that u said that black history month should be expanded-- u sounded quite racist yourself. FYI black ppl need that "oprah feel-good stuff" to raise their self-esteem in this oppressive nation. schools such as Florida State use this month to educate us about the real history of the united states. education is never a waste